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Why People Leave eckANKAR-

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  • prometheus_973
    Well said Ma-li and Avonblue! I brought this back for another look. Yes, for years I, too, tried to believe completely in the powers of the LEM & Mahanta in
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 5, 2009
      Well said Ma-li and Avonblue!
      I brought this back for another look.
      Yes, for years I, too, tried to believe
      completely in the powers of the LEM
      & Mahanta in order to have the same
      (or similar) inner experiences as PT and
      even Phil Morimitsu wrote about. If I had
      been more prone to suggestion (mass
      or self-hypnosis) and more needy then
      perhaps I could have deluded myself
      better and been more successful.

      However, I did attempt to buy into it
      via volunteer positions, doing intros,
      teaching Satsang classes, trainings, etc.
      and that did help to get me promoted
      (and climb the initiation ladder) over
      time. I had erroneously assumed that
      the EK Higher Initiations people obtained
      equated to having Higher "Levels" of
      Consciousness. But, it became obvious
      that this wasn't true due to some of the
      very nasty and ego/power driven (higher)
      H.I.s that I had to deal with. And, this
      was not just with those fellow H.I.s from
      my "local" Satsang.

      When at major EK seminars I had volunteered
      to work with other H.I.s and met many
      more socially. I found it hard to believe
      that these idiots were longer time and
      higher H.I.s than I was! They had flown
      under the LEM's/Mahanta's radar somehow!
      How could this happen? Why would this happen?

      The "How" and "Why" became more obvious
      the more that I analyzed (thought about) what
      Klemp was actually saying... which wasn't much,
      let alone new.

      That 09/2003 H.I. Letter (checK the FILES
      section, members only) involving Joan's
      "test" with that THIRD Temporary Postal Clerk
      was a perfect example showing Klemp's true
      (nasty) nature. No true Mahanta/God-man
      would have made such mean spirited remarks
      even if it was true... which it wasn't!

      Basically, eckANKAR is like all religions and,
      especially, Ruhani Satsang and Radhasoami.
      Except, EKists have been desensitized with
      Klemp's double-talk and their own fear of Truth.
      What do they have to replace their religion with...
      another religion? Why do people NEED religion...
      fear, guilt, shame?

      But, Why does SOUL need a religion?
      Why, especially when the LEM just repeats
      PT's Shariyat words and stolen (borrowed)
      concepts, or when HK quotes famous people
      of the past? One can read this on one's on!


      Hi avonblue1212,

      Welcome to the group of survivors who also
      "saw the Light", and made the choice of leaving
      Eckankar. Some of us, also were sheep following
      the shepherd for 30+ years. For myself, it wasn't
      an easy decision, and I pondered on it for 5 years
      before I took the final step to freedom. There was
      a space of time where I wondered "what now" and
      "where do I go from here?". Spirit has a way of guiding
      us that has nothing to do with a Master, and we just
      have to follow It's lead. You also will find what's right
      for you, and it might be what you least expect, or
      it might be something that has always been a part
      of your life.

      There is a book called "Creator's Code" by Ed McGaa,
      Eagle Man that you might enjoy reading. I'd like to
      use this quote from his book, that pretty well sums
      up how I feel about religions, Masters and the like.

      "God gave me a mind. It also has taught me thru
      It's Nature how truly precious the meaning of the
      word "Freedom" is. ..."Let's conclude that I have
      chosen to sacralize Nature. I would consider it
      a denial to my Ultimate Creator were I to let an
      ulterior-motivated human prioritize his precepts
      over me, contrary to what I can learn directly from
      God's Nature".

      Walk in beauty. Walk in peace. Walk in freedom.


      Avonblue wrote:

      After close to thirty years in this organization
      (read: cult) and all the ordained titles, I finally
      saw the real light and resigned from eckankar
      (I'm sorry I can't even grace the word with a capital
      `E'). To go into the whys would take pages but suffice
      it to say it almost took a board over the head to finally
      break from this cult. I do feel this so-called path;
      no I mean religion; wait isn't it actually the path
      of total awareness; no, I mean the ancient science
      of soul travel, oops, I meant the religion of light
      and sound, you get the idea, I do feel this whatever
      they call it, is a cult; very subtle; but a cult just the same.

      A few examples: contemplate on the master;
      his picture is everywhere! (books, discourses,
      official pictures; now rising from the clouds even)
      Stare at anyone's picture long enough and you'll
      meet them in the dream state to be sure. True
      contemplation of the eck works; sure, keep rereading
      the shariyat tell how you'll burn forever in astral
      hell if you leave the path or talk negatively about
      it. Spread the `message' how else to pass along
      a cult - leave posters (they even have a poster team
      and coordinator for crying out loud! Hang up hu cards.
      The underlying credo of this path is we are better
      than anyone else. If only the best musicians, artists,
      scientists, politicians were eckists than THAT would
      be something. But alas, as they are, they only function
      off some lower plane, so don't pay them much attention.
      Talk about an EGO!!!

      I'd felt for some time an inner nudge to look deeper
      into my own truth but had resisted, believing I'd found
      all I could ever need to reach God in eckankar. But
      alas, spirit spoke over the din; it eventually leads to truth.
      I sat in intros listening to real people with a heartfelt
      need and desire to find God, talking of amazing dreams
      and experiences, only to see their eyes glaze over when
      they were fed the `required' dogma of a `rehearsed
      dog and pony show'. Like, let's stop now at the most
      in appropriate time and do a hu chant, or lets introduce
      the LEM now; as he's the answer to everything. Or,
      if you want to attend a worship service. These people
      left and never came back.

      No matter how much I've tried to accept otherwise
      I can no longer, without complete disownment of
      all common sense and rationalism, not to mention
      self-respect, believe this path is valid. Books, websites,
      blogs, former members and common sense individuals
      keep pointing fingers at this organization, asking,
      sometimes demanding, answers. Other teachings
      have emerged declaring a similar lineage as eckankar
      (see dhuanmi). (hey, one of these Living masters has
      to be lying, right, they both claim the same lineage
      except the dhunami masters bit on the ugly stick
      somewhere along the line). This teaching is slowly
      dying on the vine. There's absolutely no credibility

      The depth of the deceit, falsehoods, singular ownership
      of universal concepts, and word play in the outer and
      inner organization is unfathomable. Again, when
      a teaching (and its rationalizations) defies common
      sense; truth is simply missing, not hidden in the morass.
      It feels criminal to me. And, of course I shouldn't get
      angry because that would be letting in one of the five
      passions. I guess it's better to sit like a lifeless zombie
      and just surrender!!! I don't think so!

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