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September 2009 "Ask the Master"

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  • prometheus_973
    Klemp bypasses the EK Principle of the Threes and answers, only, one question. However, upon a closer look, Klemp uses this EK Principle, negatively, by using
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      Klemp bypasses the EK Principle
      of the Threes and answers, only,
      one question. However, upon a
      closer look, Klemp uses this EK
      Principle, negatively, by using
      "BUT" three times!

      FYI: This is what Klemp had to
      say in the 12/2005 H.I. Letter
      about his contradictions and
      use of "but:"

      "When someone says BUT it is
      a nail in the coffin of invention.
      A constant stream of contradictions
      shuts off creativity and a gift
      that may be offered. And when
      someone says BUT, he's stopped
      listening. So be aware when using if.
      And especially when using BUT,
      because it's limiting. Move straight
      ahead. Don't clutter things with
      if, and, or BUT. It throws a condition
      under your feet that is a trip wire.
      This is pretty much for ourselves..."

      Thus, this is more real proof that
      Klemp is Not a "Master," but is a
      Black Magician and deceiver!

      ASK the MASTER 09/2009
      [my caps and brackets are added]:

      "Sometimes the tests in my life
      get so hard that I wonder if I'll ever
      make it to Mastership.

      Did the ECK Masters really have
      to go through things like this?"
      [no name given]

      ME: It just occurred to me that the
      Mahanta (according to PT's EK dogma)
      doesn't come onto the scene UNTIL
      the KALI YUGA. Thus, some of these
      older Souls became "ECK Masters"
      BEFORE the KALI YUGA and during
      relatively "easy" times versus "hard"
      times, and without the NEED for
      a Mahanta!

      HK: "Life requires that Soul have
      every experience. No thought or
      deed is ever lost--BUT all is recorded
      in the Book of Life."

      ME: Why does Klemp use "but?"

      HK: "Thus Soul learns to have compassion
      and charity, and to give SERVICE to
      other beings.

      The spiritual giants like Rebazar Tarzs
      have suffered the edge of the sword
      that wounded the heart, leaving them
      to cry in despair to God to give them
      a reason for their anguish."

      ME: According to the Bible Jesus did
      this on the cross! Is Klemp mixing
      and matching stories to mislead his
      followers? Actually I, and most people,
      have cried out, at one time or another,
      in despair to God!

      HK: "The greater our consciousness,
      the more deeply we feel the slights
      of neglect, lack of consideration, and
      abuse by people who use our good
      nature against us."

      ME: The 14th Plane Mahanta (HK)
      must be an emotional wreck by now!

      HK: "BUT there is a turning point
      where the WHEEL of FIRE, which is
      slavery [and service] to karmic destiny,
      loses its power over us. Henceforth
      we emerge from the FOG of UNKNOWING
      and travel freely in the sparkling lands
      of ECK.

      The Masters in ECK[ankar] are
      in a state of vairag, or detachment,
      It is a state of consciousness that
      is won the HARD way, BUT when
      the trials are done and Soul is
      aware of Its relationship with the
      SUGMAD, then immense love and
      compassion are the reward.

      You cry with the grieving in their
      sorrow, laugh with the joyous in
      heart, sit in silence to listen to
      the heart of someone who has
      touched the hem of the Lord."

      ME: What does this last statement
      mean? Sit in silence to listen to
      someone who touched the "hem"
      of the "Lord" like Rebazar or Klemp?
      Who's the "Lord"... the KAL/Mahanta?
      It's Not SUGMAD!

      HK: You are an inspiration to the weak,
      a solace for the broken in spirit. Thus
      you are a saint, a shining light to all
      who enter your CIRCLE of INFLUENCE."

      ME: That's interesting. If Eckists are
      "an inspiration to the weak" why do
      they NEED to do SERVICE and Obey
      a LEM/Mahanta? Eckists are the weak
      and needy ones! When one is codependent
      upon anyone or anything one is weak
      and powerless to make changes.

      And, isn't this a psychic or Black Magic
      technique that violates the EK Law of
      Noninterference when Klemp is suggesting
      pulling others into "your circle of influence."

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