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Minor "Mahanta" Miracles Feed the Imagination

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, I was looking at my copy of the JUNE 2009 The Mystic World and saw the section called, Thanks for Your LETTERS. This is where chelas send in
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2009
      Hello All,
      I was looking at my copy of the JUNE
      2009 "The Mystic World" and saw the
      section called, "Thanks for Your LETTERS."
      This is where chelas send in stories
      to promote their discovery of the
      Mahanta's "GOD-like" abilities.
      Apparently, most chelas need to
      read other people's "proof" so they
      too can grab at imaginary straws.

      ECKists share their stories with
      fellow chelas to show how the
      Mahanta (Middleman & Miracle-man),
      Klemp, has intervened to "help" them
      out of some negative situation where
      they, or their property, could have been
      harmed otherwise. I still haven't seen
      where HK (the Mahanta) cures Cancer
      so maybe his "Powers" are somewhat
      limited to fate/karma, a crapshoot,
      and one's imagination!

      One story (that ECKankar is promoting)
      tells of a storm that blew down a huge
      tree limb near the house of these ECKists
      and missed their house, car, boat, and
      shed. It was a miracle that it fell perfectly
      between these without doing any damage
      to anything! And, when morning came
      they discovered another miracle. Their
      clothes line had protected the flower
      bed and vegetable patch from another
      tree limb! WOW!

      However, after leaving ECKankar
      I, too, had an experience that was
      similar to this one. It involved a
      whole tree that blew down perfectly
      on a walkway between my house and
      garage (car). The forty foot tree was
      close to the house and blew down away
      from the house. It didn't even damage
      my pathway lights along the walkway!

      IMO-Nobody could have cut this
      tree (mine) to fall so perfectly! And
      yet, there it was! NO Mahanta involved!
      Even more, I rejected the Mahanta
      (Klemp) and spit in his face (so to
      speak)! So, who or what produced
      this "miracle?" Perhaps it was good
      karma, or it had more to do with
      Soul and Soul's private and individual
      relationship with the Holy Spirit than
      it does with a Middleman/Mahanta/
      Whatever and with a group consciousness
      (religion). After all, ECK(ankar) is built
      around Dogma (spoken and unspoken
      rules, beliefs, and religious do's and
      don'ts), a "spiritual" (inner) Hierarchy
      and an outer pecking order, and the
      use of one's Imagination involving EK
      Masters, etc. that ties it all together
      into a nice neat little package.

      I'm amazed that EKists don't see the
      correlation of these EK stories, with
      "Mahanta miracles," and the "miracles"
      of other religious/non-religious followers

      All EK chelas have to do is to GOOGLE
      "miracles" and see, for themselves, what's
      happening (with miracles) in the rest
      of the world.

      How are the (14th Plane) "Mahanta miracles,"
      that some ECKankar chelas experience, any
      different from the "miracles" of a 2nd or 4th
      Plane "God" (the KAL), or from karma? There
      is No difference except in scriptural semantics!
      ECKists need to believe in order to overcome
      doubt and fear and to have faith. Klemp's job
      is to supply EK chelas with their own private,
      narrow-minded, and arrogant religious beliefs
      in order to distract them (from Truth) and
      to fuel their imaginations.

      ECKankar is a Religion. And, All Religions
      are detrimental to the advanced Soul.
      Religions are money and power makers
      for the few at the top. They offer promises
      and give hope of a better life after death.
      "Miracles," and other testimonials, are used
      as proof that the Dogma (scripture), is true.
      Yet, no religion ever lets their followers go.
      Nobody ever "graduates" in their current
      lifetime! ECKankar uses the initiations as
      a hook, but Mastership never comes, except,
      to the cunning wannabe who positions himself.
      Thus "spiritual liberation in this lifetime"
      never comes either... even for 7ths, let alone
      8ths and 9ths! Yet, the Shariyat 2, Ch. 12
      states that 7ths are free to leave! Of course,
      this is taken back in the next after thought.

      Do many H.I.s wonder why they still need
      to be a member of a religion? Shouldn't
      Soul be as free as a bird and "Codependent
      No More!" One always has the Holy Spirit
      and IT doesn't charge a yearly fee, or cares
      about initiation numbers!


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