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Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Another Look - Dr. Bluth, Paul, Gail, and Darwin

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    Here is another Eckankar quote from The Far Country along with one from The Path of the Masters. [Rebazar Tarzs to Paul Twitchell] The whole universe is
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      Here is another Eckankar quote from The
      Far Country along with one from The Path of
      the Masters.

      [Rebazar Tarzs to Paul Twitchell]

      " 'The whole universe is considered as One, the
      true ECKANKAR. There is perfect oneness in the
      universe, which is also co-existent with God, infinite,
      unlimited. Hence the SUGMAD is Nirankar, i.e.
      formless.' "

      Chapter One - The Far Country (Copyright 1970,
      3rd Printing 1972, p. 27), by Paul Twitchell (the
      modern day founder of Eckankar):

      "The whole universe is considered as *one, the
      true Ekankar. There is perfect oneness in the
      universe, which is also coexistent with God - infinite,
      unlimited. Hence, the Soami is *nirankar, that is,
      formless. As such, he is without personality, hence
      without name."

      The Path of the Masters, by Julian Johnson (Chap.
      5 - God and the Grand Hierarchy of the Universe,
      section 4., 3rd paragraph) - [* = words in italics]:

      BTW, there are more paragraphs before & after
      (in The Path of the Masters section) which appear
      strikingly similar to what Rebazar Tarzs allegedly
      told Paul Twitchell to write in The Far Country.

      As to when Rebazar Tarzs started appearing to
      Paul Twitchell and allegedly "dictating" that book,
      The Far Country:

      "[....] One of the most interesting things that I find
      about this is the timing of when The Far Country
      was written. According to Paul, he wrote the book
      shortly after meeting Gail,
      when he moved down to
      San Francisco, which would have been in 1963-1964.
      This is the same year Paul gave his copy of The
      Tiger's Fang to Kirpal Singh, and introduced Gail to
      Kirpal, which resulted in Gail being initiated by Kirpal.


      If Paul Twitchell did copy from The Path of the
      Masters, isn't that a little different from saying
      Rebazar Tarzs told him to do it?

      I wonder. Can it be both?

      Any thoughts on this?


      One other comment, about Gail and what she
      did or didn't know. Anybody remember this?

      "[....]  I remember, however, Gail describing how many
      times she had told Paul that he needed to select his
      successor before he died - that she wasn't going to be
      put in a position where she or anyone else should have
      to make such a decision. Gail told Paul quite clearly
      that this was Paul's job and if he didn't take care of it
      before he left this world, well, that was just too bad,
      because she certainly wasn't going to make the selec-
      tion. [....]"


      Why would Gail have to remind Paul Twitchell that
      it was HIS responsibility to select the successor and
      that she wasn't going to be put in that position? Why
      would Paul Twitchell want to put her in that position?

      I always thought that was kind of curious.

      BTW, I think that previous quote was Doug Marman.
      From memory though, I thought there was something
      about this subject in Patti Simpson's book Paulji, a
      Memoir. If there is time I will go back and do a check
      on this to clarify.


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      Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Another Look - Dr. Bluth, Paul,
      Gail, and Darwin


      It's interesting to take another look at these

      1980 comments. In May or June of 1980

      Klemp was receiving his 8th initiation from

      Darwin who Bluth says was not a "Master"

      (LEM) based upon his lustful behaviour.

      Apparently, Darwin had already "fallen

      from Grace" during the time Klemp was

      receiving the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and

      12th initiations, and the Rod of ECK Power,

      (the LEM position) from him! That explains

      a lot! Also, in 1980 and 1981 Klemp had

      Darwin meet him in the Sound Proofed

      Dark Room at the ESC that Klemp worked

      in daily in order to discuss the eventual

      transition of power. [HK's "Soul Travelers

      of the Far Country," CH. 7]

      However, we also see that Twitchell was

      no "Master" either! Bluth states that he

      helped Paul to write "HERBS, The Magic

      Healers," and that Paul borrowed his

      Radha Soami books. I'm
      certain that

      "The Path of the Masters" was one of

      these books. Twitchell's "The Far Country"

      is copyrighted in 1970, and there is a

      word for word quote on page 131 that

      was taken from the beginning of Chapter

      2 from "The Path of the Masters."

