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More Proof--Black Magician Klemp Tricked Gross

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  • prometheus_973
    In Klemp s 1987 book Soul Travelers of the Far Country [STFC], Chapter 7, Klemp tells the reader about his two meetings with Sri Darwin Gross (M/LEM) in a
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      In Klemp's 1987 book "Soul Travelers
      of the Far Country" [STFC], Chapter 7,
      Klemp tells the reader about his two
      meetings with Sri Darwin Gross (M/LEM)
      in a "Sound Proof Dark Room" where
      Klemp worked, in the photo department,
      at the ECKankar Sipritual Center (ESC)
      in Menlo Park, CA.

      In Klemp's Autobiography there's a
      different version of who said what to
      whom. Also, note that in 2000 HK still
      harboured ill feelings toward Darwin
      since Klemp doesn't mention Darwin
      by name on many occasions. Instead,
      HK gives the impression that he might
      be speaking of Rebazar rather than
      Dap Ren (Gross) but this is not the

      [2000 VERSION]

      "`How would you like a new job?'
      he [DG] asked. `Sure,' I said, without
      hesitation...Upon reflection [to sound
      humble and not too eager], I added,
      `If you see that it is best.` The LEM
      sat huddled on the stool, his brows
      knit in thought. `We really shouldn't
      talk about it here.' He shot a glance
      at the open door, where anyone might
      have walked in at any moment.

      I suggested. He HESITATED, then said,
      `All right.' Quickly we walked into the
      most secure of the Darkrooms, the
      Second one, then shut the door and
      turned on the light. [Still, it's a "darkroom!"]

      This Darkroom was the perfect place
      for a private meeting: It was SOUNDPROOF.

      The walls of the room were a flat off-
      white to Cut Down On stray reflections
      of Light for camera work." [pgs. 408-409]

      More excerpts from "Soul Travelers
      of the Far Country" 1987 Copyright:

      [1987 VERSION]

      "A year earlier, the first week of March
      1980, my predecessor as the spiritual
      leader of ECKankar, Darwin Gross,
      had paid me a visit in the camera
      department at the ECKankar Office
      in Menlo Park, California... GROSS
      leaned against the other table, made
      a few pleasant remarks, THEN ASKED
      PROOF." [pg. 129]

      "I wondered what was so important
      that he had us in such a SOUNDPROOF,
      private room." [pg. 130]

      Thus, Klemp is trying to make it seem
      as though Darwin knew that Klemp's
      darkroom was soundproof! However,
      with a 20/20 hindsight view Klemp
      realized that it didn't matter whether
      he tried to place Darwin in a bad light
      since his credentials, also, could come
      into question too. Thus HK mentions,
      only once, in his Autobiography that
      the darkroom was "soundproofed,"
      but mentions it several times in Soul
      Travelers of the Far Country (Ch. 7).

      It could be that Klemp still held a
      passive/aggressive grudge against
      Darwin for Not making him the LEM
      in 1980. And, since their "deal" had
      been made in a Sound Proof Dark
      Room (NO LIGHT & SOUND or ECK)
      Klemp didn't feel that he should be
      held to the promises that he had made
      with Darwin. DG was to have remained
      on as the "full" Mahanta, but nasty little
      Harry didn't want to share the Throne.

      FIRST, there is the symbolism behind
      the absence of Light and Sound, the
      ECK, where HK worked on a daily basis.
      This is not a "coincidence" because in
      ECKankar there is No Such Thing as
      "accidents" or "coincidences!" It's all
      Fate, Karma, Tests, Destiny, and "Signs"
      or Symbolism and whispers of Golden-
      Tongued Wisdom or insights into Waking
      Dreams. All are given to Soul by the ECK.
      Thus, this "sign" or revelation is being
      imparted to ECKists by the Holy Spirit
      (ECK) in 1987, and again in 2000 via
      a Freudian mistake, oversight, or a
      lack of higher consciousness on Klemp's

      SECOND, in HK's 2000 "Autobiography
      of a Modern Prophet" Klemp mentions
      that the Darkroom was "Sound Proof"
      only "once" this time around. In HK's
      1987 STFC book (CH.7) Klemp was
      more adamant at pointing this detail
      out in order in an attempt to discredit
      Gross and to make it seem that it
      was DG's idea to meet there in the
      first place, thus, making him appear
      to be a "Black Magician."

