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Re: Patti Resigned and Was Not Removed!

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  • prometheus_973
    Thanks for the info Etznab. I kind of figured that Patti wasn t active in ECKankar since she was talking so highly about Ram Dass recently. And, since she
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      Thanks for the info Etznab. I kind of
      figured that Patti wasn't active in ECKankar
      since she was talking so highly about Ram
      Dass recently. And, since she hasn't kept
      her EK Membership current, this means
      that her consciousness is now around
      that of a current 2nd Initiate! Wow! From
      8th to 2nd just because of a few bucks
      ($$$)! Actually, would a real spiritual
      "path" charge money to maintain one's
      (Soul's) inner plane level of consciousness?
      Well, yes! Because all of this (religions, etc.)
      is of the physical and Not the spiritual.
      That's why they sell books and other
      materials and require "requested" donations!
      The only "free lunch" (freedom) comes
      when Soul eliminates the middleman!


      Etznab wrote:
      Something else for this thread. From The
      Truth-Seeker site.

      It doesn't have to do with the August 7th,
      1983 meeting. Not unless that was the
      time when Patti became not active. My
      guess was it refers to some time later.


      A question for Doug. Is Patti Simpson still
      an Eckist? I send all who read this my love



      I believe this is a record TO FREEMAN of
      Doug's response:

      "[....] I know that Patti does still feel very
      fond feelings toward Paul, but she is also
      not active in Eckankar. Past that, I would
      rather she answer the rest for herself. [....]"


      I'm not sure of the date when Doug gave
      a response, but I assume it was February
      2004. The 16th?

      Freeman's question is dated February 9th.


      Doug Marman doesn't appear to respond
      until days later, but I think the link where he
      did respond is currently not working.


      Although Doug posted on the 22nd, my
      guess is that he responed to Freeman on
      the 16th. That was the date on the Vanilla
      Forum link.

      There are a number of links (more than a few)
      on the new TruthSeeker site that don't work at
      the present time.

      At any rate, according to Doug (apparently)
      Patti was "not active in Eckankar" in 2004 -
      at least.

      I don't know when Patti became not active,
      or why. Neither do I know whether she was
      terminated or resigned from her position of
      Eckankar Secretary in 1983. In Ford's book
      it read, to me, like she was terminated from
      that position and replaced by Joan, Harold's
      future wife.


      Hi Etznab,

      If I could access the Truth-Seeker

      site I would show the minutes from

      the meeting where officers and trustees

      were appointed along with a long discussion

      of what to do about Darwin. Patti was

      appointed as Secretary during this very

      long meeting that went until 10:00 p.m.

      A recess was taken and the meeting was

      to resume the very next day.

      However, Patti resigned the next day after

      having the night to think or dream about

      what was being done to Darwin by Klemp

      and his new crew (EK Board). Apparently Joan

      documented the details differently, after

      Patti left, by showing that Patti was "removed"

      when, in fact, she resigned. Thus, HK's cover-

      up began early on. A "resolution" was simply

      done to officially accept Patti's resignation.

      Another motion and "vote" was made into

      a resolution to appoint joan to fill the empty

      position. Anyway, why don't you ask Marman

      to ask Patti how it went down, according to

      her, and get it straight from the horse's mouth!


      p.s. Tell Marman to have Patti email you rather

      than take his word for what she has to say.
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