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Klemp, basically, States That Buddha Worshipped Satan!

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  • prometheus_973
    The Is it true, Is it necessary, Is it kind? statement of Buddha s (that PT and HK took for their own) is from the 4th (Mental) Plane since Buddha worshipped
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 2009
      The "Is it true, Is it necessary, Is it kind?"
      statement of Buddha's (that PT and HK
      took for their own) is from the 4th (Mental)
      Plane since Buddha worshipped Satan (the
      KAL). Thus, it must be illusionary and of
      the lower planes! But, Eckankar even had
      an EK singing group use this 4th Plane
      Buddha quote for a song in order to further
      indoctrinate and confuse Eckists. Is Klemp
      a conscious or unconscious KAL agent?

      According to Klemp, and both Shariyats,
      Eckists are being taught spiritual rules that
      follow the teachings of KAL (Satan, Devil)
      since Buddhism (the teachings of Buddha)
      is a 4th Mental (Lower) Plane religion and
      of the KAL!

      From Klemp's "Autobiography of a Modern
      Prophet" page 385:

      "In general, the major religions locate their
      heaven on the Mental Plane, the so-called
      fourth world. These include Christianity, the
      Jewish religion, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism."

      According to Klemp, Rumi, as well as, Inayat
      Khan worshipped the KAL as well!

      This next quote comes from the Shariyat-Ki-
      Sugmad Book 2, Chapter 12:

      "The evolution of the intelligence that is the
      Fourth Circle, Mental Plane, is the gradual
      rising out of the world of psychic reality.
      This illusionary world is typified in the Indian
      philosophy by the word maya which means
      illusion. In the Buddhist philosophy it is
      known as mara, and in Christianity as Satan,
      or the Devil. It is known in the works of ECK
      as the KAL Niranjan, king of the lower worlds."

      Here's more ECKankar B.S. which can certainly
      be applied to Twitchell's/Eckankar's definition
      of the 4th Mental Plane and to Buddha's quote
      of, "Is it true, necessary, kind?" This is from
      the Shariyat Book One, Chapter 11:

      "By trying to bring together the lower self and
      the higher self to make them one, in order to
      enter into the worlds of ECK, is to bring about
      defeat. They do not mix, for none are as far
      apart in poles as these two qualities. The lower
      represents the KAL which is the negative power,
      and Soul represents the ECK which is the higher
      power. The twain shall never meet, for the LOWER,
      being the Universal Mind Power, must step aside
      and be left behind so that Soul can enter into
      the heavenly worlds."

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