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AS IF "Starting to Get It" - 09/2009 H.I. Letter

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, This H.I. (Starting to Get It)) is probably a 6th initiate and has been in EK for about 35 years. And, she likes to use as if a lot. Yet, she is
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 21, 2009
      Hello All,
      This H.I. (Starting to Get It)) is probably
      a 6th initiate and has been in EK for
      about 35 years. And, she likes to use
      "as if" a lot. Yet, she is only "starting
      to get it." Of course to "get it" has strings
      attached! There's an annual required
      initiation maintenance fee and more
      of one's free time spent impressing
      others with servitude, training, and
      talking the talk and puffing up! This
      doesn't say much for the spiritual insights
      of H.I.s as a group, or of the abilities
      of their LEM/Mahanta (Harry Klemp).
      By "Starting to Get It" after 35 YEARS
      is more proof that Eckankar is a scam!

      The H.I. Letter - 09/2009 - page 5

      "What to Do with So Much Love?"

      [H.K. does not give her name, my
      brackets [ ] and caps are added]

      "At first I thought it was just a
      temporary moment of joy, BUT
      this love and joy that that flows
      through me keeps building.

      I wrote in my journal, `It is AS IF
      I am going through a profound
      initiation into the heart of God
      and am experiencing divine love
      in Every Cell of MY physical, mental,
      and Soul bodies for the First Time
      IF I have come home after being
      away this long. IF this is God-
      Realization (the realization of God's
      love), I welcome the opportunity
      to "be" this much love.'"

      [This H.I. defines God-Realization
      as "the realization of God's love."
      Let's see how Klemp defines G-R
      in his EK Lexicon (pg. 81) and if
      HK uses the word `love' to describe
      this profound experience:

      "Void, omnipresent, silent, pure,
      and strangely peaceful; cannot be
      apprehended with the physical senses;
      realization or awareness of the God
      State, the knowledge of God; attainment
      of the higher spiritual state of the
      supernatural life; the uniting of
      the human and divine natures."

      Since G-R "cannot be apprehended
      with the physical senses" and must
      have "attainment of the higher spiritual
      state" then how can this H.I. claim
      to have experienced it with "every
      cell" of her "physical and mental
      ... bodies?" Does the Mental Body
      have cells? I don't think so! The
      brain has cells and is part of the
      physical body. Soul doesn't have
      "cells" either! I think she's confused.
      I hope she doesn't jump off a bridge!
      Maybe she was stuck on the Astral?]

      "How does one write down what this
      experience of God's love feels like?
      These experiences far exceed anything
      I'VE read in any ECK book. This love
      pours through every aspect of MY daily

      Interactions with MY coworkers at work
      [the ESC] are consistently those of love,
      joy, and laughter. Relationships with [her
      EK] family, [EK] friends, and neighbors
      offer growing opportunities to listen, love,
      and SERVE [and talk/preach].

      What does one `do' with so much love?
      I just keep asking to be of SERVICE to
      the SUGMAD [God?]

      This is what has shown up: I'VE been
      given the opportunity to FACILITATE
      workshops at major ECK seminars
      and to give talks to large audiences
      [at the seminar]. I'VE been invited to
      speak to a large nondenominational
      church congregation that loves to sing
      HU [at the EWS at the Temple]!

      I'VE been invited to speak at an ECK
      Worship Service at the Temple of ECK.
      I'VE taught Satsang classes and Arahata
      training in my region."

      [All of this "I" talk leads me to think that
      she's a 6th initiate with about 35 years,
      and is promoting herself to become an
      ESA and a 7th initiate. Or, maybe she is
      an ESA (or RESA), and a 7th, and just likes
      to toot her own horn... a lot!]

      "And yet cleaning MY house and washing
      the windows are done with the same,
      constant love. Driving the neighbor's
      child to school or staying in touch with
      MY aging mother are filled with just as
      much love.

      Of course sometimes there is challenge,
      sorrow, and mourning for loss. Yet as I
      wrote in MY journal, `So much love in
      MY heart that whether it is aching or in
      rapture, the amount of love is the same.'"

      [Isn't that like saying "I love you as much,
      now, as when we first met?" Thus, the "love"
      never grew and/or matured!]

      "It all started when I asked the Mahanta,
      `What's next?' and "followed" the direction
      that came with all the Trust, Effort, and Heart
      I could. I also made an inner (and outer)
      commitment to Face the FEARS that have
      haunted me for so many Years and Lifetimes."

      [It amazes me that it took this H.I.
      this long (about 35 years) to face her
      fears! However, what has Klemp (the
      Inner Master) been doing for all of these
      years for this H.I. and others? Nothing!
      It's because he's powerless and a fraud!
      It's all an imaginary game for HK and
      his gullible, feeble minded, codependent,
      and fearful followers to play in order
      to feel good, proud, spiritual, and safe!]

      "Sri Harold, thank you for patiently
      loving and teaching Souls like me."

      [Doesn't this sound like she's putting
      herself down as though she's shameful?
      And, it's certainly clear that she doesn't
      subscribe to the idea that Soul = Soul.
      Instead, she sounds like a battered wife
      who's groveling and is subservient to
      the "man" of the house. Perhaps, HK
      had her letter printed for this reason!
      Klemp wants his servants to grovel on
      their hands and knees before him...
      their Endlessly Higher Plane Master!]

      "I now know Two things to the core
      of my being:

      [1] One really can live as a conscious
      Coworker with God, and

      [2] the love and SERVICE we give is
      indeed returned a thousandfold.
      With oceans of love and gratitude.

      Starting to Get It"

      She doesn't "know" as much as she
      thinks! And, it seems that she's more
      of an "unconscious" coworker with God/

      Why would a spiritual nonattached
      person want/need/require/expect/desire
      a "THOUSANDFOLD" return of their
      love with "oceans of love and gratitude?"
      It's obvious that neither she or Klemp
      are Nonattached to these expectations.
      And, why does Klemp feel the need to
      bribe his lowly servants/followers? It
      sounds like she and HK are promoting
      the same expectations that other religious
      followers have (except for the 77 virgins)
      and the same or similar promises that
      other religious leaders make!

      Yes, she had a subjectively "profound"
      experience that eliminated her fears,
      but she should have been having these
      35 years ago! And, many others have had
      these experiences, and greater, in their
      current lifetime without Klemp's help!

      What's really sad is that she's been as
      much the phony as Klemp! By speaking
      at the EWS at the Temple, and Speaking
      at a Major Seminar, or Facilitating a
      Seminar Workshop, and Teaching Arahata
      Training, and Teaching Satsang she had
      to have given a false impression about
      herself and her initiation level (consciousness).

      All she did was to ACT "as if" she wasn't
      fearful and to act "as if" she had knowingness
      and was spiritually advanced. It was all an
      act! She deceived all of these people with
      false testimony! What's really sad is that
      most of the Eckists reading this won't
      want to admit that what I've pointed out
      is true!

      One can't have the FEARS that she has
      admitted to AND, also, be highly aware
      of God (as an H.I.), and/or of the Holy
      Spirit! For Klemp to promote this EK
      think shows that he's a bigger fraud!

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