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Re: THE H.I. LETTER (JUNE 2009) - Another Look!

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, Let s now look at The Plus Element while keeping Klemp s (below) quotes in mind. This HK excerpt can be found on page 5 of this same H.I. Letter.
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 4, 2009
      Hello All,
      Let's now look at "The Plus Element"
      while keeping Klemp's (below) quotes
      in mind. This HK excerpt can be found
      on page 5 of this same H.I. Letter.

      HK: "It is hard to believe that a FEW
      Higher Initiates, and even an occasional
      RESA, DO NOT Truly Understand what the
      ECK Path is all about... Neither can they
      comprehend how the ECK works. They are
      like LOST SHEEP... they are Poor ECK
      ambassadors... People on the LOSER'S
      TRACK often take awhile to catch themselves...
      Some higher initiates ARE NOT Higher
      Initiates at all."

      "THE PLUS ELEMENT" - Rev. Harry Klemp,
      The Secret of Love, Mahanta Transcripts,
      Book 14

      HK: "The patient and the doctor [chiropractor?],
      both being ECKists, began talking about the
      upcoming seminar. The man [lower initiate]
      ask the doctor [Higher Initiate], 'Are you
      planning to go to the ECK seminar that's
      coming up?' The doctor said, 'Actually I'm
      planning to step back from ECK[ankar] for
      awhile.' This ECKist [lower initiate] couldn't
      understand this--the doctor was a Higher
      Initiate. He said, 'Why would a Higher Initiate
      stand back from ECK[ankar]?'

      ME: Well, there are many reasons for stepping
      back. This H.I. (like most), for years, has
      probably been donating a lot of time and
      money to ECKankar. Sometimes a (mental
      health) rest is needed (while still maintaing
      that annual membership of course)! I'm
      surprised that more H.I.s don't simply say
      that they're joining the Contemplative Order!

      HK: "The doctor explained, 'When I became
      a Fifth Initiate, I thought I would know
      everything.' He had been very disappointed
      he thought he'd know everything."

      ME: IMO the H.I. doctor became more
      'disappointed' after reading all of those
      special "H.I. Only" books. Plus, once becoming
      an H.I. there is more and more training required
      for advancement in position. And, this leads
      to taking on more responsibility and fulfilling
      more expectations of the RESA. This is, especially,
      true when one is a "doctor" or other high profile

      All religions tent to exploit and promote these
      people faster and higher. After all, if the more
      intelligent and successful people in society are
      members of ECKankar this tends to look good
      for the church. HK uses these people (as tools)
      to misdirect the focus and hide the things that
      HK doesn't want the public to know-- like the
      EK Initiations are worthless and that there are
      EK Masters living in Temples of Golden Wisdom
      on Venus!

      HK: "The other initiate wasn't a Higher Initiate,
      but had this INCREDIBLE understanding."

      ME: Actually, his brain-washing was fresher
      as he parroted some EK-speak that we've
      all heard before. This wasn't an original

      HK: "He said, 'Initiations are like walking
      into ever larger rooms where you discover
      what you don't know.' This statement took
      the doctor aback because he hadn't thought
      of that."

      ME: Come on! He's heard it all before. I'm
      surprised that Klemp didn't call this "Golden
      Tongued Wisdom!" However, we never do
      find out what happened to the doctor, or
      if he was just a Fifth. Besides, doesn't life
      offer Soul more and more anyway... (a plus
      element) without initiations?

      Why should HK confine Soul to a room?
      Also, this H.I. doctor mastered the lower
      plane "rooms," or else he wouldn't have been
      promoted to the 5th by Klemp. So why doesn't
      Klemp demote these H.I.s and promote (on
      the spot) these lower initiates who have such
      "incredible understanding?" It doesn't work
      that way does it? Instead, HK just wants to
      bitch about everything!

      HK: "This is truly what life is all about.
      Even the ECK Masters find the plus element
      in life. ... There is always one more step
      to go spiritually."

      ME: And that's the "Catch-22" hook (among
      others) that Klemp loves to use. But isn't it,
      also, interesting that Klemp is once again
      demeaning yet another one of his Higher
      Initiates. Thus, what relationship do Higher
      Initiations have with Higher Consciousness?
      None, apparently!


      THE H.I. LETTER - JUNE 2009

      Klemp: "Dear Brothers of the Leaf,"

      ME: BTW- Why aren't females (Sisters)
      also included? If Soul=Soul then why
      shouldn't HK be including female H.I.s
      and saying, Dear Brothers & Sisters
      of the Leaf? Aren't females included
      in the EK Hierarchy? Besides, they do
      most of the work!

      HK: "This letter contains two parts.

      FIRST, a brief refresher for you on
      the WHO, WHAT, and WHY of the
      Mahanta, the LEM. from The Shariyat-
      Ki-Sugmad, Book Two.

