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The 09/2003 H.I. Letter - Another (revised) Look!

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  • prometheus_973
    In his Angry and Mean-spirited response Klemp has overlooked THREE major points in the EK Teachings. 1) The Principle of the Threes 2) The Law of Economy 3)
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 8, 2009
      In his Angry and Mean-spirited response
      Klemp has overlooked THREE major points
      in the EK Teachings.

      1) The Principle of the Threes

      2) The Law of Economy

      3) The Golden Heart

      HK mentioned (twice) that there were THREE
      fill-ins or temporary postal clerks working
      that infamous day when Joan visited the
      Chanhassen Post Office! LOL! I took the
      liberty of capitalizing some key words
      in Klemp's biased second-hand account
      of what Joan claims to have experienced.

      My comments are meant to give other
      perspectives (balance too) and to to address
      those negative comments made by Harold
      Klemp (spiritual leader of Eckankar) toward
      a, Third, temporary (fill-in) postal clerk (and
      non-ECKist) that Harold's wife, Joan, had
      dealings with when she went to check on
      a package.

      When reading HK's comments ask yourself:

      1) Why did Klemp find it necessary to even mention
      this incident in the H.I. Letter?

      2) Did the KAL attributes of Anger and Resentment
      overcome both Joan and Harry?;

      3) Why was HK so emotionally involved with this
      hearsay account?;

      4) Why was HK so unloving toward this "Third"
      fill-in clerk (Soul)?

      5) Why didn't 9th Initiate Joan "let go" of her anger
      and frustrations and Not mention the incident to
      Harold when she arrived home?

      6) Why can't both Joan and the Mahanta (HK)
      see the Principle of the Threes or the Law of
      Economy at work and maintain the Golden Heart
      toward this clerk and see that this was a KAL test...
      that they both failed?

      7) Why can't H.I.s and chelas see the fraud,
      too, and realize that they have been duped?

      It had to have been Joan's huge Elephant
      sized Ego that blinded her to the real Truth.
      After all, both joan and Harry were wrong and
      of an Astral Consciousness for Not seeing the
      significance of the THREE clerks nor for seeing
      The (EK) Law of Economy at work, AND of not
      seeing that the clerk was merely following
      Postal Regulations (SOP)! Harold is more guilty
      that Joan because he's supposed to be a 14th
      Mahanta! Thus, HK's comments, here, is
      absolute proof that he's No Master and that
      he's a conman leading his blinded and brain-
      washed followers!

      ***The H.I. Letter - September 2003

      [This is the Front Page Article with more
      of my comments (and caps) inserted]

      "Joan went to the post office to conduct
      some business. The THREE regular postal
      clerks were on vacation, and THREE fill-ins
      were in place. Joan asked one clerk, a SURLY
      man who'd served her some weeks earlier
      as a fill-in, to please check IF she had a package.
      He THREW BACK a DARK LOOK. 'I'll need to
      see some identification.' Joan returned
      a puzzled look. Show an ID for a package
      that might not be there?"

      See! Klemp mentioned twice that there were
      THREE clerks! Principle of the Threes anyone?
      Now why was Joan "puzzled?" How difficult is
      it to get your ID out? Maybe Joan isn't use to
      having an underling giving her orders (she is
      the wife of the man with the highest consciousness
      on earth, and she's second in command at the
      ECKankar Spiritual Center (ESC) regardless of
      what Peter Skelsky (the President of ECKankar)
      may think!

      Shouldn't the Law of Economy and common
      sense be applied here as well? Why would
      the clerk take the time to look through dozens
      of packages, and keep other customers waiting,
      only to find out that the Joan forgot her ID?
      Or, what if the package was for someone else
      who had to present their own ID if the package
      had a different address (the ESC) than on her
      (Joan's) driver license? Don't all of us "normal
      people" have to stand in line and show IDs?

      "With all the SELF-IMPORTANCE of an UNCIVIL
      servant, he said, `There are No Normal People
      here today!' That explained everything. It'd been
      a hard day all around. The difference between
      them is that The Clerk Holds On To Things He
      Feels Are Out Of Order, WHILE JOAN LETS THE
      HANG ON TO A BAD ENCOUNTER with a person
      who behaves in a BOORISH manner. She
      SURRENDERS to the ECK." [My caps]

      Not showing an ID is out-of-order!
      I would, also, disagree with Harold
      and say that the "difference" between
      Joan and the temporary postal clerk
      is that Joan is an 9th initiate in Eckankar,
      and that she was WRONG not to think
      that she should show her ID before the
      clerk went to look for the package.

