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Re: Klemp Confuses ECKists - Keeps Them Second Guessing & Off-Balance

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello and Welcome, Thanks for the post and the perspective. I ve made a few comments in response. paulji_teen tigeroverflow wrote: in reply to
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 17 9:35 PM
      Hello and Welcome,
      Thanks for the post and the perspective.
      I've made a few comments in response.

      "paulji_teen" tigeroverflow wrote:

      in reply to prometheus_973, I agree sometimes that
      the intent is possibly to confuse, and other times it
      is just left 'vague'. Harold's so-called 'spiritual name'
      btw is "Wa-Zee", or "Z", but even I laughed at the
      "wah-zoo" word.

      *ME: I do think that Eckists are expected to use their
      imaginations to fill-in the blanks, due to lack of facts
      and details, and this is what causes the "second-guessing"
      of the Mahanta. Sometimes it works out okay and sometimes
      it doesn't and when it doesn't Klemp has to write a nasty
      article in the H.I. Letter in order to shake things up and
      to make his point. BTW- That's actually WAH-Z or Z, and
      isn't it interesting that Darwin suggested the "WAH" part.
      ["Soul Travelers of the Far Country" CH. 7]

      The duality and confusion, I think, comes from on
      one hand telling people 'don't worship the personality' -
      focus on the Eck - then on the other hand, making
      endless comments about focus should be on the Mahanta.
      But then again the Mahanta is the "inner" master not
      the outer one...

      *ME: Yes, I agree. And, in some respects the Mahanta
      is the LEM just as the LEM is the Mahanta, but now HK
      is also claiming to be the ECK on both the outer and
      inner. Except, in the lower worlds the ECK is the KAL...

      Other places I have seen, although not recently, comments
      about not -over-thinking the outer works of Eckankar -
      trust with your Soul and heart, etc., and downplaying
      advanced education. In the earlier days of Harold, in
      some circles by HIs it was commented on that his style
      was to help reach the spiritual seekers who were attracted
      more to his style than Paul's or Darwin's - and implied
      "less educated", possibly even lower intelligence level????
      other comments were made that those initiated under
      Paul would stay with Paul, those under Darwin, with Darwin,
      etc. I always have found this strange when the want us old-
      time Eckists out doing vahana work and we are supposed
      to be able to promote Harold.

      *ME: Yes, even the most ignorant can mouth words
      like "it's all about love" as they blindly beat their drums.
      In the beginning the Master that one was initiated under
      was your Master always! Both Gross and Klemp changed
      this, but mostly Klemp. If Darwin was kicked out of the
      Vairagi Order (according to Klemp's word only) then he
      couldn't have chelas. Klemp took on Darwin's chelas
      supposedly... or so the lie goes. Yes, I can see where
      Klemp wanted older more brain-washed H.I.s to give
      their loyalty to him while attracting even less educated
      new chelas to his charismatic personality. I'm being
      sarcastic of course! Paul and Darwin had charisma
      and Klemp... well, he's more of a back-stabbing
      weasel in the EK henhouse.
      Can anyone crack some light on 'how the heck did
      Harold get picked any way to lead Eckankar?' While
      I have my suspicions, I don't really know. At the time,
      my instincts thought the next Eckankar leader / master
      would be Peter Skelsky.

      *ME: HK flew under the radar at the ESC and
      was on the EK Literary Council, wrote brochures,
      a book, etc. HK looked meek and controllable, thus,
      he would be the book writing front man as the LEM.
      Darwin had no idea that HK had been locked up in
      a Mental Institution and learned "how to play the game"
      (of deceit) in order to be released early. Darwin didn't
      like to write books... he liked to have fun! Thus, Harry
      became the perfect choice!

      Thanks for your comments, Prometheus!

      *ME: Thank You!

      <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > Hello All,
      > I was looking at some of HK's comments
      > and see that he is, not only, interchanging
      > definitions, but is also claiming to be the
      > Holy Spirit, the ECK, while having the titles
      > of LEM/Mahanta!
      > -April 2008, Letter of Light, Questions for the Master-
      > HK: "You will thus be developing good leaders
      > to help you tell others about the beautiful teachings
      > of ECK."
      > ME: Now, is Klemp referring to the teachings
      > of "ECK" (the Holy Spirit), or to the teachings
      > of ECKankar (a lower plane religion)?
      > And then in another response HK states:
      > "So give room for the ECK, the Mahanta, to
      > determine whether your goal is in keeping
      > with the divine laws."
      > ME: See how he just slid this statement under
      > (almost) everyone's radar! Klemp is claiming
      > to be the Holy Spirit (the ECK)! Thus, ECKists
      > have NO other choice but to look to Klemp
      > and him alone! The brain-washing is almost
      > complete as Klemp has not only become GOD,
      > but also the HOLY SPIRIT (the ECK)!
      > Also, Klemp is telling ECKists to look to him
      > for INNER GUIDANCE since he is BOTH the
      > ECK and the Mahanta. He will give answers
      > and guidance "to determine whether your
      > goal is in keeping with the divine laws."
      > Catch-22: Answers really need to be in writing,
      > as in this EK publication, and thereby approved
      > or else it might not have come from the Master
      > (i.e. the ECK, Mahanta, Inner Master, Vi-Guru,
      > Hairy, Wah-Zoo, etc.)
      > Prometheus
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