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Klemp Recycles More "Ask the Master" Q&A

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  • prometheus_973
    The 1st Q&A in the June 2009, The Mystic World comes from the April 2008, The Letter of Light. Klemp is just too lazy and disrespectful of his followers to
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      The 1st Q&A in the June 2009, The
      Mystic World comes from the April
      2008, The Letter of Light. Klemp is
      just too lazy and disrespectful of
      his followers to dream up a current

      Why, then, do EKists need a "living"
      Master when HK just recycles old opinions/

      This is a repost of The Letter of Light,
      Questions for the Master, April 2008.

      Here's the same Question and Answer,
      for ECKists today (more than one year
      later), that appears in The Mystic World
      of ECKankar, Ask the Master, June 2009-

      April 2008 LoL/June 2009 TMW:

      Q: "Part of being a good leader is allowing
      other people the space to serve as they can,
      BUT sometimes when people shirk their
      responsibilities I tend to get upset very easily."

      ME: If the EK org. gave people enough space
      perhaps they could, also, have a choice on
      Whether or Not they wanted to "serve." Besides,
      maybe they "Changed" their minds about wanting
      to be one of Klemp's "Z"ombies, but don't know
      how to tell the person in charge, or know how to
      resign without creating hard feeling due to peer
      pressure and intimidation from people like this
      EK Youth Leader.

      Q (continued): "Then I remind myself that I must
      Not judge other people by my standards, BUT
      I also feel that self-discipline is an important part
      of our spiritual education."

      ME: No! It's part of your "spiritual education!"
      Don't be concerned about wanting to "Change"
      other people because they will "change" via
      your positive (or negative) influence, or on their
      own, or not at all... or maybe just in small ways!
      This ECKist is the one who needs self-discipline
      from judging others and from being an anal
      retentive perfectionist.

      Q (continued): "People should do what they
      have agreed to do."

      ME: Not always! If I agreed to support your political
      candidate and then, later, found out some things he
      had said in the past, or something about his senate
      voting record that I didn't like then I should be able
      to "change" my mind. The same goes for most things.
      People should always have the freedom to "change"
      their minds. Maybury is an idiot and so is Klemp!

      Q (continued): "Then I seesaw between feeling
      upset over this and feeling guilty. Could you please
      teach me the best way to handle this situation."

      ME: For one thing be more concerned about your
      own spiritual growth and values than in others.
      And, HK can't help you with "feeling guilty." Look
      at how he's handled Darwin's death! Besides, In
      the Eckankar hierarchy and RESA orgs there will be
      many times where you will see incompetent people
      being promoted in both higher initiations and in
      position (HK for one). Just realize that the initiations
      are bogus and this is why this happens... it's no mystery
      and they are Not more advanced on the inner or whatever.
      You are seeing and hearing and observing who they
      are (basically) and who they are pretending "as if"
      to be. Soul is a private state observed within.

      Now for Klemp's spin (he can't count either!):

      HK: "Dear Nicole, Being a good leader in a given
      situation starts with us. Our own self-discipline
      is on the line. When working with a group of people,

      [1] first define the task.

      [2] Second, either assign the task to the
      most qualified person or ask for a volunteer.

      [3] Third, set a deadline.

      [4] Fourth, on your calendar, set a date by
      which to check up on each person and

      [5] ask how that person's task is coming along.

      These Four [5] steps will do a lot to avoid unpleasant
      surprises. IF someone has fallen behind, [6] offer your
      help or that of another. In this way, you remind people
      of the responsibility they have undertaken. Should
      someone fail to finish his task by deadline, [7] ask
      what happened. [8] Then listen. [9] Are the reasons
      sound? That does beg the question, though: [10]
      WHY didn't you give me an update so you and I could
      have worked something out? [11] Keep a private log
      that lists [12] the date, [13] the task, [14] the person
      in charge, [15] whether it was finished on time, and
      last, [16] a comments column. [17] Do Not give a task
      to someone who repeatedly misses the deadline.

      You will thus be developing good leaders to help you
      tell others about the beautiful teachings of ECK."
      [end of HK's response]

      ME: Yes! I enjoyed the way Klemp told "others about
      the beautiful teachings of ECK!" Make no mistake,
      these 17 steps (four by HK's count) are part of the
      teachings of ECK! However, should HK be encouraging
      his EK leaders to confront and grill chelas as to Why
      something was Not done? It is what it is... or isn't!
      What if the reasons aren't "sound" in their opinion?
      What are EK leaders going to do, or say, or write into
      their log... something negative perhaps? Discretion and
      discrimination aren't Harry's strong points!

      BTW- Someone should tell Klemp that the term
      "deadline" is Not used by EK Leaders... it's "goal-line."

      Is HK training this EK Youth to become one of his
      RESA Police? It sure sounds like it! Where's the love
      and understanding? Sure, some people want to take
      on all kinds of responsibilities and titles because it
      gets one noticed and that gets one promoted. Its
      the Initiation (ego/fear) game. Also, a chela can always
      play the blame game and shift their shortcomings
      to someone else or to other factors as to why something
      didn't get done. Reality happens! HK talks about
      keeping records on people... this sounds more and
      more like Scientology! It's getting closer to this, and
      whackier, as Klemp's melon ripens to being like L. Ron's!
      But No! Scientology is just too insanely organized to
      compare it to the unorganized chaos and disharmony
      of EK! Most of Eckankar's chelas haven't completely gone
      over the deep edge... just yet! There's still hope that
      some will soon WAKE UP!

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