      Also, I don't believe that Joan Does Not
      hold onto what she perceives as "slights
      of other people," or that "she doesn't hang
      on to a bad encounter!" After all, how did
      Harold even know of the incident, unless,
      Joan gave him an ear full when she arrived
      home! Besides, why does Joan even see this
      as a slight? This is just a typical everyday
      thing (reality) that we all face... as tests!
      Isn't that the purpose for Soul being here
      in the first place according to the EK teachings!
      Joan was seeing the "red" of her own aura,
      and the reflection of her own negative feelings
      and Not that of the temporary clerk! And,
      so was Harold! They both created and
      projected negativity!

      Both seem to have very strong egos and
      get very emotional when challenged by
      a lesser valued Soul. And, Harold obviously
      felt insulted and wronged via his wife. He,
      too, became emotionally involved by making
      these negative and unloving comments about
      this clerk (Soul). Thus, HK's showed that he
      can't help others (spiritually) when he's incapable
      of helping himself! His words and teachings
      have no real value... except in the imaginations
      of his delusional followers! It's all pretending
      "as if" until the REAL happens!

      "The Golden-tongued Wisdom had spoken
      in the clerk's own words: There are no normal
      people here today.' He'd then said that he
      couldn't issue a postal money order—a basic
      post-office service. Joan, of course, persisted.
      Another clerk was happy to sell her a money order."

      I find that this is an abuse of the term "Golden-
      Tongued Wisdom" since Harold is using it in
      a vengeful way in order to slight this temporary
      postal clerk. Besides, are Truth/God Seekers
      "normal people?" I don't think so! Then again,
      Klemp stated in this same H.I. Letter that ECKists
      are "Superior Normal." Anyway, it could, also,
      be that this temporary clerk was not trained
      to do money orders, or that only one person
      had this duty? Why am I able to see the obvious,
      or the positive side of things and Harold and
      Joan can't? Give the clerk the benefit of the
      doubt for God's sake!

      "Let the ECK, or the Mahanta, help carry
      your frustrations. It's the key to happiness.
      But how to accomplish that? The discipline
      of remembering to surrender is part of one's
      spiritual discipline. Yes, this sounds like no
      answer at all, but it's the individual's responsibility
      to remember. That's what consciousness is for."

      What a load of Bullshit! How is surrendering
      or becoming codependent upon a "Mahanta,"
      teaching spiritual discipline and Self-Mastery?
      It certainly isn't teaching self responsibility!
      Perhaps we should look at it from another
      perspective and understand that the test is
      Not to remember to hand the problem off to
      someone else, but is to take responsibility!
      In almost all of Harold's writings I can see
      that Klemp is not very empathetic
      (understanding and loving) to other people.

      "Let's add, too, that the postal clerk's IDEA
      of SERVICE to people goes BEGGING. It's not
      an example for an ECKist. Service in ECK
      means being an agent for the Mahanta.
      It requires respect for others."

      Harold's not being very nice to this
      THIRD temporary postal clerk is he?
      Actually, the clerk was probably acting
      on a higher level of consciousness than
      Joan (a 9th initiate in Eckankar) and Harold
      (a 14th initiate). After all, the clerk was
      following the Law of Economy by asking
      for Joan's ID before he went looking for
      the packages. What if she had not had
      her I.D. with her (as many people have done)
      after he took the time to look for her package?
      Isn't it just common sense to ask to see
      the I.D. first? Where is Harold's common
      sense? The Anger based emotions, in
      defending Joan, from an imagined insult
      has blinded the LEM/Mahanta (Harry Klemp)!
      And, what happened to the Mahanta's
      "respect" for this Soul? The KAL tricked
      them both and they failed the "test!"

      Isn't it interesting that Harold is also
      throwing out the old "service" carrot as
      well. Too bad that Harold's idea of service
      cannot help him to be an agent for the
      Sugmad versus the KAL! Actually, Klemp's
      been an agent for the KAL from the beginning!
      HK's a false Master... and more like a mini-
      master or pseudo master! BTW- Let's take
      another look at The Principle of the Threes!
      Both Joan and Harold mentioned that there
      were THREE clerks on duty and yet this
      doesn't make them take a second look
      at the whole experience (test)! What's
      with that. Almost any well grounded and
      well brain-washed ECKist "knows" when
      this "Principle of the Threes" pops up!
      It's one of those "signs" that ECKists look
      for! Why was Joan and Harry so oblivious
      to this? Maybe it's because they "know" it's
      all B.S. and a con and only the lonely and
      gullible and trusting believers (Chelas and
      H.I.s) are subject to these restrictive laws,
      principles, and guidelines of EK Dogma.
      In other words - Do as I say and not as I do!
      Thus, once again HK and JK talk the talk,
      but don't/can't walk the walk!

