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Re: The Mahanta's Prayer: May Thy Will Be Mine!

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  • noneckster
    Well, one thing for sure, is that the legacy of Klemp and other Cultist/eckists who refuse to admit their mistakes, is that they will join the ranks of
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      Well, one thing for sure, is that the legacy of Klemp and other Cultist/eckists who refuse to admit their mistakes, is that they will join the ranks of "History Repeating". Because they refuse to study their own repetitive behavior they are doomed to repeat the same mistakes made by other Destructive Cults. It is an interesting yet weird obsessive compulsion. The pattern is really nothing more than a fixed slot machine, pulling the lever over and over again, losing money, but convinced that it is for a higher cause, but the cause is just filling the pockets of the owner of the slot machine. (Klemp and company)

      Non eckster ; )

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973" <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      Re: The Mahanta's Prayer: May Thy Will Be Mine!

      Hello Noneckster and All,
      I, too, have a few more observations
      of Klemp's comments to his followers.

      noneckster wrote:
      > Another Title for this might be:
      > Eck Droppings From the Great Behind
      (mahanta Narcissism)
      > or
      > Me Me Me Mine!
      > It is hard to believe that anyone
      still takes this stuff seriously.
      But this is the kind of stuff that
      allows for a complete study of the
      thought process of a Psycho Maniac.
      What an ASS.
      > Non eckster ; )
      prometheus wrote:
      > >
      > The Mahanta's Prayer:

      "May Thy Will Be Mine by SRI HAROLD KLEMP"
      > [The Mystic World of Eckankar Sept. 2009]
      HK: "The well-known Lord's Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13)
      > says, "Thy will be done in earth, as it is in
      > heaven." And, of course, it is.

      P- Why does Klemp quote the 4th Plane Christian
      Bible as much as he does? HK doestn't just do
      this for his chelas (1-4), but for H.I.s too!

      HK: A legacy of the ECK teachings is the practical
      > teaching of how an individual can align the
      > human will with the divine, via the Spiritual
      > Exercises of ECK. Life then becomes easier.
      > That is not to say it becomes easy, for it may
      > not. We are forever facing ourselves.

      P- And, isn't the focus upon the Tisra Til (Third
      Eye) which is not even the highest of the Astral
      Plane chakras? When do chelas and H.I.s graduate
      to using the Crown (Highest Astral Plane) Chakra!

      HK: Long-standing debts come due, even as
      > we are energetically going along accruing
      > new ones, happy, still, in our ignorance tripping
      > upon the toes of a law of life.
      > Then, woe.
      > Oh, if we could but learn!

      P- And what has the scammer Klemp learned?
      What of HK's ignorance and debt that he
      inherited from Gross and the Twitchells?

      HK: A talk-show host posed a hypothetical question
      > to his radio audience. If you had a choice,
      > he said, of winning a lottery worth millions
      > or having a chance to be twenty-four again,
      > which would you choose? The next question
      > was, why?

      P- Was this Paul Harvey... Harry's hero?

      HK: Younger callers, those closer to age twenty-four,
      > were more willing to take the money and run.
      > Not too surprising. Even less surprising, perhaps,
      > was the number of older callers who said they
      > would gladly be young again, because it would
      > give them an opportunity to get it right the second
      > time around. But would they?

      P- Was that 24 again with full consciousness of
      one's past?

      HK: To do so, it would be absolutely necessary
      > to get their will, with all its muddy habits, to
      > line up with the will of ECK (the Holy Spirit),
      > but would they? Could they?

      > All in the latter group felt assured of success.

      P- That's a rather stupid and judgmental statement.
      Of course people would make changes. Change is Change!
      Now, perhaps Klemp is looking into a mirror and is
      judging others according to his own weaknesses and
      faults... and desires.

      HK: By a remarkable coincidence about that time,
      > another radio station featured a story by
      > Nathaniel Hawthorne, nineteenth-century
      > American author, that tied in directly to the
      > question above.

      P- Yes! Remarkable that Klemp found another
      person's story to retell with his own narrow
      "spiritual" EK spin.

      HK: In the [fictional] story, a small-town scientist
      > has developed a potion to restore youth.
      > He decides upon an experiment. He will
      > collect a handful of the town's oldest people
      > willing to take part in a research project.
      > Each person was known for some glaring
      > failure of character. These shortcomings
      > included vanity, a gossip's wicked tongue,
      > penny-pinching, and such.

      P- I felt that it was important to point that
      this is a fictional story. However, according
      to Klemp, everything below the 5th Soul Plane
      is illusion and of the KAL... right!

      HK: They all agreed to take part in the study.
      > Hawthorne's story sees them all returning
      > to their old ways. All their good intentions
      > fall by the way, with nary a regret.
      > So it would be a sound bet to say that
      > the radio callers, too, would have learned
      > they were their own worst enemies, helpless
      > to deal with their bad habits.
      > May thy will be mine.

      P- Thus, they would become, once again, under
      the influence of the KAL (hypothetically) and,
      therefore, their will would become God's/KAL's
      (i.e. Klemp's).

      HK: So easy to say, yet sometimes so hard
      > to do. But if we can manage to do it--oh,
      > the blessings!

