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More Self Promotion and Nonsense From Klemp

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  • prometheus_973
    According to Klemp the Kali Yuga is the true Golden Age. In this latest The Mystic World of September 2009 Klemp promotes his older Mahanta Transcript,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 19, 2009
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      According to Klemp "the Kali Yuga is
      the true Golden Age." In this latest
      "The Mystic World" of September 2009
      Klemp promotes his older Mahanta
      Transcript, Book 4 while deluding

      BTW- In the first story of "May Thy
      Will Be Mine" isn't it interesting that
      Jane had a dream revelation that "hard
      times" were a "spiritual blessing."

      Anyway, here's the page 2 promo,
      from HK, the Old Testament Bible
      thumping and "Modern Prophet"
      of Doom:

      "The True Golden Age

      Today this message of the Light and
      Sound is being carried into the world
      to a greater degree than ever before
      in history. This is often overlooked:

      As individuals doing our part, we don't
      see the greatness and splendor of the
      ECK works as they are presented throughout
      the world to all mankind.

      This is the greatest era of spirituality
      the world has ever known. Even during
      the Golden Age, Soul wasn't learning
      to It's full capacity, because everything
      was harmonious. There's nothing wrong
      with harmony, BUT Soul is tempered by
      the hardships of life.

      This is why the Kali Yuga, the Iron Age
      in which we are now, is so important.
      It gives Soul the opportunity to be tempered
      to Its final purity so that It can become
      a Co-worker with God. In that sense,
      the Kali Yuga is the true Golden Age,
      the age of high spirituality in which the
      message of ECK can be carried out to
      the world." --Rev. Harold Klemp
      The Golden Heart, Mahanta Transcripts,
      Book 4.

      BTW- Doesn't this "Yuga" thing seem
      upside down?

      Shouldn't the GOLDEN AGE (Satya Yuga)
      be at the end of the YUGA cycle? Yes!

      The Kali Yuga should be at the beginning
      of the cycle and Not at the end.

      This whole yuga thing is just another
      religious explanation as to why there
      is violence and hardship in the world.
      Life does temper us with tests, but it
      has nothing to do with religion or with
      Klemp and a "Mahanta."

      Really, if one looks at and believes in
      "evolution" of the species, and of Soul's
      spiritual growth, wouldn't/shouldn't the
      "GOLDEN AGE" come at the end of the

      Someone got it wrong (Sant Mat, etc.)
      and Klemp fell for it! Then, again, look
      at Klemp's Lutheran background!

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