      "The Holy ECK feeds all with the bread
      and waters of life. So how could a spiritually
      alert person do less than SERVE It with love
      and humility? This attitude should be like
      a shining light to the world. True love and
      humility show in all one's dealings. Build and
      support people. An old saying has it: `Whose
      bread I eat, his song I sing.'

      I wonder who Harold is talking about
      because it can't be himself or Joan!
      How can Harold be "SPIRITUALLY ALERT"
      or "humble" to have made these nasty
      comments in this publication? Why did
      they not see the obvious point about the
      clerk checking to see if people have their
      IDs with them before looking for their

      And, after 9/11 security is tighter everywhere
      anyway! HK and JK were both caught up in
      emotional (Astral) anger. The bigger one is
      the further they have to fall!

      One more thing- This article sat in HK's
      computer for awhile and wasn't immediately
      printed in this pub. Klemp had plenty of
      time to cool down and regain his composure
      and perspective. HK could have done
      a rewrite, or deleted this, but he didn't!
      This gives a very clear look into his dark
      vindictive Soul.

      Why was it that Harold and Joan can't
      see that maybe only one "temporary clerk"
      might have been in charge of doing money
      orders? Even assuming that this one person
      seemed lazy, or was not very customer friendly
      about the money order… couldn't there be
      mitigating circumstances for this?

      What was Joan projecting? Or, maybe the
      clerk wasn't even trained on how to do
      money orders…. he's a "TEMPORARY" (fill-in)
      postal clerk! Where is the empathy and insight?
      Where is Harold's love and humility? Notice
      that Harold throws in the word "serve" as
      he tries to give the impression that only he
      and ECK chelas become spiritually aware
      when they "serve It" and that "true love and
      humility shows in all one's dealings." Not really,
      but putting his spin on things is nothing new
      to Harold.

      "Wouldn't a loving and humble ECKist
      recognize the ECK and the Mahanta
      as the source of his very subsistence?
      Then how could he ever serve the Kal,
      the negative force?"

      I didn't meet too many loving and
      humble ECKists in my many years
      and travels (including Harold!).
      They're almost as rare as finding
      hen's teeth in the EK Henhouse!
      Now I did meet a lot of unloving,
      arrogant, delusional, unspiritual,
      clueless, rationalizing and manipulative
      Eckists! So, maybe This is why many
      ECKists don't have a True relationship
      with Spirit (the ECK) and rely upon
      a living "expert/master." To me, Harold
      doesn't seem to have a true relationship
      with the higher form of Spirit. Just look
      at his words and behavior! And once
      again, Harold is pushing reliance on the
      Mahanta as the "source of his (ECKists)
      very subsistence." ECKists actually serve
      the KAL (the Black Magician) while thinking
      they are serving the Mahanta. But take
      a second look at Klemp's words!

      It's interesting that Harold asks the
      question as to how any ECKist could
      ever serve the KAL when they claim
      to serve the ECK (Spirit), AND the Mahanta?
      Is this supposed to be proof that Harold
      is serving Spirit instead of KAL? Does
      PT's made-up title of "Mahanta" mean
      that HK's above Karma? And, doesn't
      service to "IT" take place and change
      in each moment as we make choices,
      or do chelas just start the day with
      a contemplation and pretend that the
      pretentious Mahanta will take care
      of things for them?

      If ECKists are to be "spiritually alert"
      then they should be alert to what is
      taking place with other people and
      with their own Actions and Reactions
      to them, as well as, the situations
      we are all placed in for our spiritual

      Unfortunately, both Harold and Joan
      did not view this experience and test,
      with the THIRD temporary postal clerk,
      as an opportunity for their own spiritual
      growth because they are delusional and
      egotistical. I would say that they have
      MISSED the MARK and have erroneously
      placed themselves above the field of
      action and of spiritual growth. They are
      deluded and mean spirited! Klemp may
      have fooled these ECKists, for now, but
      eventually IT will catch up to him! Catch-22!

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