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Re: PT's "Rebazar - Torchbearer" Ruse

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Etznab and All, Paul Twitchell s real Master was Kirpal Singh and not Rebazar. Even Klemp mentions Kirpal s name 15 times (in the PT info on
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 31, 2009
      Hello Etznab and All,
      Paul Twitchell's real Master
      was Kirpal Singh and not
      Rebazar. Even Klemp mentions
      Kirpal's name 15 times (in
      the PT info on Eckankar.org)
      versus Sudar's name 4 times.
      Sudar Singh was another lie
      and Klemp knows it! "Sudar,"
      the 970th LEM, was actually
      Kirpal Singh, except, he wasn't
      any L "E" M, but he was a living
      Master (of Ruhani Satsang).

      Sawan Singh, Kirpal's Master,
      died without naming a successor
      and this caused a riff within
      Radhasoami and caused Kirpal
      to start his own sect/faction -
      Ruhani Satsang. No fake Master
      or "Torchbearer" was needed
      because Kirpal's Mastership
      was obvious to all who met

      However, this was not the case
      with the professional liar Twitchell
      because his past and present
      behaviours were tainted with
      on-going deceptions.

      Thus, after PT fell out of Grace
      with Sri Kirpal Singh, due mostly
      to his exaggerations in "The Tiger's
      Fang" manuscript, it was now
      necessary for Twit to recreate
      himself. He did this by creating
      the "invisible" 500 year old EK
      Master Rebazar Tarzs as the
      "Torchbearer" of EK (the Holy
      Spirit). PT did this in order to
      pass the "Rod of EK Power" to

      And, after all, who can "disprove"
      an "invisible" Master! When people
      claim to have seen RT in their dreams
      (Law of Facsimiles) and imagine
      they have seen him on the streets,
      or in their bedrooms dictating lessons
      this becomes their proof... even
      though it's a lie! Normal people
      would be seen as crazy or delusional,
      but a "religious" leader can get
      away with these lies and distortions
      while the followers, on the other
      hand, are seen as delusional fanatics
      and zealots.

      Of course, when the EK believers
      or followers have their own experiences
      with really convincing stories (that
      have to fall within the guidelines and
      rules/laws that Klemp has established
      of course) they feel that they are
      right on track. Those outside of the
      influence of this specific religious
      dogma see these ECKists as fanatical
      and delusional cultists.

      This is another reason as to why
      Twitchell had to create a lineage
      of Ancient EK Masters for further
      validation of his own position.
      It sounds more convincing doesn't
      it, and other religions have a similar
      lineage to prove their validation
      as well. Thus, the Eckist has company,
      while feeling special. Twit copied
      everything... not just words... dogma
      too! Klemp has learned his Black Magic
      and deceptions from a true master
      of another sort!

      After all, the "Mahanta" position
      wasn't created until Twit used
      this title the first time in print
      in the January 1, 1969 Wisdom
      Notes. [Mahanta consciousness
      was used one time (pg.39) in
      "The Flute of God"] PT had to
      position himself beyond reproach
      (like the Pope) and at the very
      Top due to the criticisms he was
      receiving from Kirpal's U.S. followers
      and competition from former
      ECKist John-Rogers, as well as,
      critics within Eckankar because
      PT reneged on his "Five Year
      Plan," in late 1968, to turn over
      the EK leadership to another.

      What's this all mean to ECKists
      today? Well, since Rebazar was
      a lie (and was a substitution for
      Kirpal) it means that Twitchell
      wasn't really a "Master" and,
      especially, wasn't a "Mahanta!"

      Thus, Darwin Gross and Harold
      Klemp aren't what they have
      claimed either! There are no
      "ECK[ankar] Masters," except
      in the imaginations of the needy
      and fearful followers of this
      small religious (feel good) belief
      system that Klemp is recreating
      to look more and more Lutheran!


      Etznab wrote: Twice now in history
      it happened where a "Living Master"
      (for which Rebazar Tarzs was the
      "Torchbearer") died without appointing
      a successor (so it seems). Once when
      Paul Twitchell died in September 1971.
      And again when Darwin Gross died
      in March of 2008. (Paul Marche was
      reportedly fired from A.T.O.M. by Darwin
      Gross before he died. This may, or
      may not be true. I haven't verified
      it yet.)

      prometheus wrote:

      Shamus-i-Tabriz seems to be the only
      "ECK MASTER" that is, blatantly, stolen
      from another religion!

      Here's a site that has info on EK Master
      Shams (Rumi's Master)!


      It's interesting that Klemp (and Eckankar)
      claim Shams as one of their ECK Masters
      when Shams followed Islam... as did Rumi.

      Klemp states in his "Autobiography of
      a Modern Prophet" (page 385) that ISLAM
      is a 4th MENTAL Plane Religion and, thus,
      the "God" they follow is actually SATAN

      The one Holy Book of ECKankar, the
      Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book 2 (index)
      shows that the DEVIL and SATAN is
      the KAL! And, according to Eckankar
      KAL rules the lower worlds or planes
      (i.e. Etheric, MENTAL, Causal, Astral,
      and Physical).

