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Re: More About HK Going "Postal" - 9/2003 H.I. Letter

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Sharon and All, Here s a snip from that infamous Sept. 2003 H.I. Letter (listed in the FILES section): ***The H.I. Letter - September 2003 [front page
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 14 12:16 PM
      Hello Sharon and All,
      Here's a snip from that infamous Sept. 2003 H.I. Letter
      (listed in the FILES section):

      ***The H.I. Letter - September 2003 [front page article]***

      "Joan went to the post office to conduct some business. The THREE
      regular postal clerks were on vacation, and THREE fill-ins were in
      place. Joan asked one clerk, a SURLY man who'd served her some
      weeks earlier as a fill-in, to please check if she had a package.
      He THREW BACK a DARK LOOK. `I'll need to see some identification.'
      Joan returned a puzzled look. Show an ID for a package that might
      not be there?"

      ME: Is Klemp clueless, stupid, aloof, or out-of-touch
      with reality that he thinks people (or just Joan) shouldn't
      have to "Show an ID for a package that might not be there?"

      This comment, alone, shows that Klemp is NOT a Master!

      A truly enlightened Soul (Master) would Not have made this
      illogical comment let alone these other negative and emotional
      ones. Would Jesus, Gandhi, or Buddha have responded like
      Klemp? No! Of course not! Yet, on page 385 of HK's "Autobiography
      of a Modern Prophet" he claims that these people created and
      followed (Gandhi, Hinduism) 2nd and 4th Plane religions.
      And Klemp claims to be a 14th Plane Mahanta (Master of Masters)!

      Then, we have Klemp failing to see the significance of there
      being THREE fill-in clerks on that day of Joan's visit! This
      "Principle of the Threes" is used by Klemp when responding
      to Questions and when using Sources when writing his articles.
      Yet, his emotional outburst tunes this out and upsets his balance!
      But, for some unknown reason, HK's H.I.s have become blinded
      to the Truth! Amazing!

      Next, we have the irony of Klemp's Negative and Emotional
      (Astral) attack of this Soul based upon the "real" Golden-Tongued
      Wisdom that Klemp fails to see.

      This post office (package & ID) experience was a "private" and
      "personal" Spiritual Wake-Up Call (test) for Joan. Harry became
      involved and they both deluded themselves to think they're
      "above" tests and karma via to believing in their own hype.
      Instead, Klemp makes it into a lesson for "other" chelas.
      However, for those "others" who can still SEE with spiritual
      eyes ECK (SPIRIT) is giving them the opportunity, insight,
      and common sense (Grace?) to see through Klemp's fraud
      with his own words!


      Sharon <brighttigress@...> wrote:
      > The postal clerk story was posted awhile back at
      EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous by Prometheus - I just
      did a search but couldn't find the original post, it's
      from the

      > 09/2003 HI newsletter, Joan got all bent out of shape
      about being asked for ID at the PO and Klemp made some
      nasty comments about it.   It was a pretty good post!  
      I'm sure Prometheus would be able to find it again - in fact,
      I'll try cc'ing a copy of this over to ESA & hope it works -
      I'm in a rush right now & almost on my way out the door!

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