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HK's Source of Income - And, Where's the ECK-Vidya?

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, I found the following info, on the site listed below, and it got me to thinking about why Klemp, A Modern Prophet, avoids
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 22, 2009
      Hello All,
      I found the following info, on the site
      listed below, and it got me to thinking
      about why Klemp, "A Modern Prophet,"
      avoids teaching/using/mentioning the
      ECK-Vidya? Instead Klemp uses the
      K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple (for) Stupid)
      method for his chelas and H.I.s! It's
      the easy/lazy way to "teach" redundant
      simple-minded techniques and lessons
      so that the believer can "imagine" and,
      thus, "create" their own delusional reality!
      Viola'! That pretty much sums up "EK"
      according to Klemp... except, of course,
      "paying" members will always need to
      rely upon the Inner Master (Klemp) for
      "everything" both outer and inner!


      Eckankar's Source of Income- [My Brackets
      and Caps are added]

      "Like most cults, Eckankar has its fingers
      in many pies. Certainly, the dues [membership/
      initiation maintenance fee] from the discourses
      bring in millions of dollars a year.

      Add to that the profits from the many books,
      audio cassettes, video cassettes, jewelry, bumper
      stickers, [book marks, brochures, pocket posters,
      posters of art work and photos of EK Masters,
      Satsang Projects, etc.], kickbacks from local
      Satsangs [Excess funds], profits from seminars,
      T-shirt sales, gifts from members' wills, donations,
      real estate transactions in the 70s, etc, that students
      are encouraged to buy, and the yearly revenue stream
      is reasonably quite large. It's a secretive organization,
      though, and no figures have ever been released
      to the membership.

      The money flow for this outfit goes one way- in.
      And nobody asks questions [blind-trust and silence].
      Individual Eck centers are entirely self sustaining,
      as they receive no financial help from the main
      organization [and little help from the Satsang Society].
      They even have to purchase the glossy brochures
      and free books they hand out to the public.

      [And, ECK Centers (Satsang Societies) have to
      purchase the books and ALL other EK materials
      they sell (at a slightly discounted price from the
      ESC), as well as, the EK Master photos they display!
      However, jewelry and Donation (official) Photos
      of Klemp are Not Discounted for the EK Centers!]

      At seminars, in its earlier days, Twitchell would
      charge members a tidy piece of money ($500 in
      1960s money) to do an "eck vidya" reading for
      them, i.e. tell their fortunes. A number of members
      eventually got around to comparing the "readings"
      they'd gotten and were gobsmacked to find Twitchell
      was pretty much giving the same reading to everybody.

      Gross backed away from giving Eck Vidya readings,
      claiming there wasn't enough time and there were
      no high initiates qualified to do it. An expected cop
      out, but the lost revenues were more than made up
      for by other means. Klemp does not give Vidya readings
      at all. It's an odd thing, the Eck Vidya - nobody in
      Eckankar can do one."
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