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The EK Temple, now, on VENUS!

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  • prometheus_973
    Do most ECKists really believe that there is a Physical Plane EK Temple that exists, now, on the planet Venus? Why don t ECK Vahanas (missionaries) speak of
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2009
      Do most ECKists really believe that
      there is a "Physical Plane" EK Temple
      that exists, now, on the planet Venus?

      Why don't ECK Vahanas (missionaries)
      speak of this "fact" at Intros and at
      the Psychic Fairs where local ECKists
      have booths! Why isn't this info printed
      in the ECK Brochures?

      It really should be pointed out, too,
      that there must be other inhabited
      Physical Plane Cities on Venus since,
      Retz, is the Capital City of them all!
      But, where are these people?

      I was watching Discovery Science
      and "Venus Unveiled" and thought
      of this EK myth that is a big part
      of the ECKankar teachings. If these
      Venus beliefs are false (and they are!)
      then what else about the ECK Teachings
      are false?

      Is this Golden Wisdom Temple's
      existence (on Venus) false? Duh?

      Is EK Master Rami Nuri's existence
      (on Venus) false too? Yes or No?
      YES! Of course it is! Thus, Rami
      Nuri doesn't exist! Thus, this is
      another lie that Klemp has been

      How can intelligent and rational
      people (ECKists, who consider
      themselves to be advanced Souls)
      believe in this VENUS crap? Really,
      you've got to be a real "loser" to
      believe this Venus thing. Pretend
      is one thing, but this is delusional!
      Klemp, like many religious leaders,
      has crossed the line. Once again
      it's science against faith! Are ECKists
      like their Fundamentalist counter-
      parts? It seems so, and yet they don't
      see themselves like them. It's the
      blind leading the blind!

      Aren't ECKists supposed to be Truth
      Seekers? They need to take the blinders
      off! Where is the "truth" in this Myth
      that is a major keystone to the EK belief

      ECKists really shouldn't pick and choose
      what it is about ECKankar that they
      want to believe while discarding the
      rest! It should ALL be rejected when
      lies, myths, or nonsense are unveiled.

      This is one reason why Klemp is having
      problems with his H.I.s and RESAs! These
      EK Leaders are rejecting large portions
      of the EK teachings while accepting others.
      And, some of these accepted beliefs are
      outside of EK Dogma, and/or the guidelines.

      BTW- This life on Venus belief didn't
      happen Six Million years ago in another
      Age, or happen on the Astral Plane.
      According to the ECK Teachings this city,
      Retz, and the Golden Wisdom Temple,
      and Rami Nuri, all exist now, and on THIS
      Physical Plane - on the Planet VENUS!

      So, I wonder... How many H.I.s and
      RESAs really believe there is Physical
      Life on VENUS, NOW, with a physical
      Golden Wisdom Temple and a physical
      (living) ECK Master too!

      Are EK Leaders that stupid, or that
      desperate to believe in, yet, another
      religious myth?

      H.I.s and RESAs should conduct an
      experiment. Discuss this VENUS
      belief with others. Ask them if they
      believe there are beings living on
      Venus. First, start with other EKists
      then ask family members, office
      coworkers, and non-Eck friends.
      What do the more intelligent and
      rational, of these people, believe?

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