      Later, in 2000 edit and retell of these
      events Klemp was either more honest
      or more careless when he admitted that
      he was the one who invited Darwin to
      go into the Soundproof Darkroom versus
      Darwin inviting him. Or, perhaps Klemp
      no longer cared that ECKists knew the
      truth. What could/would they do? Nothing
      it seems! They're too brain-washed and
      passive or kept too busy planning the EWS,
      Regionals, Intros, etc., etc. to notice.

      Klemp's original motives for becoming
      the LEM/M were impure to begin with
      since it was based upon selfish desires
      and attachments. There's proof in Klemp's
      own words that he was not "detachment"
      from the outcome. HK fantasized upon
      becoming the LEM more than anything

      The latter is proven with what Marge
      (Harry's first wife) had to say to
      him on their drive home from the
      1980 EWWS. Klemp was frustrated
      and angry after hearing an announcement
      by Gross that one of the candidates
      for the LEM position had failed his
      tests. Therefore, the "change" to a
      new LEM would be delayed for yet
      another year.

      Anyway, Marge told Harold after the
      1980 EWWS, "Don't worry. You can
      always be an ECK Master, even if you
      can't be the Living ECK Master." [Soul
      Travelers of the Far Country, Ch 7, pg.

      Klemp states, "MORE THAN ONCE
      my wife TRIED IN VAIN to cheer me
      up by saying that it is a BLESSING
      to become an ECK Master; why not
      set my sights on that?" [pg. 143]

      BTW- It's too bad that Gross didn't
      know about HK's 1970 bridge jump,
      strip tease, arrest, and three week stay
      in a Mental institution (where he learned
      how to `play the game' in order to be
      released early). Or else, Klemp would
      have been eliminated from the LEM
      candidates too! Thus, Black Magician
      Klemp tricked Darwin, again, by omitting
      this information about himself. Later,
      after the fact, Klemp did some damage
      control by confessing to his antics (it
      was public record), but put a "God-
      Realization" spin upon it in order to
      save face and give credence to PT's
      con and his inherited vocation as LEM.

      It's, also, interesting that Klemp claims
      to have gotten his "Golden-tongued
      prophecy" [delusion] from Twitchell
      (a few months after HK's early release
      from the Mental Institution). Thus,
      Klemp wasn't surprised when Darwin
      asked him if he would be interested
      in a new job. After all, HK had positioned
      himself at the ESC as he played the
      game, wrote brochures, and hide in
      plain sight:

      "His [DG's] statement, however historic,
      was not really a surprise to me. Paul
      Twitchell, by means of the Golden-tongued
      Wisdom of the ECK-Vidya (the Ancient
      Science of Prophecy), had already said
      that I was to be the Mahanta after the
      next Living ECK Master had served his
      term. This was back in October of 1970,
      at the World Wide in Las Vegas." [STFC,
      pg. 130]

      Actually, Paul had said nothing to Klemp!
      Klemp was standing on the fringe of
      a group of people and eavesdropping
      on what Tom Flamma was saying to
      them... that one of them would be the
      next LEM. Klemp distorts the truth as
      much as Twitchell did!

      Later, in this same book, Klemp
      overlooks his own ego driven
      attachments and desires by judging
      Gross and Second Guesses SUGMAD's
      "WILL" by saying:

      "Gross's failure to understand attachment
      versus SUGMAD's will precipitated
      the spiritual crisis that led to his dismissal
      from the Vairagi Order in late 1983."

      What Klemp doesn't understand,
      once again, is that he was being
      "tested" on how he was to treat
      Darwin. Instead, Klemp failed to
      have love, empathy, and compassion.
      Thus, HK is incapable of forgiving
      Darwin even to this very day! What's
      strange, however, is that Darwin forgave

      Klemp's attachments, vanity, and trickery
      got him the Rod of ECK Power (and
      into the Vairagi Order), and got DG
      kicked out of Eckankar and (supposedly)
      kicked out the Vairagi Order! Klemp's
      slight of hand and misdirection is
      typical S.O.P. for a Black Magician.
      He would do anything and by any
      means necessary to have what he
      desired... becoming the LEM. HK's
      even sold his Soul to the Devil (KAL)!

