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Truthdecider: LONG Are Eckists Really Happy?

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    In a message dated 9/6/2005 1:43:54 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, ... *** Hey Truthdecider! Can I call you Frank? ;-) Just kidding.... You Wrote: I wasn t
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7, 2005
      In a message dated 9/6/2005 1:43:54 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, truthdecider@... writes:
      >Hey Liz!
      ***  Hey Truthdecider!  Can I call you Frank?   ;-)  Just kidding....
      You Wrote: I wasn't quite sure what you were trying to say here.

      Mish Wrote:

      > > I was in a discussion group one time when a guy
      > said he  knew that he had been a murderer and rapist in one of his
      > past lifes and  he knew that was why he was having some very hard
      > times in this  one.
      I Wrote:
      > Sucks to be him! 
      **** Basically what I am saying is, we create our own reality. "If I put it in my mind it will happen" !  Who knows where *thought* comes from?  In this case a past life, a future life, or crap that we take into our brains through various means.....  T.V. , books, movies, other people's drama etc.    My question is, what is living beneath denial?  Is it easier to pass current problems off on a past life?   I believe even Harold later on in years wanted members to stop putting so much attention on past lives, and deal with this one!

      Mish Wrote: 
      > >  Well, since I was sitting next to him, when he
      > announced this revelation,  I couldn't get away from him fast
      I Wrote:
      > LOL   and so the drama continues with all these people 
      claiming to have had the most difficult or sick past lives.  Seems more 
      interesting don't you think, than saying gee I was just some poor goat herder  with
      16 kids to feed. 
      ****  And so the drama continues....  How are *we* effecting reality?  We can be addicted to alcohol, drugs, and also to emotions and past lives.   What is your reality?  Do you keep going back to the same ol rules?   When I finally started seeing that Harold was creating my reality, and that he doesn't have a trade mark on God, (or Twitch who started eckankrap).  I started digging deeper, asked more questions.  Harold or someone / something runs our lives?  It sure makes living life easier to have someone else control it for us....  I no longer excepted that the mahanta was / is taking care of the whole universe, let alone me! 
      I Wrote:
      >Makes him look silly actually, cuz why on  Earth would the
      mahanta of the universe pick him to be an eckie when he has done such terrible
      things to others in a past life?   How did he earn the right to be a chosen
      ****  Well my humor is not always funny to some!   When I judge this *thought* I find it funny!   Wouldn't Harold want the elite of the elite to be his chosen ones?  To me it doesn't matter what past lives we had.   And it doesn't to Harold I guess?
      Mish Wrote: 
      > >LOL! But actually how can you develop a good self image if you
      are  carrying around all this "past" guilt of things you believe you
      did in another lifetime? How important is it to allow this sort 
      of "punishment?"

      I Wrote: 
      > It makes for an interesting story to someone?  Or how about 
      this guy has carried over some of his illness to this  life?
      ***  Mish asked the BIG question.   And here again although it probably isn't funny to most, her question is so obvious it was funny to me.   Some people enjoy punishing themselves everyday they wake up in the morning.  Instead of waking up to *who we think we are* each day, why not really decide to create our day differently from the same old *problems* we wake up to?  Many find it hard to let go of their drama of life because we are addicted to emotions.    A lot of us are addicted to negative thoughts and problems.  I decided when I walked away from eckankrap, that I was going to throw everything out that I learned over the 30 years I was a member.   That can be a difficult task!   Ask any of us....  I decided I also had to remove those things and people in my life that were holding me back.  It doesn't mean I won't re address those issues such as my mother.... 
      Getting off on my train of thought for a second;  several months ago I said out of the blue to my husband, "I think my mother is sick again".  She has an illness that requires kemo and other drugs to *put or keep* her in remission.  I KNEW she was very sick again.  I also knew she was very close to death.  This past Monday morning my husband and I were chatting about my mother again, and I said, "you know no one will bother to tell me when she passes, but I will *just know* it when it happens".  And sadly (honest!) it hurts that she won't at least open her heart enough to let a tiny piece of HER into my life without the cult bull shit!  What a missed opportunity!   Yet the old rules from eckankrap keeps me from contacting her because she demanded I not contact her.... so we honor that law of non interference. 
      Yesterday I e-mailed the only eckist family member that will still have anything to do with me, just to say hey.  She told me mom has been very ill again for several months.  She thought I should know!    :-D   I did!   And I don't have the eck to guide me or my awareness.  So how did I know? 
      Here are a couple more examples: 
      I needed my husband to make copies of our insurance cards last Monday, but I forgot to remind him.  So the next day,  out of the blue the thought crossed my mind that I need him to make copies.  I called him at work and reminded him....  would you believe he was standing at the xerox machine at that very moment when I called!  LOL
      Yesterday my daughter and I had eye appointments, when we left I had an hour to run a couple errands.  I had the thought that the appointments will be canceled but they weren't going to be able to let me know because I turned off our land line.     I arrived 10 mins early to find out the doctor had gone home an hour before because he became sick, and they couldn't reach me because our phone was no longer in service.
      Is there a collective consciousness?  Where did this knowledge come from?  How am I effecting MY reality?   The examples I gave comes from somewhere right?  I don't have to really pay attention, yet these things still happen......   So I came to realize two years ago, we are happening to reality!  We have a hand in this life.
      I can laugh at life, and the eck conditionings now....  (and I'm not coming across too funny at times).  BUT I can laugh at myself!   This past holiday weekend my husband and I purchased a huge mirror to hang over the fire place we are creating.....  I can either look at myself and see this 45 year old women that is looking out of shape these days,  or I can look at myself and love me.
      What are we taking into our reality each and every moment?  What is your reality?   Sit with a group, say family as an example.  One of them might be feeling sick, and watch how quickly someone else pipes up and makes it their reality too. 
      Anyway what ever my thoughts were a moment ago I forgot!  ;-)  Just for fun I think I will throw out that I intend on watching the new show on NBC this fall called "My name is Earl"   A funny story about a guy and his understanding of karma, and I also want to rent the movie, "I love Huckabees",  fits right in with my idea of funny.  Plus I have heard so much about the movie "What The Bleep Do We KNow"  that I keep saying I'm going to watch it.  I have online friends that claim it fits right in with where I am in my reality these days.  
      Thanks for asking what my reality is Truthdecider  :-D
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