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09/2009 Ask the Master - HK Doesn't Answer All of the Questions!

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  • prometheus_973
    Rev. (Big) Harry has given special permission to the H.I. Letter editor to print this question from a RESA and his reply. Please feel free to comment upon HK s
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4 12:16 PM
      Rev. (Big) Harry has given
      special permission to the H.I.
      Letter editor to print this question
      from a RESA and his reply.

      Please feel free to comment
      upon HK's answers and/or
      the RESA's questions.

      NOTE: Klemp jumps around
      a lot to confuse the issues in
      order to distract his H.I.s by
      avoiding answering certain
      questions (the sin of omission).

      Thus, I've taken his answers from
      the text and applied them to the
      specific questions asked. This
      puts everything into proper context.

      The H.I. Letter 09/2009
      ASK the MASTER

      Q: "When people give money
      to those less financially well-off
      through a non-profit charitable
      organization (like Bill & Melinda
      Gates Foundation),

      [1] Are they or the organization
      incurring any negative karma
      or depriving anyone of their
      karmic lessons?"

      HK: "Reputable organizations
      have only a small percentage
      of donations going to administrative

      [How about Eckankar? What is
      Klemp receiving in pay and perks?]

      "Their opposites, on the other
      hand, keep the bulk of donations
      for themselves. Choose your
      outlets for giving carefully.

      Many people need help with food,
      shelter, and clothing. No Karma
      is incurred IF help is given in the
      Name of the Master. Then, any
      giving is a Spiritual Act...

      Back a moment to charitable
      organizations. The people in a
      reputable group incur Only Good
      Karma. Their Counterparts incur
      the Negative kind, as you would

      [Note: Klemp AVOIDS answering
      the second part of the question
      as to whether or not people are
      being "deprived" of "their karmic

      Plus, isn't Klemp making a very
      generalized, and misleading, statement
      about (all) people in a reputable
      charitable group receiving "Good
      Karma!" Do (all) Eckists receive
      Good Karma?]

      [2] "How much does Attitude play
      a part in Avoiding Greed, Power,
      and Control issues?"

      [Klemp Does Not answer this question
      (2nd of 3)! However, it's No wonder
      that the phony Mahanta, Klemp, AVOIDS
      answering questions about Attitude,
      Greed, Power, and Control Issues!
      I wonder, however, was this question
      left unanswered consciously or unconsciously?
      Either way, this Isn't a Good SIGN for
      EK H.I.s! Has Klemp lost even more
      awareness, and is, thus, losing focus,
      or has HK become more deceptive?
      Still, this is a SIGN... from the ECK!]

      [3] "Also, IF someone helps a chela
      who can't afford the FULL Membership
      Donation, and the chela is grateful
      and contributing what he can, is
      there any Negative Karma incurred

      HK: "Nor is there any Karma involved
      in helping a person receive the benefits
      of ECK Membership. Turn aside offers
      to repay you. [what happened to "there's
      No Free lunch?"] Encourage the individual
      to do the same for another when a better
      financial situation allows it. [Pay it forward
      ... with money for Klemp!] That makes
      for Clean, Nonkarmic giving. It is How
      To Give in the Mahanta's name... In your
      giving to others, it is natural to receive
      sincere thanks. BUT I would quickly,
      quietly, and surely distance myself
      from any who begin to think MY Gift
      is their due."

      [Except, HK thinks a "gift" of money
      (as in "membership donation") is his
      "due," or else, No more initiations]!

      BTW- Isn't it interesting that there
      are THREE questions by this one
      RESA. See, how Klemp allowed
      only one person who had "three"
      questions for the Ask the Master
      section in order to follow the EK
      "Principle of the Threes." Then, HK
      violates this "EK Principle" by Not
      answering one of the three questions!

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