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Re: Ekult has a past, but does it have a future?

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello postekcon and All, I agree that the older female Eckists do most of the busy work and planning and are more involved with keeping the Satsangs running
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 1, 2009
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      Hello postekcon and All,
      I agree that the older female
      Eckists do most of the busy
      work and planning and are
      more involved with keeping
      the Satsangs running than
      their male counterparts.

      Keeping busy and stressed
      out with spreading the "word"
      is how EKists get recognized
      for approval for that next

      And, each local Satsang
      has cliques. H.I.s are one
      clique with "participating"
      Clerics and ESAs. The 7ths
      have their own clique.
      After that is the clique
      of "participating" chelas
      who are Satsang coordinators
      and active volunteers with
      coordinator assignments.

      The H.I.s who are 5ths and 6ths
      still have a lot more to do and
      many more years to put in before
      they hit the glass ceiling of the
      7th Initiation.

      After many years of being a
      7th there's hope for getting
      the 8th, but not under Klemp,
      unless, someone dies.

      That's why most 7ths imagine
      they are 8ths on the "Inner"
      and the 8ths imagine they are
      9ths on the "inner" and the 9ths
      imagine that they are.... and
      so it goes... forever being
      unfulfilled with more and more
      desires. Catch-22!

      Not until leaving Eckankar
      did I realize how stressful
      it all was. Now, there is no
      more stress with obligations
      of "service." And, I have a
      much clearer perspective
      with expanded insights that
      were being blocked by the
      desires of wanting more and
      higher initiations which equates
      to having higher consciousness.

      This freedom from these desires
      feels as though the weight
      of the world was lifted from
      my shoulders. True Contentment
      has finally been experienced,
      although, it does come and
      go from time-to-time, but
      at least, now, it has become
      a familiar insight.

      And, after EK, there's no having
      to watch what one says about
      the problems within the org.
      That keeping "silent" and "surrender"
      of Thy Will versus Klemp's no
      longer applies. And, there's no
      more reporting to the RESA on
      those who didn't tow the line.

      Personally, it was always difficult
      trying to "correct" H.I.s and especially
      chelas in regard to following the
      guidelines because of having to
      use "kid gloves" with them and
      not hurt their feelings (egos) or
      turn them off to volunteering
      by being too strict.

      If Eckists quit volunteering or
      pulled back from taking on more
      responsibilities with that meant
      we (the leaders) had to do more
      of the heavy lifting. This is why
      making it "fun" or a "service" of
      "love" to the Mahanta was needed
      to inspire chelas to stay on and
      to do more. Plus, there's that
      goal of becoming: a 5th; a Cleric;
      a 6th; an Initiator; an ESA; a 7th;
      a RESA; an 8th.

      Look at the long-term planning
      and advanced notice it takes
      to do the EK Newsletter or an
      EK Regional Seminar! There are
      Intros and the EWS and Satsang
      classes and Book Discussions
      and Round Tables and Business
      Meetings and Chela meetings
      and HU Chants and Open Houses,
      etc., etc.... All busy work for
      Klemp's benefit because this
      "outflow" isn't returned to Eckists
      via more initiations ("inflow").

      Initiations were "Slowed Down"
      long ago. So, until they are
      "Speeded Up" why should
      Eckists spend the extra time
      and/or extra money promoting
      Eckankar? Many long-time 7ths
      believe that word of mouth is
      good enough!

      Anyway, the expanded PR
      effort is why "trainings" were/
      are needed, except, there's
      no follow-up or pass/fail

      BTW- I can't see how any
      Eckist can ever experience
      "contentment" when they have
      so many earthly obligations
      PLUS those added on by Klemp's
      "service" program!

      Maybe after their kids have
      grown older or have left home
      these female EK leaders have
      more free time to do more
      for Klemp in order to maintain
      their 7ths, except, by now
      they're pretty much burned
      out! Why are women always
      expected to do more by/for
      men, but aren't given the respect?
      What's the "real" reason that
      a female can't become the
      LEM? Does anyone really believe
      the B.S. "negative atom" excuse!
      If any gender is "negative" and
      shouldn't be in-charge it's men!

      Anyway, this is how HK's
      hierarchy/pecking order works
      its magic on H.I.s' egos. It's
      a limited time offer for EKists
      to get as high as they can by
      not letting their expectations
      and desires get in the way.

      Thus, Eckists have to maintain
      their "feel good" delusions
      "as if" Klemp is actually who
      and what he and Twitchell have
      claimed. This is why religions
      "work" for so many people!

      However, the ECK religion has
      two very different paths. One is
      for males and one is for females!
      And, if Soul doesn't have a gender
      why is there only one Female EK


      postekcon wrote:

      Ekult has a very interesting
      past, but does it have any future?

      For several years as a private
      joke, I would describe ekult as
      an organization in its 'menopausal'
      years, simply because it failed
      to successfully reproduce itself,
      for the survival of its species! LOL

      Recently I researched Alexa (web
      information company) for traffic
      ranking for eckankar.org website,
      and was interested to see my
      assessment correct. If you click
      Demographics tap for eckankar.org,
      they clearly show how 18-44 year
      olds are under-represented (relative
      to the general internet population)
      whereas 55-65+ age groups are
      greatly over-represented. Likewise
      there is also a gender gap where
      females are greatly over-represented
      and males under-represented.

      So for ekult, the likelihood of these
      55-65+ year old females successfully
      recruiting younger members is slim
      to zero, especially when you weight
      up that most of these devoted golden
      oldies failed to pass it on even to their
      own offspring (to adulthood)! LOL

      So an interesting question might be,
      how many more years can ekult run
      before collapse? If we remember our
      own early years in ekult, it was mostly
      the 20-40 year olds who had the energy
      to be successful promoters! Alexa info


      For the past few years I've made
      a study to try to understand why
      so many of ekult's long-time
      members are still practicing?
      And I've come to this conclusion.

      These 'devoted' folks are so busy putting
      on meetings and events for ekult, when
      their 'mystic world' and 'hi letter' arrive
      in the mail (quarterly newsletters for
      members) they have no time to study
      them! The consequence of this is dire
      for ekult! Because the movement they're
      promoting to their new members is
      actually the ekult to which they themselves
      were once attracted, but which is
      now some 20-30 years out-of-date!

      However by way of contrast, the new
      members they've recruited ARE studying
      the `mystic world' and after they've
      received and studied several issues
      they reach an important and decisive
      conclusion and it is this - that nothing
      adds-up! To elaborate further still, if
      the new members are studying both
      the 'mystic world' and a discourse
      series, it can seem to them like they
      are studying two different paths? But
      more important still, the ekult they
      read about in the `mystic world'
      is not the one to which they agreed
      to subscribe!

      Anomalies are too numerous to mention.
      One obvious one, by way of example,
      is where PT taught how it was good to
      be born in a religion, but not good to
      die there. How can this ever equate with
      HKs version of ekult, as on fundamental
      levels they're diametrically opposed?

      And so as I've observed these confused
      new members leave ekult after only
      a short period of time. But the golden
      oldies, their recruiters have no understanding
      as to the real reasons why and blame
      themselves for failure!

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