      PT's Shariyat, Book One, mentions that
      Shams is an ECK Master.

      Klemp states in his ECKankar Lexicon
      that Shamus-i-Tabriz was a Mahanta
      and LEM. Then, in his Autobiography
      HK has Shams following SATAN or the
      DEVIL (KAL) via ISLAM!

      prometheus wrote:

      Here's a site that is using Kata Daki
      to sell its wares just as Eckankar is!


      prometheus wrote:

      Hello Etznab and All,
      It seems that seeing Rebazar "before"
      finding Eckankar, now, has become
      more (and less) believable!


      Besides, I always wondered about these
      people who claimed to have seen EK
      Masters before joining Eckankar. They
      were "zero" initiates... why believe them!

      It's interesting that many H.I.s (5-7)
      haven't been "tricked" to have "seen"
      Rebazar on the "inner" (or elsewhere)
      even today! Yet, they, too, believe...
      sort of/kind of!

      BTW- EK newbies NOW have a "1" on their
      membership cards (for 1st initiation) versus
      the "0" zero they once had! How many years
      did that take Klemp to remedy?

      Plus, isn't there such a thing as
      having 20/20 hindsight, or of
      mistakes-in-identity? And, people
      rationalize and use wishful thinking
      via the use of an overactive imagination
      when it comes to seeing Twitchell's
      fake Masters!

      Then, there are the delusional EKies
      with mental imbalances influenced by
      their own self-hypnosis factors! And,
      some are outright liars like Klemp!
      If Christianity and other religions
      have dishonest power hungry leaders,
      as well as, their nut cases (fanatics, etc.),
      and "miracles" then Eckankar can too!
      Why can't EKists say what they feel
      and just voice their opinions that these
      newbies who have "seen" Rebazar prior
      to Eckankar are full of crap.

      Here's a site that is here, on ESA, in the LINKS:

      Here's more info on the Phony EK Master,
      REBAZAR TARZS, in these PDF LINKS on ESA:
      [click "pdf" in the box to the left]

      #Neville Goddard--"The Power of Awareness"

      #Man Know Thyself--Used by PT for his
      book (still used today) "Stranger By the River."

      #The Origins for Some of Twitchell's Masters

      Also, let's not forget "The Tiger's Fang" incident
      where Twitchell substituted Rebazar's name in
      place of Kirpal Singh's name after Kirpal objected
      about Twitchell's "exaggerations." Klemp mentions
      that Kirpal returned the Tiger's Fang manuscript
      to Twitchell around June 1966. Klemp has even
      pointed out these negative traits of PT's (exaggerating
      and twisting facts) on Eckankar. org. When PT
      was 27 years old in 1935 (born in 1908 according
      to Klemp) and was trying to get into "Who's Who
      in Kentucky!" How could Twit have made "a second
      trip to India in 1954 where he met Rebazar" when
      his "first" trip, in 1935, didn't happen because
      PT had never traveled outside of the U.S. (according
      to Klemp)!

      And, Twitchell, also, substituted the names
      of fake Masters, like Rebazar, in place of the
      names of his real Masters in "The Flute of God."


      p.s. As I've stated before - Klemp was burned
      by the Rod of ECK Power circa 1990 and his Not
      Letting Go of the Rod has caused his continued
      EMF/EMR problems. HK has claimed, (his excuse)
      that his health problems are caused by him becoming
      the Holding Tank for the Karma of his Chelas.
      However, why are Initiations still "slowed-down"
      if that was true! Klemp is full of sh_t and excuses.
      He has a death-grip on the Rod of EK Power!

      <etznab> wrote:
      A.R.E. cross post.



      How many paths now is Rebazar Tarzs
      the "Torchbearer" for?

      Let's see.







      That's three that I know of. Not saying
      there aren't more that I haven't seen yet.

      Twice now in history it happened where
      a "Living Master" (for which Rebazar Tarzs
      was the "Torchbearer") died without appointing
      a successor (so it seems). Once when Paul
      Twitchell died in September 1971. And again
      when Darwin Gross died in March of 2008.
      (Paul Marche was reportedly fired from A.T.O.M.
      by Darwin Gross before he died. This may,
      or may not be true. I haven't verified it yet.)

      According to history I've seen, Gail Twitchell
      appointed Paul Twitchell's successor (Darwin
      Gross) in Oct. 1971 For the A.T.O.M. site, it
      appears to show "Ancient Teachings of the
      Masters LLC is wholly owned by The Darwin
      Gross Trust." The Events page says "Stay tuned
      for future events...."

      I forgot to follow up in October last year
      what A.T.O.M. did at their seminar about
      a "Living Master". It looks like there isn't
      a "Living Master" yet. I could be wrong.

      This is all interesting history, IMO, about
      Rebazar Tarzs and a number of other Masters.
      How many different paths are these Masters
      supporting now? How many different"Living

      Hmm... Are these Masters really doing all
      this? Or is it "organized religion", etc. that
      is really behind it?

      All valid (and important questions) in my
      opinion. For the record.

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