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Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] since my last post

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  • Jason Mc Dermott
    Hello Has F.Johnson really gone back to Eckankar? thats news to me how do you know this? Jay ________________________________ From: livingthecreative
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      Has F.Johnson really gone back to Eckankar? thats news to me how do you know this?


      From: livingthecreative <livingthecreative@...>
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      Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] since my last post


      I have sent a long post with indented paragraphs to prometheus who I have now realized that this nameless one is leader of the pack. I ask that piece be presented whole and in context or my dear friend I will consider it plagarizm LOL or in two parts.

      I have looked at the files and saw the author of the Rosetta Stone's comments. Unfortunately, there are two things that I would say to them. He says that Ford would have been hard pressed (in his own words) to wirte what he did and seem loving. I don't believe that. I am a writer (and I am writing this quickly before leaving for a meeting....of writers). I think the way is seeing the whole picture. Eckankar has and does do a lot of good for many people. Formerly, I had been a Buddhist.... doesn't matter what group, but there were a lot of scandals in that group as well. It was a long time ago. The group has simmered down and they are no longer the fanatics they were in the 60s. My first husband just died reently. He stayed in that teaching through thick and thin and it became very thin at the end, since he died with two legs removed from diabetes. I was very lucky to be his friend the last months before he died and there was much syncronicity about that. The point is that he saw the beauty in the practice and in everyone, even his ex who deserted him, when her own problems made it too much for her to support him. He went from a top sales person to where he landed before death. The thing is that his soul was at peace, and I asked him how he kept his faith through all of what he went through. He said to me that perhaps it was his sticking to the practice that got him through what he had to go through. We had been maried just six months on the rebound and friends for years before that. We helped each other through a tough time and then we split up. Love is what flows through time and space and flowed through all our conversations as if thirty years had not gone by on the bumpy road of life. There are people very happy in that practice and men others who left disgruntled.

      You can not be black and white about Eckankar either. There are those doing well int he practice, even if the integrity of the leaders is not spotless. It is not all bad either and that need to make it all bad is a fly in one's own soup and everything that is wrong with politics, psychology and everything in this modern world.

      I was in a situation recently, where because of some misunderstanding (email no less), people wanted to make a friend of mine into a monster. I could not believe it. You would think that she were satan incarnate, and her every intention had been to create harmony in the situation.

      People look at a frame of a whole life that they want to freeze frame and say that is it. I don't want to get into politics and I pick on this only to raise a point. Does anyone ask what Obama meant by the word stupid and why he is having to swallow his pride over it. The word stupid is used a certain way in present society and it is different from how it was used thirty years ago. Just like icy does not have the same meaning. And does anyone ask him what he means by it, and that is the problem and where we are uncivilized and unloving and expecting from leaders what we can not e ourselves.

      Ford Johnson's site is now defunct. It is said that he went back to Eckankar, but agreed to leave the site there. He fought with Graham and his book in my opinion is not that great. Furthermore, who is he to berate what he has not experienced himself. I know people who see the master's and say the eck or the inner made them do something and are totally out to lunch......I was married to one who was a it turned out and is an HI, but I know people who do have experiences with the Masters who are beautiful souls and maybe with Eckankar they would have had those experiences anyway, but that was their path for whatever reason.

      I myself did have the experience of going to the soul plane and fortunately read about it after the fact when I was a new Eckist. I did see Sri Harold standing beside me afterwards. Years before none of the gurus I had asked to be with came. Somehow that happened, but it did not happen again, and later when I asked for him to be there, it did not happen.

      I know some who get nothing from Harold's stories to this day and other get so much. My first years I got much. There was an amazing syncronicity between the thread of the stories the underlying thread and my own life and at times it was right in sync with my very thoughts. It was not so in the end. I know that Eckankar makes many mistakes. I have told people things and they don't listen. I have been made to feel like an outcast. I went through a lot in Eckankar that was painful, but I know the rest as well. I choose not to be a part of it, but I have, though I feel sadness, decided to leave the organization years ago now.

      I found Prometheus that what you said about my feeling sad lacked heart. If you can not feel sad for hukanity and how much trouble we are in, what is happening inside you. Can you really say you or past it all and no longer angry about it. No matter what, your life brought you into the situation and not anyone else. Leader after leader has gone array in societ, in psychology, in religion and in business. It is the problem of our age. And that this society is not very civilized with all we profess to know, still use scare tactics, choose to take things out of context, throw daggers rather than question and understand, can not love when things go wrong etc etc is sad, because this earth plane may perish from the very vibration of all these people who believe that it will happen and are stiffling the creative flow that could come through. I hope you get what I am trying to say. I am not in defense of Eckankar. I am in defense of something else. I truely hope you hear what I am saying.

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    • prometheus_973
      Hello Jay, No, Ford hasn t returned! This is Klemp s good rumor mill at work. I personally know that Ford Johnson Has Not returned to ECKankar. However, (from
      Message 2 of 2 , Aug 2 9:38 AM
        Hello Jay,
        No, Ford hasn't returned! This is Klemp's
        good rumor mill at work. I personally
        know that Ford Johnson Has Not returned
        to ECKankar.

        However, (from what I've heard privately)
        Patti Simpson Rivinus Did Return to
        ECKankar (as an 7th Initiate)!

        I'm just not sure "when" she did return,
        but it's been a few years at least... maybe
        more! It's speculation that she might be
        even be on the EK payroll, but we'll never
        know for sure since ECKankar does not
        have to divulge its finances to the public,
        or to, even, the EKankar membership.

        Thus, HK will not voluntarily keep chelas
        and H.I.s informed on how donation
        monies are spent. Not all Board members
        know either. Only the CFO, Peter, Joan,
        and Harry know where all the money goes!
        Only the Building Fund and Missionary
        Fund donation monies are loosely and
        "unofficially" reported (there's no break-
        down given) to the membership. The rest
        of the monies such as payroll, property,
        stocks and bonds, retirement accounts,
        health care, and other expenditures and
        assets are not reported.


        Jay wrote:


        Has F. Johnson really gone back to Eckankar?
        thats news to me how do you know this?

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