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Re: Twitchell, Premananda, & Kirpal Singh

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Etznab and All, One also has to take into account that Paul stretched the truth often. He needed to feel important and have others view him with respect.
    Message 1 of 10 , Oct 25, 2009
      Hello Etznab and All,
      One also has to take into account
      that Paul stretched the truth often.
      He needed to feel important and
      have others view him with respect.

      Have you ever known a liar or a
      narcissist? I have and it's easy for
      them to embellish the truth.

      I was talking to a guy recently
      about a professional athlete that
      we both liked. I use to live near
      him and would go to see him
      play often. I could have easily
      exaggerated and said that I had
      met him or this and that, but
      I didn't have the need to make
      this person envy me or to make
      myself feel important by becoming
      a liar. For some people it can
      become a fine line... truth or

      And, the best lies always have
      some basis of truth while
      becoming an indistinguishable
      blend of both. This is what
      Twitchell did (a blend) so that
      his lies would be harder to
      disprove completely and would/
      could produce some doubt and
      confusion involving facts and
      the whole truth of the situation
      etc. Besides, religion is mostly
      a subjective experience that can
      neither be proven nor disproven.
      Can the existence of God be
      proven or disproven? No! Not

      Anyway, that's, also, why mixing in
      some myth helps too. Myth gives
      a sense of history and a long complex
      timeline. Thus, we have the "Polarians"
      and the EK Garden of Eden with Adom
      and Ede.

      I think that Paul rationalized and
      saw lying as making sport or joking
      when he told/wrote stories by twisting
      facts, and exaggerating the truth.
      Thus, it was all in good hearted
      fun and who did he hurt... nobody/
      everybody? Except, early on he made
      fools of those who believed him
      by retelling his stories to others
      who knew better and had more
      common sense.

      Later, after inventing Eckankar
      PT fooled more and more people.
      Again, who did he hurt? He hurt
      those who trusted him and believed
      that what he said was true, and he
      took their money just like Klemp
      does! And, more importantly, PT
      & HK cause real harm by delaying
      Soul on Its Journey to Truth.

      Or, on the other hand, Eckankar
      can be seen as a means of separating
      the wheat from the chaff. One could
      see Eckankar as a "test" for Soul
      just as other religions are a test.

      When one wakes up to the Truth
      and sees that all religions are lies
      Soul can then start to become Free!
      Thus, the lies of religion are needed
      as a KAL "test/trap" of purification
      for Soul. Being able to see Truth
      and beyond religious beliefs is a
      "test" while religions are, themselves,
      traps. Mentally and emotionally
      weak people tend to need religion
      and the weaker they are the stronger
      is their religious belief. Also, those
      Eckists who see themselves as "spiritually
      evolved" aren't as long as they cling
      to religious dogma like Eckankar's.
      They are forever tied to lower plane
      teachings that require an active
      imagination and delusion to make
      it work.


      etznab wrote:

      I think I can see your point now
      about the "moot" part.

      Those were good questions, too.
      From what I could tell.

      Compiling words from books and
      claiming they came from Masters
      and people by other names is the
      part I often wondered about. Was
      that common back in the 60s? In
      the guru movement? I don't know.
      However, maintaining the words
      are unique to Eckankar & others
      are all somehow offshoots of it?
      I think that is quite a stretch - in
      some instances.

      My guess is that fiction was inter-
      woven into the fabric of so many
      teachings and that this - probably
      more than anything else - is what
      makes for the uniqueness.

      The combination of fiction and fact
      is not so much the problem, IMO.
      The problem is with not being able
      to tell the difference! Some times
      fiction is taken to be fact and fact
      taken to be fiction, something that
      can create a real mess.

      I think it incumbent on people who
      follow & preach religion to know the
      difference between fiction and fact.
      This includes myself, and is why I
      have sought to clarify and be able
      to tell the difference. Not everybody
      I communicate with agree on which
      is which. That leaves a lot of room
      for personal investigation & research.


      Prometheus wrote:

      Hello Etznab,

      When I say it's all "moot" I meant

      this about the back-and-forth

      discussion about PT's plagiarism

      and lies. It's a proven fact that

      Twitchell was a liar and a plagiarist

      who created his own Mastership,

      masters, and religion regardless

      of the spin that Klemp and Marman

      or their groupies/goonies put on

      it. They can twist things around

      and attempt to confuse the issues

      as much as possible but they can't

      deny the Radhasoami/Ruhani Satsang

      dogma that Twitchell made his own

      via Eckankar.

      Klemp's damage control claim was/is

      that Twit took the best and/or highest

      truth from all religions in order to

      create Eckankar. Thus, HK describes

      Twitchell as being a "complier." On

      the surface the plagiarisms are made

      to seem that Twit did us all a big favor

      and saved us years of research time.

      Apparently, Paul, an unethical sci-fi

      writer, was the best person to "compile"

      this religious "truth" for us. However,

      how is it that Eckankar is so "ancient"

      when it needed "compiled" by PT?

      And, why didn't Rebazar "compile"

      these truth teachings for Eckankar

      in 500 years? What was he doing

      all this time... drinking yak milk?

      However, even if Eckankar was

      true (which it isn't) this would

      still mean that, at the most,

      ECKankar is a hodge-podge

      of 4th Mental Plane Religious

      beliefs. According to Klemp's

      own definition in his Autobiography

      (pg.385) all religions are of either

      the 2nd or 4th Plane. Thus, the

      "compiled" teachings of Eckankar

      are 4th Mental Plane at best, and

      come under the same influence

      of the KAL (i.e. Satan or the Devil)!

      Therefore, how can the EK teachings

      that Twit "compiled" really be the

      highest... just because he says so!

      Why is that?

      Thus, Paul had to make himself

      more than he was in order to be

      believed and followed. This is why

      he created the invisible and

      imaginary Rebazar. Now everyone

      had the opportunity to see him

      in their dreams and this gave Paul's

      teachings more believability.

      Except, no one could have dreams

      with Rebazar that out-did PT's.

      Thus, Twitchell gave himself the

      highest initiation possible via RT.

      And, this made PT the only "designated

      person" who could perform more

      cherished initiations. This is why

      Klemp Does Not allow any chela

      to dream of holding the Rod of

      ECK Power. All of these "Rod" dreams

      are forbidden to have, or to speak

      of, unless, a chela wants to be


      Also, PT's "compiling" process was

      both limited and bias. Twit used

      libraries and borrowed a limited

      selection of books with the opinions

      and edited translations of others.

      Twitchell was, also, influenced by

      Sant Mat since he was an off-and-

      on disciple of Kirpal Singh for ten

      years. This is why PT told his followers

      to choose one path or the other

      and that one can't have one foot

      in one canoe and the other foot

      in another canoe.

      And, let's take a second look at

      the uniqueness and importance

      of having a "living" Master (for a

      chela's lifetime) and how Eckankar's

      "living (eck) Master" differs from

      Twitchell's Ruhani Satsang Master

      Kirpal Singh. There really is no

      measurable difference or that of

      having a living Pope! All of these

      religious teachings are limited to

      the lower planes, and the Mental/

      Etheric Plane's imagination. Besides,

      why doesn't Eckankar take their

      "Soul equals Soul" concept seriously?

      Why is one so much "higher" and

      so much more important that they

      can judge the consciousness of


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