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Another Recycled Q&A of Harry's

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  • prometheus_973
    This same Jan., 2009 Letter of Light Q&A is repeated in the June, 2009 The Mystic World! I wonder why Klemp didn t do a contrast between his earlier years
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 16, 2009
      This same Jan., 2009 Letter of Light
      Q&A is repeated in the June, 2009
      The Mystic World!

      I wonder why Klemp didn't do a "contrast"
      between his "earlier" years in ECK and the
      time he received his 10th Initiation circa
      July, 1981 [by Darwin (Dap Ren) the Inner
      Master] as the questioner wanted?

      How about a "contrast" between HK's "earlier"
      years 1967, 1968, 1969 (playing ping-pong
      and milking cows) prior to his 1970 "God-Realization
      experience" (the bridge jump, strip tease
      at an airport, and being confined to a mental
      institution), and his one month stint as a 10th

      prometheus wrote:

      Youth in ECK - Letter of Light - Jan. 2009/
      The Mystic World of ECKankar - June, 2009

      Q: 1) "Can you describe what it is like
      to be linked up to the Divine Wisdom
      Pool at the TENTH INITIATION, as is
      spoken of in The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad?

      2) Can you contrast between being within
      that state and earlier in your years in ECK
      before your experience of God Consciousness
      on The Bridge?" Kevin, age 23

      ME: It's strange that this person wants to
      know about what the "contrast" would have
      been like for Klemp prior to his "God Realization"
      and the "experience" of the 10th. No wonder
      Klemp avoided answering this!

      In regard to the Tenth Initiation: Klemp
      received the 8th in May/June, 1980; the 9th
      in June, 1981; the 10th circa July, 1981; the
      11th circa Aug. 1981; the 12 in October of
      1981. That's not much time to even really
      "know" the 9th, 10th, or the 11th! ["Soul
      Travelers of the Far Country," CH. 7]

      BTW-I would think that the 11th is more
      important than the 10th! It is mentioned
      in the Shariyat that the 11th is a special
      mile stone and is very important! Why doesn't
      HK set the record straight on this point? Did
      he forget?

      As to "the bridge" incident... HK's "God-Realization
      experience" was just a cover story to hide
      Klemp's embarrassment and long term mental
      imbalance. Klemp's desire to climb the initiation
      ladder along with his delusional thinking and
      narcissism took a negative KAL experience and
      recreated it to look like a divine ECKie experience.

      HK: "Dear Kevin, Yours is quite an important
      question. Let me don my thinking cap and
      see what comes of it."

      ME: Actually, there were TWO very different
      questions. But, for Klemp to "don his thinking
      cap" and "see what comes of it" sounds like he's
      going to come up with another imagined Mental
      Plane story. The ALL KNOWING Mahanta should
      "Know" and Not have to "don his thinking cap"
      in order to "see what comes of it!" One doesn't
      have to "think" about what sounds good, they
      just know and recall the subjective experience.

      HK: "When an individual first undertakes
      a serious study of the ECK teachings, it is
      with a view of coming into a more harmonious
      relationship with the divine will. Each initiation
      along the way results in more love flowing into
      one's heart. As divine love grows, so also does
      wisdom. They go hand in hand."

      ME: Why wasn't "Divine Will" in caps? More narcissism?
      Yes, when one "first" undertakes the EK teachings
      there is more innocence and ignorance of the fact
      that "INITIATIONS" are what really matter. And,
      this "heart" thing... that refers to the Heart Chakra.
      Why isn't "Divine Love" in caps either?

      HK: "The Tenth Initiation does, however, indicate
      a real turning point. For that level marks the place
      where true Mastership begins and the threshold
      phase of the Ninth Initiation leaves off."

      ME: How would Klemp "know" all that much about
      the 9th, let alone the 10th, or the 11th Initiations
      since they all took place from June to October in
      1981! How long does it take for someone to get
      use to the 5th? They aren't even allowed to become
      an EK Cleric, now, for two years or more after getting
      the 5th!

      HK: "After the Ninth, I MORE or LESS stopped
      inadvertently hurting people."

      ME: "Inadvertently, more or less?" What's that mean?
      It means Klemp intentionally hurt people, "after the Ninth,"
      but now he controls his anger more and, now, only hurts
      people accidently, unintentionally and "inadvertently!"

      HK: "The Tenth is where the will of the Divine reigns
      supreme. This simply means that the initiate's will
      is in complete accord with the Sugmad and the ECK."

      ME: Why is it that Sugmad resides on the Tenth Plane
      when there are Planes higher? It's because Twitch
      added these other Planes when he created the Mahanta
      title for the Jan. 1969 Wisdom Notes.

      HK: "Henceforth, all thoughts and feelings are perfectly
      inspired by God's love. Every deed, then, is the product
      of that love. It is, moreover, the expressing of pure wisdom,
      where even the HUMBLEST action accomplishes Some spiritual
      GOOD, everywhere and all the time. Your attention is certainly
      in the right direction, Kevin. I hope this answer helps."

      ME: Klemp never gives a direct answer does he! Anyone
      could have made this up. Just read the EK brochures!

      And, Klemp never did comment about "the Bridge"

      It's interesting how Klemp relates Mental Plane "thoughts"
      and Astral Plane "feelings" to the TENTH Plane (the Anami
      Lok) where Sugmad resides. "Every deed is the product of
      love" should apply to a 12th Initiate, as well, due to "as above
      so below." Thus, "every deed" of Darwin's was, also, "the
      product of love." Yet, we see how Klemp, as a 12th LEM,
      continued to "inadvertently," or intentionally, "hurt" Darwin.

      And notice how Klemp, indirectly, refers to his humility.
      How vain! Klemp wants his believers to Feel Good and to
      give them hope that they too can become TENTH Initiates.
      But, not in this lifetime! That's only a pipe dream. How can
      that ever happen? Klemp has "slowed down" initiations
      for everyone! Anyway, the bullshit got rather deep once
      again! Basically, if someone has a question for Klemp it's
      best to just grab the most current EK brochure and there's
      your answer!

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