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Re: Are Eckists Really Happy?

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  • mishmisha9
    Hello, Liz! I do enjoy your sense of humor--and glad you enjoy the cartoons with your little one! It s been a long time since I ve watched any, unless you can
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 7, 2005
      Hello, Liz!

      I do enjoy your sense of humor--and glad you enjoy the cartoons with
      your little one! It's been a long time since I've watched any,
      unless you can count South Park in that category! : ) I can't
      imagine the abuse you suffered at your mother's hands--very cruel
      and frightening experiences for you. I can understand that she has
      been an obviously very sick person for a long time. Thankfully, you
      survived all of this and are a very strong individual as a result of
      being that survivor! I have also read your response to Truthdecider.
      It seems that you recognized your intuitive sense and allowed it to
      be your guide--an important survivor tool!


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, ewickings@a...
      > In a message dated 9/4/2005 12:11:22 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
      > mishmisha9@y... writes:
      > > I was in a discussion group one time when a guy
      > said he knew that he had been a murderer and rapist in one of his
      > past lifes and he knew that was why he was having some very hard
      > times in this one.
      > **** Sucks to be him!
      > > Well, since I was sitting next to him, when he
      > announced this revelation, I couldn't get away from him fast
      > **** LOL and so the drama continues with all these people
      claiming to
      > have had the most difficult or sick past lives. Seems more
      interesting don't
      > you think, than saying gee I was just some poor goat herder with
      16 kids to
      > feed. Makes him look silly actually, cuz why on Earth would the
      mahanta of the
      > universe pick him to be an eckie when he has done such terrible
      things to
      > others in a past life? How did he earn the right to be a chosen
      > >LOL! But actually how can you develop a good self image if you
      > carrying around all this "past" guilt of things you believe you
      > in another lifetime? How important is it to allow this sort
      > of "punishment?"
      > **** It makes for an interesting story to someone? Or how about
      this guy
      > has carried over some of his illness to this life?
      > >Truthdecider, you have shared your terrible childhood
      experiences in
      > your posts. Do you feel that you had created this sort of karma
      > a past life?
      > **** I understand this question was directed at Truthdecider,
      but thought
      > I'd throw in my two cents worth. I came from an abusive family
      as well.
      > Actually just my mother.... Before becoming an eckist (and it
      continued on in
      > various forms until 2 years ago when I left eckankrap!) was
      physically abused
      > to the point of nearly being smothered to death too many times to
      recall, etc.
      > After becoming an eckist, my mother used the past life thing as
      her crutch
      > and excuse. We were supposed to *understand* better why she was
      having such
      > trouble living life this time around. I was the oldest of four.
      Was the
      > second and only parent that cared for the younger kids. While
      mom was out
      > getting wasted, and claiming it was working off karma, Smoking,
      and her fake
      > attempts at suicide was an attempt at controlling a life she had
      no control over.
      > But hey she got our attention plenty of times.
      > Did I ever buy into the past life excuse? Hell no! I knew she
      was F*****
      > in the head way before eckankrap gave her a way out of her
      abusive behavior.
      > To this day she acts and feels she is superior over all that are
      > special and chosen by the mythical mahanta. She is smug and
      better than even her
      > own children and grandchildren. We are low life kal vehicles and
      she has to
      > protect and never question the mahanta. I hope her 4th husband
      has a
      > million dollar life policy on her, and is just pretending to be a
      cult puppy!
      > >I don't really look at HuChat much and I am not Frank! : )
      > **** LOL well I have my ideas, but didn't think it was you Mish
      > > I did take a glimpse the other day, it seems that one attitude
      when life
      > is going very well for eckists is that "wow, I am so getting it
      > a 'co-worker'and this is my 'reward.'" It is a seemingly arrogant
      > and smug attitude--I especially, felt this when I read about one
      > person cruising along on a pretty, sunny day with a full tank of
      > gasoline and not a care--to be so blessed when obviously so many
      > going through personal hells in those hurricane devastated areas.
      > **** And unfortunately this women is a school teacher in the
      public system
      > in MN!!!!! Let's hope her attitude or cult brainwashed smug ness
      > effect her students! When you hear of eckies going through the
      same normal life
      > like loosing a son to cancer, or one of their *friends* in eck is
      now living
      > on the street because harji failed him..... hey where is the
      > compassion anyway? It's all just cheap talk, and eck luvvvvvv
      but no real
      > compassion!
      > Anyway, too much eckankrap for one day..... off to try to enjoy
      the day.
      > Holiday over, and back to watching cartoons with the wee one
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