      SECOND, my latest message to the
      RESAs. Here's a chance to read over
      their shoulders.

      'The human form of the Mahanta,
      the LEM is ONLY the OUTWARD
      manifestation. His REAL FORM is
      one with that of the Sugmad, as
      he ALWAYS enjoys the bliss of the
      divine reality. A TRUE SEEKER, so
      long as he cannot realize the form
      of the Supreme Being within himself,
      should contemplate the human form
      of the Mahanta [Klemp] as that of
      the Sugmad Itself, and should believe
      in and love the true self in this manner'
      (chapter 10)."

      ME: I think that the key words in
      this Astral (Book 2) Shariyat quote
      are: 'so long as he cannot realize
      the form of the Supreme Being within
      himself.' The Catch-22, for Klemp,
      is that most True Seekers (H.I.s) are
      advanced enough not to need the
      Mahanta any longer. This letter is
      being used to manipulate and control
      these Free Spirits for profit!

      HK: "The Mahanta, the LEM does not
      depend upon any book or scripture
      for his teachings. He is the representative
      of the Sugmad and in possession of
      the Word' (chapter 11)."

      ME: Klemp is a true deceiver! Here,
      HK's using a Shariyat quote (EK "scripture")
      from a Holy "Book" that states he (the
      M/LEM) doesn't depend upon these
      "for his teachings" when that is exactly
      what he's doing! Amazing! Double talk
      and having it both ways are Klemp's
      tools to keep EKists confused and
      forever in roles of servitude.

      HK: "It is hard to believe that a FEW
      Higher Initiates, and even an occasional
      RESA, DO NOT truly understand what
      the ECK path is all about. So WE will
      address the spiritual viewpoint on that
      issue. WE will also offer a couple of
      ideas on how you can be a better leader.
      And make your work easier!"

      ME: Klemp seems too concerned about
      getting more "work" out of his H.I.s
      and having his business run smoothly.
      However, he's the one who kept promoting
      these people (on the inner and outer)
      so why's he finally complaining? Money
      must be tight! Doesn't this raise a RED
      FLAG for ECKists!

      HK: "So let us look at the FIRST item.

      Some higher initiates ARE NOT Higher
      Initiates at all, because they DO NOT
      understand the role of the Mahanta,
      the LEM and that he is an expression
      of the ECK Itself."

      ME: But, SOUL is also an expression
      of the ECK Itself. SOUL equals SOUL!
      Thus, hierarchies, are merely lower
      expressions of the ECK while in the
      True Reality all SOULS are the same
      loving expression/creation of SUGMAD
      and Klemp is NOT the outer expression
      of the SUGMAD! How obvious is that!

      HK: "Neither can they ["a few Higher
      Initiates and even an occasional RESA"]
      comprehend how the ECK works. They
      are like LOST SHEEP. Unlike lost sheep,
      however, they can, and do, cause a lot
      of harm to themselves and others."

      ME: It sounds like Klemp is more concerned
      about himself. Where's the love and
      compassion, as well as, the All Knowingness
      of the Mahanta that he self-promotes?

      HK: "One way they do harm is by their
      cold, aloof attitude toward plans to
      reach people with the ECK teachings.
      Again, they tend to ignore new ECKists
      at ECK gatherings."

      ME: Well, the older long-time H.I.
      leaders have been in the trenches
      for decades and, thus, have a lot
      of experience, and they usually know
      the ESC "Guidelines" and are aware
      of their local budgets! Some of these
      "new" ECKists throw out ideas without
      wanting to take ownership/responsibility.
      Some haven't had the necessary Arahata
      training, or even attend the EWS on
      a regular basis, nor do they commit
      to a Satsang class! But, basically, H.I.s
      are frustrated with Klemp's lack of
      leadership and awareness, as well as,
      the unjustified slow-down with Initiations!

      HK: "[H.I.s and some RESAs] They DO
      NOT truly regard them [new ECKists]
      as SOUL, which is to say, EQUAL. Instead,
      their LENSES see ONLY "Higher" and "lower."

      ME: This is called a "Hierarchy!" And Klemp,
      early on, established ECKankar as a hierarchy
      with a pecking order for the EK chickens
      within the EK henhouse (eckankar)!

      HK: "NOR are they [these H.I.s and RESAs]
      available to SERVE on Vahana Teams, teach
      ECK classes, help with ECK center duties,
      even privately tell someone about ECK."

      ME: Sometimes one is inspired to remain
      silent and to listen. Sometimes it is best
      to have others ask than to preach. And,
      sometimes it is best to talk about higher
      spiritual topics, Soul, than to push a
      religion that has a required membership
      fee and sells dozens of books necessary
      for spiritual growth and understanding!

