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Re: Loser Eck Master & followers

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Etznab and All, Interesting info. The verdict isn t out for me. I KNOW that these desperately needy Eckists NEVER saw Rebazar prior to joining
    Message 1 of 13 , Oct 1, 2009
      Hello Etznab and All,
      Interesting info. The verdict isn't out for me.
      I KNOW that these desperately needy Eckists
      NEVER saw Rebazar "prior" to joining Eckankar.
      They are mistaken, delusional, liars, and wanna-
      bes. I know this because 500 year old EK Master
      Rebazar isn't real! He's only as "real" as any
      fictional character, anywhere, is "real." Jesus,
      Buddha, Krishna, and thousands of others,
      on the other hand, have an older history than
      500 year old Rebazar and are/were actually
      "real" people.

      Paul probably dreamed up Rebazar's name
      while in San Diego and did his standard letter
      switch around. There is proof that Twitchell
      switched out Kirpal Singh's name in The Flute
      of God and The Tiger's Fang and substituted
      the fictional Rebazar. Paul needed a Grand
      EK Master to Initiate him. This is, also, why
      PT had to kill off LEM Sudar Singh. There was
      too close of a connection to the other Singh...
      Kirpal. Really, why would 970th LEM Sudar
      Singh hand Paul off to Rebazar? What is the
      need for an LEM, then, if he needs to hand
      people off to Rebazar? Shouldn't a LEM/Mahanta
      have been able to teach and give a lower
      initiate, PT, what he needed? Rebazar was
      working under 970th LEM/Mahanta Sudar.

      Thus, if 500 year old "Torchbearer" Rebazar
      did actually exist in the minds of ECKists...
      Why would they want/need Klemp when
      Paul Twitchell didn't need his LEM/Mahanta?

      I know that Klemp doesn't list (EK Lexicon)
      some of these LEM's as Mahantas, but Twitch
      states that all LEMs are Mahantas! Who should
      ECKists believe? Klemp is aging rapidly and
      has never written a Shariyat 3, or should they
      believe Twitchell... a known liar.

      Perhaps ECKists should look to Soul and the
      ECK (Holy Spirit) versus another manmade religion.

      "PAUL TWITCHELL PRESENTS: The Wisdom Notes
      (Vol. 2 No. 8) August 1969

      Therefore, each living ECK Master becomes the
      Mahanta. Each of them attains this consciousness
      and becomes the saviour of the age for his own
      people. He is able to eliminate the suffering and
      desires of the chelas by giving them the ability
      to partake of the living Life Stream - the ECK.
      This explains why Buddhism ceased to be a
      dynamic force soon after the death of the
      illustrious Buddha. The same fate has overtaken
      all other religions and without exception it
      must be this way. The usual life of any orthodox
      religion is approximately two thousand years
      on this planet."

      [Note: Paul was still tweaking Eckankar and
      was not capitalizing "living" in "Living" ECK
      Master at this time. This is not an editing or
      proof reading mistake. This is how "living
      Master" is used in The Path of the Masters.]

      I guess that one could argue that Sudar knew
      he would be dying before PT could be trained
      to take his place and that's why he was handed
      off to Rebazar. Thus, once again, the fictional
      Rebazar is being used as a stop-gap! Therefore,
      anyone can use this fictional Rebazar character
      anyway they can imagine!

      However, Klemp has established hierarchical
      safeguards as to what "dreams" are permitted
      by EKists least his "authority" be challenged.
      This is why all dreams and stories, involving
      EK Masters, have to have written approval
      (for validity, etc.) before they can be shared.

      However, these dream stories cannot cross
      the line. A perfect example of this is in the
      recent article "May Thy Will Be Mine" in the
      09/2009 Mystic World where, in a dream,
      "Jane was aware of the Rod of ECK Power
      in the Mahanta's hands..." There is No Way
      that Jane would have been permitted to
      "hold" the Rod, although, this would be
      less threatening (since Jane was female)
      than if say, "James," was to have a dream
      holding the Rod of ECK Power! Thus, EKists
      need to be very careful of what they dream
      and, especially, what they share or write to
      the ESC in an IRO or what they submit as an
      EK Story.


      etznab wrote:

      FYI: I was looking at an old Wisdom Note
      of PT's (after Jan. 1969) and he claimed
      that all LEMs become/are Mahantas!
      Thus, by this standard Darwin was the
      Mahanta. This is why Klemp, also, used
      Rebazar to get what he wanted. HK used
      PT's Rebazar character to kick Darwin
      to the curb since he (HK) was just a 12th
      Initiate and RT had the authority as
      "Torchbearer" and as a former Mahanta.
      Thus, we find the fictional Rebazar being
      used as a stopgap for anything and
      everything... a perfect Catch-22.



      Darwin tried to use Rebazar Tarzs (and other
      Eck Masters) to remove Harold Klemp first!

      According to testimony taken on May 31st, 1984,
      the former Living ECK Master, Darwin Gross, report-
      edly claimed that in January, 1983, his successor,
      Harold Klemp, was asked to step aside. Reportedly,
      it was Rebazar Tarz and Yaubl Sacabi who asked
      Harold Klemp to step aside.

      See Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to
      Higher Consciousness, p. 239

      Here is a quote from Harold's letter to Darwin Gross.
      according to Ford's book (also on p. 239):

      Dear Darwin:

      The Order of the Vairagi ECK Masters no longer
      recognizes you as an ECK Master. As the agent of
      the ECK, I have removed all of your initiations in ECK
      as well as terminated your membership in Eckankar.
      You are not capable or authorized to act or speak for
      or about the Vairagi ECK Masters, Eckankar or the
      ECK Teachings, nor are you to hold yourself out as
      an ECK Master or ECK member."

      [See: Confessions of a God Seeker, A Journey to
      Higher Consciousness, p. 239]


      I've sought to clarify it myself who, or what exactly
      is Rebazar Tarzs. I've researched and asked several
      questions (on A.R.E. especially). The verdict appears
      to be the Eck Masters are real - according to stories
      from people claiming to have met them before they
      ever heard of Eckankar, or saw any pictures of the
      Eck Masters. That is what I've heard people say. It's
      not surprising because Harold says the same basic

      Some people wonder if Rebazar Tarzs really exists.
      They ask if Paul just borrowed a name from the Far
      East and made him up. Yet people report having met
      the ECK Masters even before they ever heard of Eck-
      ankar. The ECK Masters are real.

      [Based on: Article (Looking at the Past for Spiritual
      Lessons) by Harold Klemp - see link]


      So, the verdict (according to some people) says
      the Eck Masters are real because people say they
      are real.

      I'm still not convinced what to make of all this. It
      could be people's imaginations. I don't know what
      the truth is exactly.

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