      Thus, a spiritual "ECK Master" of the

      highest Order should, also, have integrity!

      It's a by-product of having a "higher"

      consciousness... right! One Law, from the

      Old Testament (of the Bible), states that

      "Thou Shall Not Steal." Don't EK Masters,

      supposedly, have even higher and more

      evolved standards far surpassing these

      early basic laws, as well as, early "copyright

      laws?" Of course... supposedly! It's a matter

      of ethical behaviour and of right and wrong.

      Paul was wrong and so is Klemp. Thus,

      their negative actions and disregard of

      truth and openness shows that they are

      deceitful and of the KAL consciousness.

      And, there's more information that is

      taken from "Path." Both Twitchell and,

      now, Klemp have made it their own and

      a part of the ECK Dogma without giving

      credit to the original source.

      Here's the quote from "The Path of the

      Masters" CH.6:

      "A rule laid down by the noble Buddha

      is a most excellent one for all men to

      follow. He said that if you propose to

      speak, always ask yourself--Is it true,

      is it necessary, is it kind?"

      Here's what Klemp has to say, [in his

      1998 EK Lexicon (pg.159)], about

      these words of wisdom coming from

      the Buddha, except, HK (also) omits

      that the quote came from the Buddha:

      "path of the trinity. Three questions

      to ask oneself when in doubt about

      an action: Is it true? Is it necessary?

      Is it kind?"

      Recently a poster, on this site, mentioned

      that she heard Gail give a talk (1971?)

      where she gave Twitchell (her husband)

      credit for this quote and, of course, Gail

      didn't mention that these thoughts / rules

      had originally come from the Buddha!

      Gail may have been innocent about knowing

      the original source (Buddha) of this one quote,

      but she wasn't innocent with regards to

      Twitchell's other plagiarisms and religious

      scam. Paul states in "Difficulties Of Becoming

      the LEM" that Gail encouraged him to share

      his religious philosophy and compiled notes

      with others and to see if it takes off. It did...


      It was that West Coast New Age thinking

      that got it (Eckankar, etc.) all started... sort

      of how other groups/cults got their start.

      But, it's run its course... there's nothing new

      (not that it was "new" in the first place) since

      these Eastern teachings with "living masters"

      (Radhasoami/Ruhani) were merely altered

      to fi
      t-in with the Western mindset, and with

      Twitchell's exaggerations of truth by 'twisting

      facts.' It's obvious that Klemp has nothing

      of substance to offer, unless, it's the redundancy

      of the past. But, one doesn't need a "living"

      master to read or to experience this. Just

      imagine and create your own reality as Soul!


      prometheus wrote:

      Hello All,


      and found a lot of information. The following

      is one source that showed up on this search:

      Excerpted from a letter by Dr. Louis Bluth,

      former President of Eckankar, one-time

      follower of Sawan Singh, and Paul Twitchell's

      personal doctor when the Eck leader died

      in 1971:

      Date: June 19, 1980

      My wife and I opened the first Eck class

      in Sun City, Cal. I personally treated Paul

      [Twitchell] many times and was the main

      speaker in Cincinnati when he passed away.

      Paul was a sincere student in the beginning

      and I considered him honest.

      Problems between him and his wife Gail led

      him to believe she was going to leave him

      and he desperately wanted to keep her.

      So when she demanded more money and

      better living, he started to write things and

      copy from other books. He [Paul Twitchell]

      borrowed my books on Radha Soami and

      copied a large shar
      e from them.

      I helped him write the Herb book and went

      to Riverside University and took Sanskrit,

      so basically much of the material is good

      because it is copied.

      I confronted him [Paul Twitchell] with what

      he had done and his answer was "since the

      author the book said it better than I could

      I copied it." The trouble is that he never gave

      anyone credit as to where he got it.

      As far as Darwin {Gross} is concerned,

      my opinion is that he is a fake as a Master.

      I don't think that a Master would divorce

      his wife and seek many other female companions.

      Signed: Louis Bluth, M.D.
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