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Re: The H.I. LETTER (JUNE 2009) - Ask the Master (RESA Q&A)*

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  • prometheus_973
    This next question is almost as long as Klemp s answer. However, this RESA not only sounds rather clueless but, also, seems to lack a higher
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 3, 2009
      This next "question" is almost as
      long as Klemp's answer. However,
      this RESA not only sounds rather
      clueless but, also, seems to lack
      a "higher" Self-awareness. The RESA
      seems to be Codependent and can't
      think on their own. One has to wonder
      WHY he has such cloudy judgment.
      After all, HK says that RESAs are
      "privileged" and is hinting at them
      having a greater "Inner Awareness"
      and special "Guidance" from the
      M/LEM (HK). However, this Q&A
      #2 (and the previous #1) just go
      to show that higher initiations and
      special titles (of "privilege") have
      nothing to do with higher consciousness,
      and that HK (the M/LEM) is a fraud.

      ASK the MASTER - Q&A 2 of 2

      Q: "As a first responder and chaplain
      for the local volunteer fire department,
      I have many opportunities to use inner
      guidance of the ECK. [Is this 8th initiate
      Bob Lawton?]

      During a traumatic situation, if a person
      has a church or religion, I will help them
      contact their clergy or just be with them.

      Normally my only purpose is to just listen
      and be there to ask some questions that
      help them talk about their experience and

      However, when the person is not connected
      with an established religion, I have difficulty
      finding what to say or do at that moment to
      help the situation."

      ME: Of course! ECKists aren't supposed
      to invade a person's psychic space or
      to take advantage of a person when they're
      in a weakened condition. Besides, should
      a (detached) RESA be pushing a costly
      and distorted religion upon someone instead
      giving them "free" spiritual succor?

      Q: (continued) "Recently the sheriff called
      and asked me to sit with a fellow whose fiancee'
      had just been killed in a traffic accident. He
      was Not a member of a church, but he talked
      about the spiritual connection he had with
      this woman, who he said was his Soul Mate.

      Although I carry the HU card with me and
      did a silent HU, I did not think that this was
      an appropriate time to talk about the HU.

      Is there something else that I can do or
      say to be more EFFECTive?

      Thank you for the opportunity to serve
      and for the guidance you provide."

      ME: Well, aren't all ECKists, supposedly,
      taught to follow their own (Soul's) inner
      guidance via their realization of Oneness
      with the ECK? Apparently not, or else
      this RESA wouldn't be feeling so guilty
      for not selling the M/LEM to this hurting
      Soul. And, the RESA did say he used
      the "inner guidance of the ECK" and
      even HUed! See, how all religions really
      don't work! Religions use guilt, fear,
      promises, and codependency along with
      belief, faith, and hope tied in with myth,
      and imagination to control their followers.
      In HK's EKankar reality - there is room
      for only one at the top while all underlings
      need to support his delusions with service.

      A: (HK) "The sudden loss of one's mate
      is a terrible blow, indeed. The survivor
      is seldom able to find satisfying comfort
      in any expression of sympathy, and may
      even take exception to it, thinking, How
      could you possibly know the way I feel?"

      ME: That's why one should always say,
      "I can't possibly know what you're feeling.
      Is there anything I can do?" Then, of course,
      listen. However, the RESA said that he mostly
      listens so it would seem that he feels that
      he needs to do more. Thus, the guilt for
      not handing out a HU card as he's brain-
      washed by cult/sales-speak into doing!

      HK: "So a heartfelt expression must
      necessarily be kept simple, such as,
      'I'm terribly sorry. Is there anything
      I can do?' Then mainly listen.

      Of course, when called in to a situation
      like this, immediately ask the Master's
      help. Be calm inside. Then let him guide
      you to say the right thing, at the right

      ME: See! Klemp teaches codependency
      upon a living God! This RESA said that
      he's had "many opportunities to use the
      inner guidance of the ECK" and yet seems
      to need Klemp's WRITTEN snail-mail
      response! Why didn't Klemp give "inner
      guidance," to this RESA, in real time on
      the "inner" rather than use hindsight
      and, yet, another "outer" response!

