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More HK/ECKankar Quotes (etc.)

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, Kemp states, in his 2000 Autobiography of a Modern Prophet, on page 385, that the religions of the world follow a 2nd or 4th Plane God. Thus, this
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      Hello All,

      Kemp states, in his 2000 "Autobiography
      of a Modern Prophet," on page 385,
      that the religions of the world follow
      a 2nd or 4th Plane God. Thus, this
      Lower Plane God is the KAL (Satan
      or the Devil). If Eckists would just look
      up "Satan" or the "Devil" in the index
      of their Shariyat Book 2 they would
      see that it states that this is the KAL.

      Another saying that one hears coming
      from the mouths of these brain-washed
      eckies is: "As Above So Below." They
      seem to be referring to the "higher
      God worlds. However, Klemp states,
      on page 51, in his EK Lexicon that:

      "doctrine of cycles. Based upon the
      fundamental principle in the Psychic
      philosophy, which is: as above, so

      Of course, Klemp took this from Twit's
      Eckankar Dictionary, but still applies it

      This next quote comes from the Preface
      of "The Path of the Masters" and is used
      in Klemp's December 2005 H.I. Letter:
      "Truth always expresses itself with the
      greatest simplicity."

      Here's another quote from the Preface
      of "Path" that Eckists might recognize:
      "Spirituality cannot be taught but caught."

      Here's another quote from "Path." It's
      a few pages after the Buddha quote.
      Eckists might recognize this one as well:
      "When the chela is ready, the Guru appears."
      Of course, Twitchell substituted "Master"
      for "Guru" when he recycled/stole this.

      Another thing that makes me wonder
      why Eckists still cling to their lower
      plane and false and/or recycled teachings,
      is the use and focus upon the Tisra Till
      (Third Eye). This is only an Astral chakra...
      and not even the highest Astral chakra!
      The Crown chakra is the highest Astral
      chakra. After 28 years, under Klemp's
      rule, Eckists are still instructed to focus
      upon the Third Eye when doing a HU
      Chant, or when "communicating" with
      the Mahanta (inner master)!

      In Chapter 6, of "The Path of the Masters,"
      are these quotes that Eckists might recognize
      from Paul's early writings:

      "This psychology of the Masters is at once
      both the oldest and the newest psychology

      "Masters have existed in this world for
      millions of years, and the system now
      outlined in this book has been taught
      by the Masters to their disciples for
      millions of years."

      "It has never found its way into any of
      the modern schools or into any accredited

      "This book is the first attempt in history
      to give this science to the West by a
      western man."

      This next quote is one that Klemp
      promotes today!

      "How To Do Karma-less Actions:
      Now, if the Master's disciple wishes to
      escape the creation of karma... let him
      do all things, every detail of his life, in
      the name of the Master." [CH. 7]

      It seems that Klemp is, also, using "Path"
      as a reference book / handbook just as
      Twitchell did!

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