      FYI- Darwin had given HK the (inner)
      8th initiation on June 14, 1980 and
      the outer one on Jan. 27, 1981(pg.140).

      And, Klemp states that he was given
      the 9th initiation (by Darwin, the Inner
      Master) on July 22, 1981. [pg. 186]

      Next, I'd like to share this quote
      of Klemp's from page 140 of "Soul
      Travelers of the Far Country:"

      "After Paul's journey with Rebazar
      Tarzs to the Anami (God), SHAMUS
      said of Paul in The Tiger's Fang:

      `Then he should know all things,
      BUT I see by the light around him
      there are many things yet that he
      needs to know before being accepted
      into the ancient order of the BOURCHA-
      KOUN!' BUT Shamus answered
      his own question in the next breath:
      `No man, nor Soul, ever reaches
      the fulfillment of the quest for God.
      One goes on and on throughout
      all eternity, deeper into perfection
      and deeper into God.'` [pg. 140]

      Thus, it seems as though the ATOM
      chelas, who have "Borchakoun" Masters,
      have some validity coming from Klemp
      and Shamus. However, upon closer
      inspection, we can see that Shamus
      never asked a question, or that Klemp
      is keeping us in the dark as to what the
      actual question was! Therefore, Klemp
      is either mistaken and/or is misinterpreting
      the words of a former but "real" Master.

      Then again, look at what HK says here:

      "He [DG] was my spiritual Master
      and held the Rod of ECK Power. I had
      complete faith in him because, as the
      agent for SUGMAD, he often appeared
      to me in my dreams and in Soul Travel."
      [STFC, pg. 129]

      "Besides this, and most importantly,
      both Peddar Zaskq (Paul Twitchell)
      and Dap Ren (Gross's spiritual name)
      had been coming to me in the Soul
      body for many months now, testing
      me in one fashion or another..."
      [STFC, pg. 130]

      Yet, Klemp, the LEM/Mahanta of
      ECKankar, disrespected his former
      Master by never mentioning his death
      to the EK Membership. Darwin did so
      much for little Harry and, yet, he's still
      spiteful. Why couldn't Klemp say anything
      nice about his/our former Master!

      What's sad is that in 1987, 2000, and
      in 2008, when Darwin died, and still,
      now, in 2009 that Klemp has held onto
      his anger and resentment towards Darwin!
      And, even today, by Not mentioning
      Darwin's death it shows that Klemp
      has failed to let go of his Anger, and
      cast it into the ECK Stream. Therefore,
      HK (the Mahanta) has failed another
      test that many chelas have passed!

      Can HK still claim to be a "Master"
      or the Mahanta? IMO- HK was kicked
      out of the Vairagi Order long ago
      and has kept this a secret from his
      followers. It could be that Rebazar
      has translated, as well, and Klemp
      has been keeping this a secret too!

      However, more proof of Klemp's
      continued anger towards Dawin
      is found in his 2000 "Autobiography"
      when HK avoids saying Darwin's
      name, or his spiritual name, and
      refers to him as only the Inner Master.
      However, we know that this is Darwin
      (Dap Ren) and Not Rebazar when
      Klemp says:

      "The Inner Master kept up his regular
      visits. At night he helped me to shape
      the right feelings and attitudes to be
      an ECK Master. On May 25, 1981
      he called together a group of Higher
      Initiates on the inner planes... The
      Inner Master took the floor. First, he
      introduced me to the others in a
      quiet, conversational tone. `Here's
      SRI Harold Klemp,' he said... that title
      of spiritual respect, in ECK, is reserved
      for the Mahanta, The Living ECK Master."
      [pgs. 383-384]

      Thus, "SRI" Darwin Gross (Klemp's
      Inner Master) was also the MAHANTA,
      the Living ECK Master! Of course,
      later in the book, HK clarifies that
      Darwin wasn't a "full" 14th Mahanta.
      this is a Catch-22 that Klemp dreamed
      up in order to control his followers and
      to show that he's the Top Dog and King
      of the Hill.

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