      HK: "This fellow had no affiliation with
      a church. However, he did speak about
      the spiritual connection he had enjoyed
      with the deceased, his Soul Mate. You
      were wisely silent. It gave him a chance
      to air his feelings. In this case, the fellow
      MAY have been ready to hear about ECK."

      ME: Sure! For one thing the RESA could
      have told him that ECKankar doesn't believe
      in Soul Mates! However, since HK says
      the RESA was 'wisely silent' why does he,
      next, say that 'this fellow... may have been
      ready to hear about ECK?' Klemp likes it
      both ways. You just can't please old Harry!

      HK: "A possible opening, had you felt at
      the moment that something more was
      appropriate, might have been to say, 'I
      too believe in Soul Mates and the spiritual
      connection between two people.'"

      ME: But that's a lie! ECKankar and Klemp
      believe in the "TIME TWINS THEORY of ECK!"
      This "theory" can be found on page 209
      of Klemp's EK Lexicon. This "EK Time Twins
      Theory" is a corruption of Plato's Soul Mate
      or Split-Apart Theory. The Lexicon states,
      "When Soul discovers Itself as the ECK, and
      by becoming the ECK, It has attained the
      symbol of Its Soul Mate; the blending of the
      Masculine and Feminine forces within the
      individual into One, the Oneness with Itself."

      However, when Soul becomes One with
      the ECK, Itself, why does it still need a
      physical (lower) plane LEM, or even a
      so-called "inner" master? Why is Klemp
      telling this RESA to lie? Simple, HK wants
      more members (and money) by any means

      HK: If a positive response, then, 'There is
      an old name for God that sometimes brings
      peace, HU. Would you like to hear how it
      is sung?' (Play it by ear.)"

      ME: The RESA was 'playing it by ear' but
      still felt guilty because Klemp pushes
      them to take advantage of any situation
      in order to sell his wares (50% royalties)!
      HK learned a lot of tricks from selling
      those magazines door-to-door way back
      when he was first starting out on his own.
      And, Why do EKists have to sing like pet
      canaries or always parrot what Klemp says?

      Where is their Soul Awareness or spiritual
      freedom and their Oneness with the ECK,
      or their inner communication with the ECK-
      especially RESAs!

      Klemp is just another religious trickster!
      It's so obvious! After all, if RESAs don't
      have a clue then why would any other
      EK chela be more aware than these chosen
      hand-picked few? Thus, second guessing,
      (the Mahanta), becomes most ECKists
      newest/oldest hobby!


      First, a review of some quotes from
      the front page article by Klemp.
      "... a few Higher Initiates, and even
      an occasional RESA, Do Not truly
      Understand what the ECK path is
      all about. Some higher initiates are
      Not Higher Initiates at all, because
      they Do Not Understand the role of
      the M/LEM.... They are like Lost Sheep
      ... Neither can they Comprehend How
      the ECK works... In a nutshell, they
      are Poor ECK ambassadors... People
      on the Loser's Track often take awhile
      to catch themselves."

      Ask the Master - Q&A 1 of 2

      "Klemp has given permission to print
      these questions from RESAs and his
      response. Read "high Initiate" [Loser]
      where the word RESA appears."

      Q: "Would you please share the qualities
      and behaviors that are most desirable in
      a RESA [High Initiate, i.e. Loser]?"

      A: "It is not possible to separate a quality
      [or inequality] from any of its resulting
      behaviors. Foremost is PATIENCE. Chelas
      [lower initiates] DO NOT Understand--
      the first, second, or even the third time
      around--what is expected of them, in
      terms of behavior or attitude. So a RESA
      must be eternally patient."

