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Those were the days - Crosspost from Eckankartruth

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Realbizarrebazar and Etznab, That s interesting about the Shariyat and ECK-Vidya being kept from the public. I don t think Klemp can even explain and
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2009
      Hello Realbizarrebazar and Etznab,
      That's interesting about the Shariyat
      and ECK-Vidya being kept from the
      public. I don't think Klemp can even
      explain and understand the ECK-Vidya!
      Maybe Klemp should have some help
      from Phil Morimitsu and Doug Marman
      and write "The ECK-Vidya For Dummies."

      I've read in "Difficulties Of Becoming
      The Living ECK Master" that Paul had
      completed the Shariyat Book 3, (actually
      Paul flip-flops on this detail by saying
      he had 4 Shariyat Books completed and
      then corrects himself). Paul had intended
      to write all 12 Books for the Shariyat series!

      Here, below, Paul continues to talk about
      Eckists sharing details and answering questions
      about Eckankar at public talks and how the
      Shariyat series will correct that problem.

      PT states (page 136):

      "When somebody asks you about the back-
      ground of ECKANKAR, you never knew what
      to say, so now you're going to have the advantage
      of it. Cause with all that, see, I write books
      in series. I have four books that are finished
      now; well, the Shariyat is a continued writing,
      but I've got three books actually. In my next
      series, I'm taking up the MAHANTA and all
      the history of the MAHANTA back to the
      beginning, so you people will have something
      you can go by. You won't flounder around
      like this fellow floundered around. He didn't
      know what to say; nobody told him, and he
      just took what he thought was being said,
      see? I don't like people to have to go out
      and do their own research."

      Why Klemp can't write/complete/print
      PT'S Shariyat 3 is puzzling. Did Twit lie
      then, or is Klemp lying now?

      Shouldn't Klemp have been able to have
      completed the Shariyat Series (12 Books)
      in 27 years, especially, since HK's paid
      to have himself listed in "The International
      Who's Who of Intellectuals (ninth edition)."
      Thus, Klemp must be smart enough to
      write a Shariyat or two.

      And, HK boasts, in the title of his own
      Autobiography, to being a "Modern Prophet!"
      Thus, with all of these accolades and having
      the Mahanta (spiritual) credentials what
      are the real reasons for Not writing these
      12 Books during 27 years as the LEM/M?
      Twit planned to write these 12 Shariyats
      39 years ago prior to his unexpected

      BTW- In "Difficulties Of Being The Living
      ECK Master" (pg. 244) The Mystic World
      Oct.-Nov.-Dec. 1970 issue states that:

      "Paul does not appear to like the intellectual
      person. He says they are all the same, making
      elaborate little plans. They give fussy attention
      to small perfections and when something goes
      wrong because of their inborn blindness, they
      scream frantically for help from someone else
      to act in their behalf--to do something for them."

      I wonder what the "international Intellectual,"
      Klemp, thinks about these comments of PT's?
      Perhaps, this is an ECK-Vidya reading on the
      973rd LEM Klemp!


      realbizarretarzs wrote:

      Yes, that was Paul speaking.

      The book came out in February of 1971.

      What he says in pretty much in line with
      "ECKANKAR - The Key To Secret Worlds"
      from 1969.

      But, originally, the Shariyat-Ki-SUGMAD
      "translations" were for Eckankar members
      only, not for the general public.

      Even as late as 1973 and pretty much going
      into the mid and late seventies, only three
      books were released to the general public,
      at least in the midwest, being the three Lancer

      It wasn't until the mid to late seventies that
      efforts were made to infiltrate bookstores
      with the Illuminated Way Press.

      The idea in the early seventies was that the
      general public would erupt into riots or
      something if they got their hands on the
      Shariyat. The general public could not be
      trusted with such indoctrination, I mean,
      "deep, inside information."

      Quite honestly, if a regular book reviewer
      had come across such weird stuff in the
      Shariyat, the party would have been over
      a long time ago. The news would have
      been out.

      New members were watched carefully
      and then were eventually trusted enough
      to borrow such books not available to
      "just anybody."

      Once it was obvious that you were psychotic,
      then you could borrow "The ECK-Vidya"
      and so forth.

      So, on the one hand you had the stuff
      from Paul that seemed somewhat reasonable,
      and then you had the Mr. Hyde stuff that
      became a "nonprofit" operation trying to
      profit from your fears.

      Meanwhile, neither Darwin or Harold were
      high enough (?!?) to translate all the other
      Shariyats into English or even into Amdo.

      Heck, Darwin could hardly pronounce
      anything in Amdo and Harold wisely doesn't
      even try.

      He will go down in history as the great pretender.

      Too bad he had to take all the creativity away
      from Eckankar.

      Even Paul and Darwin understood the need
      for creative outflow.

      Now Eckankar is only suitable for those with
      short attention spans.

      etznab wrote:

      Were those Paul Twitchell quotes from Warren
      Smith's book? That was my impression.

      I see your point.

      Strange, Paul wrote that after he wrote Shariyat
      One (and was working on Shariyat Two?).

      Do you know around what time in 1971 Warren
      Smith's book came out? I never read that book

      Thanks for mentioning it. A real eye opener!

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