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Re: The Distortions of Eckankar Continue

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  • ctecvie
    Hello Prometheus, ... I was amazed to read this, too! Couldn t believe it! ... a ... English is not my native language as you surely must have noticed. So,
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 21, 2005
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      Hello Prometheus,

      > I find it amazing that there are HCS members that still defend Paul
      > Twitchell and say that Eckankar is the highest religion out there.

      I was amazed to read this, too! Couldn't believe it!

      > I also saw a post where the person stated that higher awareness was
      > more highly evolved spiritual state than higher consciousness. Talk
      > about passive agressiveness and confusion!

      English is not my native language as you surely must have noticed.
      So, what's the difference between awareness and consciousness, if any?

      > Actually, I think some people might feel that they were foolish for
      > having been scammed for thirty years as members, therefore, they
      > want to promote the distortion that Eckankar is the "highest
      > religion" out there. Some egos are very and even extremely
      > protective of the individual so that "truth" becomes distorted to
      > fit the world they feel comfortable living in. But, I really don't
      > think these people should feel bad for having been fooled... I was!

      There was one post which set this straight, and I appreciated that.
      Eckankar is just a tiny light in the world of religions, I think it's
      just important for those who are still in it and also for us who are
      out of it but still need to heal a bit. We did the unfoldment
      ourselves and what we got out of it is our merit and not that of the
      mahanta or any other master figure. We put our hearts and souls into
      it. Now that it's over we have our hearts and souls back, and isn't
      this great! :-))

      > However, I do agree that religion is unnecessary just as a Master
      > Guru is. I think we can look to some of what others have discovered
      > and see if it works for us, but beyond that I see this Spiritual
      > Life as a Self-Tutoring with Spirit and ALL THAT IS. This
      > thing is just a figment of one's imagination in order to "feel"
      > Superior (Normal).

      We all come at a stage where any religion is unnecessary. We can take
      any person as a master - I think that anybody who can do something
      better than I can can be a master for me for any length of time I
      choose. I have discovered that life is going on so well for me, even
      better than before. So I fully agree that life is self-tutoring. And
      I would add that everything is spiritual because it has a purpose.

      > In "Questions for the Master..." from the April 2005 Youth in ECK
      > Letter of Light a Sam age 15 asks the question to Harold Klemp:
      > Q: "I want to know how the Mahanta can become the ECK Itself. Is
      > ECK a spiritual energy similar to bioelectric energy?"
      > A: "Bioelectric energy is a more fundamental form of this Voice of
      > God... The main difference between him and all else is that he is
      > the ECK. He is the God power Itself... The Mahanta, the Living ECK
      > Master is life itself."
      > So, here we have more self promotion by Klemp just like we had with
      > Gross and Twitchell. The lie needs to be re-enforced and re-
      > introduced to new and younger generations.

      This is incredible. Now the mahanta is life itself!!! This is real
      self-promotion. But the thing is, if you point that out to an eckist,
      they won't understand it. And they won't see the contradictions!

      > The truth is that Twitchell merely "created a Westernized version"
      > of Radasoami Satsang and then added his own fictional linage
      > of "Masters." It was very important for Twitchell to create the Eck
      > Master Rebazar Tarzs in order to establish his own "mastership"
      > through initiation. This is the foundation of Eckankar because
      > without this (fictional) link to Rebazar there is no validation for
      > anything in Eckankar! The real truth is that Twitchell's
      > Master was Kirpal Singh (a.k.a. Sudar Singh), and that Kirpal
      > returned Paul's "Tiger's Fang" manuscript to him in mid 1966 (see
      > Dialogues 5, Doug Marman). And, Kirpal (Sudar) did not die which is
      > what Twitchell claimed for having to go to Rebazar as a student.
      > Kirpal out lived Twitchell (1894-1974)! This information is based
      > facts, simple logic, common sense, and critical thinking. If one
      > cannot see this then either one is incapable of critical thinking,
      > or one has chosen tunnel vision and not to think of these things.
      > The Truth will set you free... but sometimes it also hurts!

      While still in Eckankar, I lacked somehow critical thinking as well.
      You just can't see what's in front of your nose. I'm glad to have a
      bit of my critical thinking back now, but there's still so much to

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