      Anyway, we can see that Klemp wants more
      work from his trained and experienced H.I.s.
      Except, most have served on Vahana Teams,
      taught ECK classes, and have helped with
      ECK center duties. I've done all of that, and
      it gets old and tiring... let the "new" ECKists
      do it! Promote them and wave the training
      requirements... they can't do any more harm,
      especially, with the Mahanta/LEM guiding them
      and looking over their shoulder... right!

      HK: "In a nutshell, they are poor ECK ambassadors.
      What underlies such spiritual torpor?"

      ME: Well, many of the long-time H.I.s and
      RESAs are older and are tired of the same
      old crap coming from the ESC. One, eventually,
      would like to retire... like Klemp did in 1981!
      Except, Klemp has a nicer retirement plan!
      "Writing" books and commenting on other
      people's stories (spiritual experiences) and
      giving two, yearly, simple-minded talks isn't
      much of a job. Klemp's articles aren't very
      inspiring either! This one is mean-spirited!
      Most H.I.s and RESAs are unpaid (unlike
      Klemp). And, there's no spiritual "pay" either!

      HK: "Here WE must again emphasize TWO
      necessary disciplines:

      (1) doing the ECK spiritual exercises

      (2) and reading the holy works of ECK,
      and especially, in the case of someone
      who resists the ECK[ankar] Hierarchical
      Structure, The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book
      One, chapter 5, 'The Spiritual Hierarchy.'

      In fact, it is worth reviewing right now."

      ME: However, Klemp already gave us this
      Shariyat quote, "The Mahanta, the LEM
      Does Not depend upon any book or scripture
      for his teachings... (chapter 11)."

      HK: "Then also read the next chapter,
      chapter 6, 'The Living ECK Master.'
      Both chapters deal with more than
      just their [my] titles suggest, and both
      would be apt recommendations to
      ECK initiates who have reservations
      about the ECK structure."

      ME: These are just empty words and
      many H.I.s and RESAs have realized
      this over time. This is how a religion
      works. It's Bait and Switch!

      *HK: "The ECK addresses the consciousness
      of people in a region or locality in outer
      words and trains of thought they are
      most likely to appreciate and comprehend.
      All conditions change. For example, the
      scope and reach of the ECK message
      is greater today than it was during Paul
      Twitchell's day. So today's approach must
      necessarily be different. Change, change,

      ME: And yet, Klemp still uses Twitchell's
      lower plane Shariyats and the same old
      message from Twitchell's day versus a
      new message for "today's approach."
      Why doesn't Klemp write two new Shariyats!
      Is it because of his own spiritual torpor?

      HK: "It is and will forever go on as long as
      this physical plane exists. To resist spiritual
      changes is to wither away spiritually. People
      [H.I.s and RESAs] on the LOSER'S TRACK
      often take awhile to catch themselves.

      In line with the foregoing, let us also consider
      ECK initiates who TREAD ON DANGEROUS
      GROUND in a more active way. These PEOPLE
      [Souls] promote teachings other than those
      of ECK. In The Shariyat, Book One, chapter 5,
      it cautions:

      'IF he should try to enhance and advance
      a teaching of the LOWER ORDER, or ANOTHER
      ORDER at the same time he is following the
      path of ECK, there will be little unfoldment
      for him.'

      ME: Well, if ECKists want to take this quote,
      and Klemp's H.I. Letter comments "literally,"
      then, these comments aren't addressed to
      Female ECKists. Instead, Klemp is writing
      to the "Brothers" of the leaf (male leaders)
      and this Shariyat quote speaks to male ECKists
      ("he/him") too!

      HK: "Quickly, on leadership, TWO QUOTES:

      Malcolm Forbes, a successful executive,
      said, 'Executives who get there and stay
      suggest solutions when they present the
      problems.' (Teach this to your ECK Leaders.)"

      ME: It seems Klemp is more concerned with
      making money than with spiritual matters,
      or is this one and the same for Klemp?
      maybe this is why some H.I.s and RESAs
      are fed up with Klemp's overstay as M/LEM!

      HK: "Franklin Lundling, a wise lawyer, said,
      'Any leader worth following gives credit
      easily where credit is due. He DOES NOT
      take someone's idea, dress it up and offer
      it as his own.' (THIS ONE'S FOR YOU.)" [end]

      ME: Well well! Ford Johnson is a wise
      lawyer and a former 7th Initiate and RESA!
      But, doesn't Klemp take credit for the stories
      from ECKists and use them in his books where
      he gets 50% royalties? Where is the credit due
      to them?

      I wonder who, "(THIS ONE'S FOR YOU)" is
      meant for? Is this Klemp's way of saying
      that he "KNOWS" who you are? LOL! These
      are empty threats from a clueless, witless,
      and negative old man. HK has outlived his
      usefulness in keeping ECKists interested
      and full-filled. But, why should he complain
      about a lack of participation when he's the
      one who has encouraged ECKists to go to
      the inner and use their imaginations!

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