      P- What "blessings" is Klemp talking about
      when he can't "protect" or "heal" his own
      H.I.s from cancer? Since it can't be karma
      (H.I.s are karmaless) it must be a "test"
      of faith! Right! Oh, those blessings! Just
      like everyone else goes through!

      HK: Jane was able to attend the 2008 ECK
      > Worldwide Seminar. On October 22, she
      > went to bed determined to be fully aware
      > of the inner events that night, knowing
      > that time has no place in the worlds of God.

      P- Of course Klemp wants Eckies to believe
      that "time" has nothing to do with anything
      EK. He slowed those initiations down back
      in 1985! How long has "Jane" been waiting
      for that next one I wonder?

      HK: Someone called her name after midnight.
      > She immediately sang "Wah Z" and imagined
      > being at the Valley of the Tirmer, then actually
      > went there with the Mahanta, who told her
      > to listen with the inner ears. Others were
      > there; she could not make out their faces.

      P- Who were the "others?" Any local Eckists?
      Was Darwin there? Oops! Even if DG was there
      no one would dare mention it. Was Graham there

      HK: However, Jane was aware of the Rod
      > of ECK Power in the Mahanta's hands
      > and she sensed a tremendous force
      > coming from it. Beams of energy burst
      > from it. They burst in a pulsing rhythm
      > toward all present.

      P- It's a good thing that a Silent One
      didn't step in and hand the Rod to Jane!
      What would have happened if that had happened?
      Well, Jane would have been demoted to a
      1st Initiate and this letter never would
      have been printed in the Mystic World! LOL!

      HK: The bursts filled them with Light and
      > knowing.

      P- Right! Mental Plane "knowing" which
      is illusionary!

      HK: Later, still in the inner worlds, scenes
      > of hard economic times floated into
      > Jane's consciousness.

      P- Wouldn't the same awareness "float" into
      her waking physical plane consciousness!
      As Below, So Above (or whatever)!

      HK: The hard times, she realized were
      > a spiritual blessing. People would
      > turn again to God. That was the fix.
      > Not a government, not its shortsighted,
      > ambitious plans for a material recovery,
      > but the ECK, the Holy Spirit Itself.
      > I would accomplish it, in spite of mice
      > and men.

      P- And, in this case (for Eckists) the
      Mahanta (Klemp) is their "fix" of heroin.

      HK: Blessings, blessings all around!

      P- Real and unreal, but mostly unreal...
      and just like it is for others who believe
      that their religion and "God" has all the
      answers... and we know that Godman Klemp
      hears and answers (on the inner) everyone's
      prayers. That's the Mahanta's job... just
      imagine the impossibilities! Blessings
      and drinks "all around!" Put it on my tab!

      HK: Please try to remember that all which
      > comes your way is to make you stronger
      > spiritually, and stronger in love.

      P- Doesn't "remembering" (and imagining)
      require the use of the 4th Mental Plane
      Mind? Catch-22!

      HK: Greater in wisdom, greater in understanding,
      > and greater in compassion.

      P- Where's Klemp's compassion and empathy?
      I don't see any! He doesn't get involved
      with worldly affairs, etc.! And, didn't he
      say, recently, that the traits of wisdom
      and understanding were secondary to something
      else? Oh well, contradictions run amuck with
      the writings of PT and HK.

      HK: A spiritual exercise to help you rise
      > above the Blind Emotions stirred up
      > by the rigors of The Daily Grind is this,
      > a very easy one: See yourself as
      > A Majestic Eagle [or ek chicken].
      > Catch The Wind Beneath our [Your] Wings.
      > Soar upward.
      > Watch the earth and the rainy clouds
      > that cover it now, fall away far, far
      > beneath you.

      P- This is a basic self-hypnotic technique!

      HK: Feel the fresh air. See the crystal
      > clear blue sky around you.
      > Now look up. There is the sun!
      > In its surprisingly soft light stands
      > the Mahanta. Listen carefully. He
      > will give your further guidance."
      > [end]

      P- See the co-dependency that Klemp is
      creating! According to him Eckists need
      the Mahanta (Klemp) for guidance, still,
      after 28 years! Do 7ths really need Klemp
      with his EK 101 mindeset and abilities?
      Where's the (real) Master and the real
      spiritual meat? One thing is for certain...
      it's Not with Klemp! The sadder thing is
      that it never was with him. It was always
      between Soul and the Holy Spirit...
      No Mahanta/middleman needed!

      > ****************
      > [Is this a 2nd Plane Native American
      > prayer/spiritual exercise? It sounds
      > like one.]
      > Note: One has to wonder why
      > Klemp felt the need to use an
      > old fictional story of Hawthorne's
      > as an example in order to reach
      > his conclusions/speculations. HK
      > must be incapable of using real
      > life/real world stories and current
      > examples.
      > And, Jane seems to be sleep
      > deprived and caught up in the
      > phenomenal and psychic worlds.
      > What spiritual lessons were learned-
      > hard times means more people
      > need religion? I'm not impressed...
      > I'd rather have a good nights sleep.
      > BTW- Were the "hard times" of
      > the Holocaust a "spiritual blessing"
      > as well? "Blessings, blessings all
      > around." Klemp is a fool and a con
      > and those who follow him are blind
      > and batty!
      > Prometheus
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