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Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: Repost: From Klemp's new book, "Those Wonderful Eck Masters"

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  • etznab@aol.com
    O.K., you re right. I should have phrased that post differently. Etznab ... From: prometheus_973 To:
    Message 1 of 9 , Oct 5, 2009
      O.K., you're right.

      I should have phrased that post differently.


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      book, "Those Wonderful Eck Masters"


      Hello Etznab,

      "If" the Shariyat was "made up" and/or

      "plagiarized?" There is proof that parts

      of it was plagiarized! There's a LINK on

      ESA that shows the passages in the Shariyat

      that came from The Path of the Masters!

      Really! You don't think that Klemp wants

      to create anymore Myths than there are now?

      You've got to be kidding me! What about the

      crap he's said about Rebazar and the Powers

      of the Mahanta? How about that "Unknown

      EK Master" HK has mentioned? Have you read

      Those Wonderful ECK Masters? Really, are

      you serious that Klemp wouldn't "knowingly"

      lie to EKists and/or to the public! I'm amazed

      that you would make such naive statements

      about Klemp! You're starting to sound like

      EK apologist Doug Marman.

      And yes, the Masters 4 Discourse was the

      last one written (1995). Also, I'm thinking

      that Klemp used some of PT's old discourses

      as well as, materials that were never released

      to the public to "write" some of these discourses

      much like he "wrote"=2
      0the EK Lexicon.


      etznab wrote:

      If the shariyat was "made up" and / or plagiarized

      and compiled from other sources. And if this has

      been discovered to be true.

      I don't think Harold K. would knowingly try to

      "make up", plagiarize, or compile more if he

      felt the materail "had to be" associated with

      certain "Eck Masters".

      It could amount to knowingly creating more

      pseudo info, or myths.

      I don't think the L.E.M. and Eckankar want

      to have that reputation nowadays. Not to a

      very great extent.

      My hunch is that Harold doesn't want to create

      any more myths than there already are.

      Thanks to Paul and others who wrote up the

      earlier works.

      Have you noticed there haven't been any new

      discourses in years?

      Of course, if the context is clarified as myth, or

      legend, then that opens up possibilities. All the

      possibilities available to a science fiction writer,



      mish wrote:

      That's a good one!! But I think Shariyat (book XII, not in print) won't

      make it to publication until Klemp is off the eck throne. After all

      these 25 years plus he has seated himself there, he still has not

      written a Shariyat! At this point, the best bet is he won't! And a good

      reason why he won't is beca
      use he wouldn't know where to begin . . .

      he hasn't and he can't come up with anything new to write about.

      Amazing how his lack of talent remains unchallenged by his followers.

      But I guess many are waiting for change and hopeful the next l.e.m.

      will be better . . . . hope springs eternal in many chelas' hearts! : )
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