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Re: 10/2009 Q&A Youth in ECK - Letter of Light

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Reb and All, I have to agree that things at the ESC won t change until Klemp leaves as LEM. However, I don t see him leaving the Mahanta position. And, I
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      Hello Reb and All,
      I have to agree that things
      at the ESC won't change until
      Klemp leaves as LEM. However,
      I don't see him leaving the
      Mahanta position. And, I think
      Klemp will give Joan a 12th
      and make her an ECK Master
      before retiring and appointing
      a male LEM to take his place
      at Seminars. HK'll need someone
      at the ESC to spy for him as
      she does now, but being a
      12th will give Joan special
      Kata Daki like status and
      appease the female Eckists
      who do most of the work.

      And, yes, Eckists are fearful
      and foolish and, also, ego driven.

      Half of the Eckists don't even
      understand the Eck teachings
      and the RESA Guidelines and
      want to keep their heads in the
      sand and be spoon fed. I'm thinking
      that they don't read much or
      take/teach classes and trainings
      and pay attention to details.
      Most H.I.s have no idea about
      what the "Guidelines" contain
      or of the procedures to be followed.

      It's always a measure of a religion
      by the number of thugs it has
      as members and self-appointed
      protectors. This is especially true
      of those religions like Eckankar
      that claim to be "spiritual paths"
      of the highest order. Eckankar
      certainly has its share of these
      delusional morons it seems, but
      it says volumes when they think
      that they need to defend their
      faith. They are weak and their
      religion is false and that is why
      they become upset when someone
      speaks out about it. They aren't
      use to hearing the Truth and it
      hurts coming from former H.I.
      insiders. Eckankar is a religion
      of secrets and of silence and
      of surrender. Unless an Eckist
      can mindlessly quote an EK
      brochure there is really nothing
      else to say when you're around
      other Eckists at Seminars meetings.
      It's just a numbing dumbed
      down experience where smiley
      faces are a must have as people
      search for feel good Mahanta
      stories to top the next one.
      What a waste of good money!
      Yet, year after year they never
      learn, but always want to and
      need to return.


      realbizarretarzs wrote:

      Hi Prometheus and Anyone Else!

      I retained membership for two
      years just to get the mailings
      to see if anything would change.

      Of course, that will never happen.

      Too much money involved.

      I am going to cut to the chase.

      To expose children to this nonsense
      is horrible. And that is what Harold's
      "Eckankar" strives to do.

      Also, the five passions of the mind
      come from what Milarepa called
      the five poisons of the mind.

      ECKists don't know any better because
      they are afraid to know any better.

      They are ruled by fear.

      Whatever happened to love?

      The love of God?

      prometheus wrote:

      10/2009 Questions for the Master
      Youth in ECK - Letter of Light

      BTW- My bracketed [ ] comments
      and caps have been added.

      Question (1):
      "How do you know what SUGMAD
      (God) looks like?" Vanessa Age 8

      HK: "Someone once thanked me
      for all the spiritual gifts that had
      come to him. I said, `You're welcome!"

      BUT I went on.

      `I say you're welcome because
      you know where they really come
      from....' And then I broke off. Instead,
      I waved my arms in a big circle, to
      say the gifts really come from the
      ECK, the Voice of God, the inner
      part of the Mahanta, the Living ECK

      [Isn't the LEM the outer part?
      So, Klemp is the ECK too!]

      "Of course you know that the ECK
      [me] is simply the Voice of God,
      not the SUGMAD ITSELF. The
      ECK reveals Itself through the
      Light and Sound.

      Nothing at all can describe the
      SUGMAD, though.

      The Shariyat-Ki- Sugmad says
      IT `is what there is.... It is neither
      old nor new, great or small, shaped
      or shapeless.'

      That said, the SUGMAD also has
      two parts, an inside and an outside."

      [Only two parts? Not three or infinity?]

