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The Wisdom Notes JUNE 2009

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  • prometheus_973
    Klemp asks, Wisdom. What is it? Next, he gives a tongue-in-cheek reply. After that, HK quotes EK Master Teddy Roosevelt. It s deduced that the impulse to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 18, 2009
      Klemp asks, "Wisdom. What is it?"
      Next, he gives a "tongue-in-cheek"
      reply. After that, HK quotes EK Master
      Teddy Roosevelt. It's deduced that "the
      impulse to do the right thing originates
      from experience." Klemp's teachings are
      so profound that only the most advanced
      H.I. really knows what's truly being said...
      between the lines.

      Next, Rev. Klemp quotes EK Master Mark
      Twain. HK selected this story because Mr.
      Twain mentions his friend Rev. Twitchell.
      Of course, this was not a person that was
      connected to Paul Twitchell, except, for
      his last name and the fact that PT, too,
      was a religious preacher of sorts.

      Klemp's main point: "What I am trying to
      remind you of here is the very precious
      nature of this very moment [Be Here Now],
      Be aware of now. It is spiritual [but not religious].
      It serves a purpose more than being a mere
      BRIDGE [to jump] from the last moment to
      the next. It is a chance to be highly aware
      of yourself as a unit of consciousness, living
      in the Sea of Life, the ECK."

      See, only Klemp has such redundantly profound
      teachings... borrowed from others in the past!

      HK goes on to say that he was his mother's
      'chicken helper,' "which meant feeding, watering,
      gathering eggs, and cleaning up after our flock
      of... hens." In other words, it's similar to what
      he's doing now in the EK Henhouse! HK, also,
      states that, "They [the chickens], however, held
      me in contempt." Klemp even states that some
      of these chickens "enjoyed a warped sense of
      humor" and had a "streak of evil."

      Strange, that Klemp visits these negative human
      traits, first, upon cows and now upon chickens!
      However, I'm thinking that Klemp was projecting
      his own negative traits [attitude] upon these animals
      and that is why they responded to him as they did.

      Klemp sums it all up with this: "Consciousness
      is simply a reflection of where we stand with the
      ECK [the Holy Spirit] right now. This moment,
      every moment, is a holy one. Do what you can
      to PROFIT from it." God knows Klemp is profiting!

      BTW- Doesn't it seem that these words and
      thoughts are those that we have all heard and/
      or read and thought of before? Maybe 30-40
      years ago, or so, when we first started our spiritual
      search? Why do EKists still think that they need
      Klemp when most have surpassed his "true"
      consciousness years ago! It's so obvious! However,
      Spiritual Freedom and Self Mastery cannot ever
      happen via pretending, and via Mahanta codependence.

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