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More on Klemp's Military Training and Mission!

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, I ve put together some more information gathered together on Klemp s earlier daze. Enjoy! Klemp was in the Air Force and stationed at Yokota A.B.
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 26, 2009
      Hello All,
      I've put together some more information
      gathered together on Klemp's earlier
      daze. Enjoy!

      Klemp was in the Air Force and stationed
      at Yokota A.B. Japan around 1966-67
      He was doing radio intercepts of the
      Russian advisors in Vietnam. HK joined
      Eckankar and received discourses via mail
      while stationed at Yokota in 1967.

      This, below, site verifies some info of HK's
      assignments and training. It's very interesting
      to read about electronic eavesdropping aka
      cryptologistics (spying) prior to, during, and
      after the Vietnam Era, and it continues ALL
      AROUND THE WORLD! It's rather ironic that
      Klemp once said that he was more a "talker"
      than a "listener" when he was trained as a
      "listener" while in the USAFSS!


      I was reading pages 11-14 in "Child in
      the Wilderness" and saw where HK is
      mentioning his sophomore year in college
      on page 11 (1962) and on page 13, three
      years later (1965), that he was a senior at
      another college. This was when he was in
      the Air Force and was attending classes in
      Russian language at Indiana U. I don't see
      that he was a senior there, unless, he transferred
      his credits and they accepted all of them!
      Also, these Russian language courses couldn't
      count toward graduation because of his major.
      I don't think HK ever graduated from college,
      but he could probably get an "honorary" degree
      (somewhere) for writing so many crappy books!

      BTW - I remember reading where he said he
      had to quite college (probably around Fall
      quarter of 1964) and joined the Air Force (late
      1964, Nov-Dec) or be drafted. Thus, HK was
      23 (or 24) when he started his four year (active)

      Any guess at to what month HK was born in?
      How about January?

      Here's another link that's interesting.
      I'll bet some of these people met HK
      while at Yokota:


      I found out that this was Goodfellow
      AFB San Angelo, TX. and probably the
      6954th Training Squadron for the Radio
      Operations part of his training.

      HK then went to the 6989SS at Misawa AS,
      Japan (for 6 months) then reassigned to the
      6988SS at Yokota AB then to the states at
      the 6970SG at Ft. Meade, MD. It doesn't
      seem like he flew on any C-130s or did
      any TDY (temporary duty) in Nam or else
      he would have mentioned it somewhere.

      "The leader of the Eckankar movement is
      Harold Klemp, who was born in 1942 and
      grew up on a Wisconsin farm."


      First, his parent's farm was located in the
      Fremont, WI. area and he followed his cousin
      to a Lutheran pre-ministerial high school/seminary
      at age 14 (1956) and this school was located
      in the Milwaukee area. He graduated in 1960.

      Klemp joined the USAF in late 1964 (Nov.-Dec.)
      and had 6 weeks of Basic Training at Lackland
      AFB in Texas.

      However, in early 1965 he was still at Lackland
      awaiting the next quarter (Spring) of Russian
      language classes to start at Indiana U. This was
      a 9 month school. After completion of this school
      he was assigned to a 3 month Radio school at
      Goodfellow AFB - San Angelo, TX. 6954th Security
      Squadron. After completion of a total of 1 year
      of schooling Klemp was sent to Misawa A.B. Japan
      in early 1966 (March-April) for a 2 year overseas
      assignment with the 6989th USAFSS. Then after
      approximately 6 months Klemp was reassigned
      to the 6988th USAFSS at Yokota A.B. Japan to
      serve the remaining 2 years of his assignment.
      Thus, HK left Yokota A.B., Japan in March or April
      of 1968. He was then reassigned to the 6970th SG
      at Ft. Meade, MD. to serve out his remaining 4 year
      enlistment and was discharged in the Winter (Nov.-
      Dec) of 1968, and went back to live/work on the
      family farm at the age of 27 or 28 years old.