      ME: Of course, Klemp's real concern is that
      "chelas" [the worker bees] don't understand
      the workings of the Outer Business of the
      ESC/RESA org & church. Thus, they need
      to get in line, follow orders and change their
      attitudes and behaviours in order to become
      better salespeople!

      HK: "RESOURCEFULNESS is certainly important.
      All too often, the ways and means of accomplishing
      a project are simply not there, in either
      qualified help, money, or material."

      ME: See! Klemp's focus (attention) is upon
      numbers! He's more concerned with sales
      than anything else. The only reason he wants
      more "members" is for that annual membership
      fee and to sell more materials (his books).
      Remember, HK gets 50% royalties!

      The fact is that many EK Members have always
      donated their time and money. I used to donate
      locally and to the ESC Building Fund and to the
      Missionary Fund and, of course, there was the
      required annual membership donation. But, there
      were also expenditures (donations) for brochures,
      boxes of books, pocket posters etc. to hand out.
      And, I donated extra money for EK booths, signs,
      pictures and supplies, as well as, equipment,
      photos, etc. for the local EK Center. Plus, I bought
      (for myself) every new book and CD, etc. that
      was printed. And, I bought EK jewelry too! Plus,
      I donated my time (travel time included) which
      averaged anywhere from 6-20 hours per week!

      HK: "HONESTY too. RESAs are to be true to
      themselves spiritually. Thus, Greed for something
      [or someone] NOT theirs is harmful to all, as
      is also a Desire for Power, and the Abuses that
      spring from it. Both are Negative and Harm others."

      ME: However, aren't ALL, SOULs, a Law Unto
      Itself and are, thus, 'true to themselves spiritually!"
      Sure! And, this includes Lower Initiates and Non-
      EKists! Isn't it interesting that Klemp has to
      "physically" speak these words to his RESAs and
      tell them Not to be Greedy, or to have Envy, and
      to Do No Harm to others via an Abuse of their Power
      and Position! Too bad HK didn't tell them "Not To"
      Lust as well!

      Isn't this more proof that Klemp (the M/LEM) Doesn't
      have any "Inner Communication" with his RESAs, or
      "Know" what each are doing! Thus, this fact (proven
      via his own words) invalidates any and all imagined
      stories of such "communication" by other ECKists!

      HK: "DEVOTION to the Mahanta, the LEM is the
      keystone for anyone who Desires the Ultimate
      Experience of GOD. This obviously entails the
      practice of the Spiritual Exercises of ECK. It
      further means the reading of, or listening to,
      the holy works of ECK.

      It is a remarkable Privilege to Serve as a RESA
      [H.I., Loser]. Doing so will help you unfold in
      ways you once would never have dreamed
      possible." {end}

      ME: It's interesting that Klemp has H.I.s inserting
      the words "High Initiate" in place of "RESA." It just
      goes to show that RESAs aren't really anymore
      "privileged," or special, or more "aware" than others,
      regardless, of what Klemp tries to sell. It's another
      illusion [the special RESA (police) position] that the
      Black Magician (HK) created back in the mid-1980s.

      In fact, RESAs are just bosses over their volunteer
      underlings! Some are more hands-on while others
      delegate everything (B.H.). BUT, Klemp stated in his
      front page article that some RESAs, and other H.I.s,
      are Losers and are Unaware of (don't understand)
      the ECK! Why did Klemp promote them? Because
      Klemp, too, is Unaware.

      Thus, those Higher Initiations don't mean a thing!
      Why, then, remain in EKankar when Twitchell stated
      that "Soul is a Law Unto Itself." Do these "advanced
      EK Souls" really need another religion that has empty
      promises, and Desires for Privilege and Power (the
      goal of RESA-ship)? Apparently so!

      However, religions (including ECKankar), with their
      ever changing scripture, rules, laws, instructions and
      guidelines, tend to hinder Soul's REAL spiritual growth
      and freedom.

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