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The Rebazar (EK Master) Creation/Scam

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, One thing that we know for sure is that Rebazar and the other EK Masters are merely a lie created by Twitchell s devious mind and, now, is Klemp s
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 2, 2009
      Hello All,
      One thing that we know for sure is
      that Rebazar and the other EK Masters
      are merely a lie created by Twitchell's
      devious mind and, now, is Klemp's lie!

      If there was any truth to there being
      500 year old (and older) EK Masters
      still having their same "original" physical
      body then why did Twitchell die unexpectedly
      and why has Klemp aged so rapidly?
      This is just one more lie that ECKists
      can't see because they need to believe.
      ECKists both recall and imagine selected
      tid-bits of generic New Age speak (with
      EK jargon added) to get them through
      life. But, this is how all religions work!
      That's the irony! ECKists think they're
      so "spiritually advanced" when they have
      simply narrowed their focus and their

      BTW Etznab-
      It could be that you're correct. This
      one particular lie, Rebazar Tarzs, was
      created in 1964 and just prior to PT
      making EKankar into a business org.
      in 1965. Twit did a lot of tweaking
      and back-tracking in order to work
      out the details and develop the "con"
      overtime. Twit was still changing things
      around and denying the truth up to his
      death. Thus, this is the reason why the
      earlier "bi-location" idea later became
      "soul travel" and why the word "Mahanta"
      (the Top goD) doesn't show up in print
      until the January 1, 1969 Wisdom

      I think it's funny how he conned Gail
      and Patti about his age and not wanting
      to give his true birthdate by making up
      some stupid excuses that they believed!
      They thought it was funny and giggled
      every time he lied about his age or birthdate.
      I guess the last laugh was on them after
      he died and they found out that he was
      hiding his true age and that PT was actually
      32 or 33 years older than Gail!


      Etznab wrote:
      Recently, after going over Dialogues
      With The Master and The Tiger's Fang,
      then studying my timeline, I had this
      sneaky suspicion that Rebazar Tarzs
      may not have actually been created
      until 1964. That the first manuscript
      "really" dictated by him was The Far

      What I mean by "really", is that I am
      curious whether Paul didn't "first make"
      Rebazar Tarzs the reported dictator for
      one of his books when he wrote The Far
      Country. If this were true, then it could
      mean the name Rebazar Tarzs was retro-
      actively added to the previous two manu-
      scripts from 1956 and 1957. Dialogues
      With The Master and The Tiger's Fang.

      No way can I prove it beyond a doubt
      at this time, but I am suspicious (and for
      various reasons) whether The Far Country
      was "the first" book allegedly dictated by
      Rebazar Tarzs. This is what the timeline
      appears to show.

      BTW, thanks for posting those T.S.

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