      This is an approximation, of course, since Klemp
      is vague about certain facts and details, but I'm
      fairly certain about this info and the time-lines
      seem to be very close!


      prometheus wrote:
      > This is a revised cross-post from
      > the eckankartruth yahoo group site.
      > Hello All,
      > It is hard to know if Twit told the whole truth
      > about much of anything. Mostly it was half-
      > truths. I do think that he was in the Navy
      > and an officer during and after WWII since
      > he wrote for a Navy pub. Was he in combat?
      > No, I doubt that he was. In his book "Difficulties
      > of Becoming the LEM" PT states that he was
      > trying to get out of duty by screwing up his
      > paperwork, etc. Actually, PT was sabotaging
      > the Navy's effectiveness during wartime!
      > I do believe that Klemp was in the Air Force
      > and stationed at Yokota A.B. Japan around
      > 1966-67, and that he was doing radio voice
      > intercepts (cryptologics) and listening in on
      > the Russian advisors in Vietnam. Some flew
      > on C-130s. The irony is that Klemp was a
      > "listener," or eavesdropper, when he's stated
      > in the past that he was more a talker than
      > a listener!
      > Anyway, these USAFSS people refer to themselves
      > as "Bats." Thus, HK's given too many details,
      > over the years, not to believe this account.
      > I even found a site that verifies some info
      > of his claims. Of course, this doesn't mean
      > he tells the truth about much else... especially
      > Twitchell's con of being the "Inner Master!"
      > http://www.6901st.org/history/history.htm
      > I'll have to check out "The Wind of Change"
      > and some other books to see where HK was
      > stationed before Yokota. He joined the USAF
      > in Nov-Dec 1964 but didn't get into school
      > until March-April 1965 and had 9 months
      > of college classes with the Russian language
      > at Indiana U. He then went to Texas for 3 months
      > of Radio operations. Klemp joined Eckankar while
      > stationed at Yokota in 1967. And, HK was at
      > Ft. Meade, MD. when he came back to the states
      > prior to discharge.
      > Prometheus
      > harrison wrote:
      > I really think there is NOTHING that
      > we should take as truth from klemp or
      > eckankar. We have no idea at all that
      > the guy was even in Japan or any place
      > else. There are so many lies that it's
      > easier not to believe anything. Remember
      > that story about Paul seeing his father
      > on a boat in the war? Then it turns out
      > that twitchell was never in the war?
      > There's all kinds of contradictions in the
      > make-em-up fantasyland of eckankar.
      > Sharon <brighttigress> wrote:
      > Hi Everyone!
      > [snip]
      > Prometheus, thanks for cross-posting,
      > and I like the way you re-wrote that
      > one and added the "but" stuff! I hope
      > that everyone here is also reading
      > everything at both ESA and "X".
      > Anyway, everyone goes thru stages.
      > Right now there are newbies joining
      > ekult and feeling that special magic
      > we probably all felt at first. And yes,
      > although Twitch said to question & doubt,
      > I remember he *also* wrote that the
      > greatest doubters often became the
      > "strongest" eckists. Of *course* if you
      > start doing those self-hypnotic spex,
      > you're going to have "experiences" -
      > if you don't they tell you to just work
      > harder, or perhaps you're getting it
      > "on the inner" and just don't remember,
      > etc. Gawd, once you wake up, get out,
      > and learn how that cultic mind-control
      > & programing works, it's really amazing!
      > On the one hand, we might feel like
      > idiots for falling for it. On the other
      > hand, damn it really worked, and it
      > worked well!! Which reminds me,
      > does anyone else know where "The
      > Cult Test" is nowadays? I was checking
      > my links not long ago, that one's not
      > good anymore, I searched a bit but
      > couldn't find it, got distracted elsewhere.
      > Anyway, it was originally in Omni
      > magazine, and it shows how easily
      > just about *anyone* can get caught.
      > It's been so long for me that I tend to
      > forget just how bad it was when I first
      > left. And I mean *really* bad!! Pretty
      > traumatic, and it actually took quite
