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New Sufi Links Added - Compare This to Klemp's Message!

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, FYI - I ve put these (9) Sufi links up on ESA s LINKS page. They re located near the bottom of the page. BTW - Why can t a self-proclaimed
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      Hello All,
      FYI - I've put these (9) Sufi links up on ESA's LINKS
      page. They're located near the bottom of the page.

      BTW - Why can't a self-proclaimed "intellectual"
      like Harold Klemp, the Mahanta, express his
      God-Knowledge in the same way as Inayat Khan?
      Compare the comments of Inayat Khan to Klemp's
      "timeless" Autobiography of a Modern Prophet!

      Klemp has implied that Twitchell's written works
      were for another generation and, thus, of a lower
      world consciousness. HK's message, he claims,
      is current (living) and thus more valid, relevant,
      and "spiritual."

      HK's message, he claims, is of a "higher consciousness."
      However, Inayat Khan brought his message to
      the West in 1910 and died in 1927. Whereas,
      Twitchell, brought his plagiarized message,
      ECKankar, to the public in 1965. But, Klemp
      still uses PT's plagiarized Shariyats as ECKankar's
      Holy Books! Isn't this a contradiction, or is it
      just another Catch-22?

      However, all ECKists should read the words and
      message of Inayat Khan and make the comparison
      to Klemp's "Modern Prophet" message. There is
      no real comparison! And, this is why Klemp hides
      himself away. He cannot function around others.
      He would give himself and his con away if he had
      more contact with others. He's no master... he's
      a paranoid and mean-spirited recluse!

      Thus, the actual "living" and "current" teachings
      of ECKankar are contained within dated material
      that contains a dumbed-down one-dimensional
      message. There is no spiritual meat. ECKankar
      has not evolved under Klemp! Again, read this
      Sufi info for yourself.

      On another note: This reference to Sufism takes
      me back to my days in the San Diego area, long
      ago, when I used to go to the local Unity Church
      to do Sufi dancing. It was fun!


      http://www.sufimess age.com/the- way-of-illuminat ion/index. html
      (This is the main body that the below come from)

      http://www.sufimess age.com/the- way-of-illuminat ion/the-masters. html

      http://www.sufimess age.com/the- inner-life/ angel-man. html

      http://www.sufimess age.com/the- inner-life/ five-different- kinds-of-

      http://www.sufimess age.com/soul- whence-whither/ toward-manifesta tion.html

      http://www.sufimess age.com/mental- purification/ Dreams%20and% 20Revelations.

      http://wahiduddin. net/mv2/II/ II_8.htm

      http://wahiduddin. net/mv2/IX/ IX_12.htm

      http://wahiduddin. net/mv2/XIV/ XIV_14.htm
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