      "Nothing can speak of the inside
      part. BUT the outer part is what
      one can know and remember after

      So that is what I know about
      SUGMAD. Thank you for this
      question." [end of 1]

      Question (2):
      "How can I learn to control
      my anger and manage my short
      temper?" Premo age 20

      HK: "It may surprise you to learn
      that most Souls go through the
      extremes of the five passions
      of the mind during their many
      incarnations here. Anger is no

      What makes people finally moderate
      the extremes? In a word, pain!
      The further one is from a more
      balanced state of consciousness,
      the longer and harder the rebalancing
      becomes. It is our choice of whether
      to come easy or hard. BUT come
      we must to a middle ground."

      [How about HK's anger toward
      Darwin? Maybe that's why HK
      has had EMR/EMF problems!]

      "So what is anger all about?

      It is about our wanting to run
      things our way, not the ECK's
      way. In consequence, we fly
      off the handle when our plans
      get bumped, or IF someone
      does or says something we
      consider stupid. It is our stupidity
      that causes others so much pain.
      And for that we will pay."

      [What about HK "flying off
      the handle" with that Third
      Fill-in Postal Clerk mentioned
      in the 09/2003 H.I. Letter?]

      "Keep the above in mind during
      your spiritual exercises. Ask
      the Mahanta to help you soften
      your sharp edges and become
      a better person to be around."
      [end of 2]

      [Talk is cheap for Klemp!
      He's positioned himself beyond
      reproach and is, thus, Not held
      to any of the standards he creates
      for others.]

      Question (3):
      "I'm at a crossroads and so
      uncertain of where my life is
      going that I'm not sure what
      I should do (regarding college,
      study abroad, moving to a warmer
      climate, etc.).

      I'm taking my time, doing my
      spiritual exercises every day,
      and listening to you for guidance,
      but the the deadlines all around
      me are making it difficult for me
      to remember to follow the Master's
      guidance and distinguish between
      spiritual guidance and what my
      mind, family, or friends tell me
      is the best thing to do.

      How can I know what is for my
      highest good?" ---JM

      [JM will be "listening" forever and
      filling in the blanks with his imagination
      if he continues to throw common
      sense and critical thinking out the
      window! However, most ECKists,
      who don't get snail-mail replies
      from HK, do that exact same thing!]

      HK: "Do whatever you FEEL
      is best. No matter whether you
      follow another's advice or your
      own, nothing ever seems to go
      according to plan anyway."

      [Then, there's no point in wasting
      time doing the spiritual exercises,
      keeping a dream diary, or paying
      an annual membership etc., etc.]

      "So IF you ignore others' advice,
      expect some I-told-you-so' s. You
      are responsible for your own life."

      [What about having every Thought,
      Word, Action, and Reaction in the
      name of the Mahanta? What's the
      point if "You" are responsible and
      will pay karmically?]

      "Do whatever offers you the most
      experience of the kind YOU want.
      Whatever your choices, how could
      they be anything BUT for your highest
      good? My love is always with you?"
      [end of 3]

      ME: Thus, Klemp is telling JM to do
      WHATEVER and make any choices
      he wants! Klemp instructing that any
      desired choice is for his "highest good"
      is simply restating the Law of Karma.
      Bad choices sometimes lead to disease,
      and death to yourself and others!
      Yet, Klemp is saying that it's all for
      the "highest" good because these
      lead to life experiences. .. although
      everyone knows that these are both
      positive and negative. Still, it's a learning
      experience, but isn't this simply Karma
      and what each and every Soul goes

      Why does one need an annual Eckankar
      membership? Oh, it's to receive these
      snail-mail answers that anyone else
      could have answered. Klemp has placed
      himself upon a pedestal and, therefore,
      ECKists look to him versus Soul for
      answers.. Except, here, people can see
      that No middleman Mahanta is needed
      in order to make their own choices and
      to live life!

      However, look at the Catch-22 of it all!
      Klemp is saying, in his three responses,
      that as the Mahanta he is the 'Voice of God'
      and the 'ECK.' And, there is more on the
      'inner' than chelas can imagine, but he
      knows what is best for them, although,
      they are responsible for their own choices,
      but it's all good because these choices
      will give them the 'experiences' that
      they need. Can't ECKists see through
      the double talk and the scam? Apparently
      Not! They need to believe and to belong
      to a religion of like-minded followers.

      Misery (and delusion) loves company!

      And--How can so many intelligent
      and "enlightened" people be wrong?

      This is the KAL trap of religion!

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