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Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: Are you kidding?

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  • ewickings@aol.com
    In a message dated 9/3/2005 6:06:08 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, prometheus_973@yahoo.com writes: Hi Liz, Well, Frank was promoting the enlightened Eckist
    Message 1 of 9 , Sep 4, 2005
      In a message dated 9/3/2005 6:06:08 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, prometheus_973@... writes:
      Hi Liz,
      Well, Frank was promoting the "enlightened Eckist" point of view. I
      guess he's Not too observant or he would see that higher initiations
      don't equate to higher consciousness, but do equate to more
      rationalizations and greater delusions.
      ***  Actually if you look in the archives you will notice he does know this.   He is a rebel from the word go...  not that he isn't also a nice guy, he has had the truth right in his face about HIs and Klemp.  Has complained and privately chatted with me about this subject (although that was when I was still an eckie, HI and ESA)  As I recall he received his 3rd a couple years ago (he felt he was being ignored for a very long time prior to that).  Maybe he is struggling with being a good eckie, and dealing with his true nature.  I for one know in my own case I pushed my own true self in the background because of what the eck  teachings preach.  The guidelines and yard stick to tell you how you should act, where you should be in realization etc....   I personally knew many of these members as friends and know way too much about their lives off screen.   I used to openly point out within the group, huchat was THEE most dysfunctional eck group I have/had ever seen.
      > I've seen many non-Eckists and 1st initiates with a higher consciousness than most of the 25-40 year members of Eckankar... including Klemp! 
      ***  I noticed this too.  I also pointed this out to other eckist....  you can imagine the look.  Although there are many HIs that held, or still hold our same feelings on this topic!   I sit back and watch and wonder Just how long will it take them to leave too?    I used to comment on huchat,  no one is higher than another.  I think by the end of my membership I was sharing my new found freedom of thought to as many that would catch on to it.    That good ol initiation carrot....  wonder how long it will be tolerated?
         I had one HI friend that knew I had read Ford's book and was leaving.  He told me he would probably stay a member just to help others wake up.  He had come to the same place many of use find ourselves.....  he wouldn't allow any Master or Mahanta to get in his way of God.  So I watch from my little place in this universe and I root for them!
      Not to mention I have often wondered which one of you in this ESA group is Frank.  ;-)  That's okay you don't have to tell me!
    • ewickings@aol.com
      In a message dated 9/4/2005 5:35:48 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, ... well. The smoking issue? The misuse of an address to post negative things? ***
      Message 2 of 9 , Sep 4, 2005
        In a message dated 9/4/2005 5:35:48 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, ctecvie@... writes:

        >I noticed that, too. There were some weird things going on as
        well. The smoking issue? The misuse of an address to post "negative"
        ***   Dysfunctional, dysfunctional, dysfunctional!!!   LOL  Actually they all are just experiencing life like the rest of us.   If you have time, which I hope you do not, if you read from that group for any length of time you will see just how deep this dysfunction goes within the group, outside.   Who is have an affair with whom in huchat,  etc.....  doesn't take an outsider to see it.   Anyone else see it as a soap opera?   LOL 

        >There are more like him on the list. I see the people on huchat as
        human beings struggling with the same issues as the next person,
        enjoying life in the same way as the next person, grieving and
        having fun in exactly the same way as we all, and all this without
        the mahanta in our lives!
        ***  The only difference though is they spend years, (as I did) turning it all over to the eck and mahanta only to struggle with the outcome.  Must be Karma if things don't go as they would have hoped....  I can be a control freak, so eventually just said the hell with this crap!  My life has actually become so much calmer, and balanced since I left.  Yet I bet those eckies were hoping I would fall flat on my face, go straight to eckankrap hell, crash and burn. 
        >This is a legacy from Eckankar I still am struggling with - to get
        back to "normal" behavior, compassion, and to help when necessary.
        It's so easy to say it's karma and people have to take care of
        themselves and to solve their problems themselves.
        *** Ingrid I experience this behavior still too!   Out 2 years, and still catch myself saying something that sounds eckish.   My husband has been a great sounding board for me.  He'll let me "have it" when it starts to sound eckishly loony.....  but he claims I am getting better! 
        >Of course we can only do so much and they have to do the rest by themselves - but we can offer a hand all the same.
        *** Right!  I know what you mean, yet some eckies are so programmed that the first sign of others like them having "Karmic Issues", they act as if it is a disease and they want nothing to do with it, might be contagious.    LOL  well we were taught karma can seem like a disease, follows use from life time to life time till we get it right. 
        > Compassion is something that is only
        talked of in Eckankar - it's much easier and so convenient to get on
        with our life and leave the others struggling where we could help!
        *** <sigh> sometimes other don't want to be helped.....  many of them deep in the eckankrap teachings. 

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