      > a long time to really "recover" and
      > become "normal" again. I worked hard
      > at de-programming myself, by going
      > back over the "teachings" and looking
      > at them without those blue-fogged
      > lenses. I got a lot of help from reading
      > "anti-cult" sites, both "educational"
      > ones and sites by former members
      > of other cults. I was amazed to learn
      > there were so many of them, a lot
      > of them were ekult-clones too!
      > And no matter what kind of cult it
      > is, they're all the same basically.
      > And I had the help and support of
      > so many others.
      > So some people might be able to
      > just quit without many problems,
      > it's different for everyone, but I'd
      > say even if you think it's no big deal,
      > there may be little after-effects you
      > don't even notice. I think you need
      > to sort of "go with the flow" whatever
      > you're experiencing, one thing I think
      > everyone needs to do is learn who
      > their "real Self" is. of course maybe
      > that's what we all do in life anyway -
      > we're all works in progress, but after
      > you leave a cult, I think you need
      > to really look at yourself a bit more,
      > find yourself, and while you're at it,
      > decide what/who *you* want to be,
      > and remake & refind yourself accordingly.
      > And I hope that makes sense! Be
      > objective & observant, think & question
      > *everything*, even your own subjectiveness.
      > And don't hesitate to try to get
      > professional help, or write to me
      > or any other former members you
      > see online who "resonates", if you're
      > not comfortable about posting publicly.
      > Don't know about everyone else, but
      > I remember I got so used to that "the
      > master is always with you" nonsense
      > over the years, it was a bit strange
      > after I kicked him out & slammed the
      > door firmly, I felt a bit lost & floundering.
      > Laughing here, I think a good example
      > is how "X" progressed from that pic of
      > a chained elephant to a tiger!! YES!!
      > Oh, another thought - on Klemp.
      > At first I tried to make excuses for
      > him. Then I felt a lot of contempt
      > and disgust, which I still do. Hey,
      > if I ever have the opportunity I just
      > might spit on him, but I don't know.
      > On the other hand - there but for
      > the grace of "Whatever" goes any
      > of us. He didn't have much going
      > on for him when he was young,
      > he was lost and wimpy and powerless.
      > Actually, he *still* is! <gg>
      > But - he was far away in Japan,
      > homesick, saw an ad for "soul travel"
      > (was it in Fate?), and kaboom,
      > he got caught in Twitch's web.
      > Pretty pitiful, isn't it? Ekult is the
      > only thing he had or has going for
      > him. Otherwise, he was a big "nothing",
      > a failure - and he probably would still
      > be. Not much different from Twitch,
      > actually, except Twitch was a bullshit
      > artist early on. So, in a way I feel
      > sorry for Klemp, because he's the
      > best example of what can happen
      > to someone who might otherwise
      > be just an average boring "nice guy".
      > Instead, ekult has brought out the
      > worst in him. And it's something
      > I think we've all seen in many eckists,
      > a lot of them who are "successful" -
      > nasty, controlling HIs with no consciences,
      > very into power, and sure as heck
      > not the least bit "spiritual"!!!
      > [snip]
      > Life is good, and so much richer,
      > truer, and clearer than in was when
      > I was in ekult - there's absolutely *no*
      > comparison! Of course, there are still
      > ups & down and life's unpleasant "kabooms",
      > but it's *all* just plain good, better than
      > when I was a true blue eckist, there's
      > just no comparison, now it's all *real*!
      > Really, it's like coming indoors in a cold
      > day and your glasses are fogged - that's
      > ekult.
      > Okay, I know I'm not the only one here
      > who's not as young as they used to
      > be, but right now I'm laughing, nope
      > it's not always pleasant but on the other
      > hand, there are so many things to be
      > thankful for! And being out of ekult
      > is just about the biggest, and makes
      > everything else so much better!
      > Hugs,
      > Sharon
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