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Twitch's "Official" Name

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  • Sharon
    Hi All - I m shutting down for the day here, and just noticed a post I made here earlier today hasn t shown up, so I m reposting from memory, excuse it if the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2009
      Hi All -

      I'm shutting down for the day here, and just noticed a post I made here earlier today hasn't shown up, so I'm reposting from memory, excuse it if the original post shows up. Sometimes Yahoo seems to lose them for awhile, and sometimes, in my "daily digest" and perhaps here at the website too, posts will show up twice. Oh, well....

      Anyway, for those who are looking up info on Twitch's birth & deaths, I came across this in TMOASM at

      "It also lists his first name as "Jacob" (apparently after his father) and not "John". [The 1912 delayed birth record also lists Twitchell's first name as "Jacob" not "John."] The reliability of this document, though, is questionable. Even family documents can be filled with errors, since they often rely on memory. Regardless, it should be seriously entertained as an important piece of biographical information, as Camille Ballowe--Paul's first wife--indicated that her first husband was born "around 1910."

      I was wondering, has anyone looked in old census records? Anyway, birth records weren't as accurate back then, and many people were born at home. For example, my father was born at home on the farm out in the middle of nowhere, an uncle registered his birth but not immediately, and it wasn't until years later when my father went to join the service that he needed his birth certificate, and everyone found out that the uncle didn't like the name his parents had chosen for him so he put a different name on the birth certificate! And social security numbers were handled differently than they are now, too, and I've known elderly people who never had a social security number until they went to apply for ss or other benefits, because they'd either not worked or always worked for cash.

      Gotta go, have a good night, all!


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