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Why Didn't Klemp Teach Laughing Yoga?

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Non and All, If Klemp is/was talking about laughter and healing in his recent Seminar talk he probably got the idea from an Eastern religious sect.
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 31, 2009
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      Hello Non and All,
      If Klemp is/was talking about
      "laughter and healing" in his
      recent Seminar talk he probably
      got the idea from an Eastern
      religious sect.

      Using laughter to heal and/or
      to maintain health is not an original
      idea for Klemp (the LEM/M). IF this
      would have been Eckists would have
      heard about it before now and there
      would have been "laughing" EK spiritual
      exercises (S.E.s).

      HK's a wannabe like Twitchell.
      PT knew that he had to create a
      "saviour" image for himself in order
      to be remembered as an "historic"
      figure and because people needed
      someone greater than themselves
      to believe in. Thus, PT & HK benefit
      from the lies and delusion as much
      as their needy followers do.

      Anyway, I either saw a news report
      or a "Believe It or Not" segment on
      TV over a year ago that showed a
      group of people in India practicing
      this Laughing Yoga technique.

      Below is a site for this California
      based Guru that is probably older
      than Klemp, but appears more
      positive, energetic, and younger
      looking. These are yoga exercises
      to help make you happy and healthy.
      One just imagines "as if." If you
      can dream it you can do it!

      Click on the "play" button to
      watch the video.


      BTW- It was interesting to read
      about this Guru guy and see that
      he's appeared on TV programs
      on the major networks. And, he
      has an on-going show!

      What has Klemp ever done to
      recently promote the EK teachings
      himself other than a couple of
      talks in MN. per year and his
      crappy redundant books, or
      promoting his old videos with
      his younger image and old message?

      Why hasn't HK appeared on
      major TV networks and why
      doesn't he have a weekly show?

      Klemp talks the talk but doesn't
      walk the walk! He wants others
      to do it for him while being removed
      from it all... why do Eckists need
      a "LEM" like this? Most don't!


      "Non" wrote:

      I heard that there is a focus
      on Laughter.

      So I guess we'll have to put
      up with a lot of fake Laughter
      as well.

      Something about how healing
      Laughter is.

      Actually, I do feel that laughter can
      be healing, but only if it is sincere.
      If I go to a movie that is supposed
      to be a comedy, I do not laugh at
      everything just because someone
      told me it is supposed to be funny.
      Having a sense of humor is good
      too, but not sick humor. I can't wait
      to see the next eck worship service
      attempt at humor, and everyone
      laughing because they have been
      told to.

      How many eckankarists does
      it take to screw in a light bulb?

      The answer is ha ha ha ha ha
      ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .....

      Non eckster ; )

      prometheus wrote:

      Hello All,
      I had a report from some Eckists
      attending the recent 2009 EWWS
      that they were startled as to Klemp's
      appearance and overall health. They
      said that his hands appeared shaky
      and he seemed to be very fragile and
      frail looking (thin) and had lost more
      hair and that what little hair (combed
      over) there was appeared to be a
      very dull grey colour.

      Has anyone else had any reports?

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