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Re: HK Rehashes the Past With "Kicking Cow" Stories

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Non Eckster and All, Apparently Klemp s delusion includes coloring his past (tying up loose ends) via 20/20 hindsight. Thus, he comes across as having a
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      Hello Non Eckster and All,
      Apparently Klemp's delusion includes
      coloring his past (tying up loose ends)
      via 20/20 hindsight. Thus, he comes
      across as having a "special" childhood,
      having a higher consciousness than those
      around him, and being more sensitive.
      After all, HK was being prepared "spiritually,"
      early on, by beings and forces for who
      and what he is now. However, the current
      leader of __________ could say the same!

      But, who and what would Harold be
      today if Darwin had known that HK
      jumped off a bridge, did a strip tease,
      was arrested, and was locked up in
      a mental institution for some three
      weeks? I know that HK wouldn't have
      been named the 973rd LEM by DG.
      Klemp probably would have just been
      an 7th initiate working at the ESC.
      Peter or Don would have been the
      LEM and Darwin might have still been
      the Mahanta up until his recent death.
      Klemp probably would have gotten
      his 8th, later, by Peter or Don or whomever.

      Anyway, here's a quote on page 57
      from HK's 1980 "The Wind of Change."
      I thought about this while watching
      a program about schizophrenia. One
      person, in the three case studies, was
      walking down the street and thought
      that the birds were laughing at him
      and that the trees were waving to him.
      He would hear voices and think that
      it was God speaking to him.

      HK: "Through fitful observation, I
      speculated on the rules of their sport.
      A cow earned one point for merely
      dislodging the milker and sending it
      into the alley. The two-point kicker
      could deliver both milker and milk
      belt into the alley. A three-star cow
      boasted a kick that deposited the
      milker, milk belt, and me, plus any
      stray cat, into the aisle with a single
      smooth, blindingly-fast motion.

      The latter performance drew a standing
      ovation from the entire herd. All other
      cows arose and chorused out the most
      deafening roar of approving moos. The
      victory of beast over man.

      The champion also netted extra silage
      and grist that her obliging neighbors
      pushed along in the trough with their
      noses from their own portions."

      Klemp exaggerates and twists facts
      as Twitchell did. But, it seems that this
      was an attempt to recount a past event
      in a "Mark Twain" like manner. Except,
      with Twain, we know that, his, was a
      comical or humorous perspective of
      an everyday event (a tall tale).

      With Klemp, we are expected to see
      his tall tale from a different perspective.
      We are expected to see this as an early
      "spiritual experience" leading to "higher
      spiritual truths and as a way of life known
      as ECKankar." [back cover] It's amazing
      that people still buy into this and that
      Klemp (the MAHANTA) is still talking about
      his part-time farm life and cows!


      Non Eckster wrote:
      As far as Klemp's VANITY and other H I's,
      here is a quote from Thoreau: "How vain
      it is to sit down to write when you have
      not stood up to live." LOL

      Non Eckster ; )

      prometheus wrote:
      > Klemp first told of these 'kicking cows'
      > in his 1980 book "The Wind of Change."
      > At this time Klemp was 26 (versus 13
      > when Duane, supposedly, had his kicking
      > cow experiences). HK had just been
      > discharged from the Air Force, late 1968,
      > and went back to the farm to work during
      > the winter of 1968-1969.
      > Harry finally got to experience the 'kickers'
      > instead of Duane, or the others who had
      > to milk the cows in place of Harry for all
      > those years. Harold missed out on those
      > character building experiences since he
      > was living at a private, all boys, Lutheran
      > school that his whole family sacrificed to
      > pay for. Thus, Harold mostly stayed away
      > from the farm during Junior high, High
      > school, and while in the Seminary for two
      > years. Then, Harry went into the Air Force
      > for four years!
      > In his "Windy" book, Harry states that he returns
      > to the farm and has to do chores like milking
      > cows. HK refers to these cows (Animal Angels?)
      > as:
      > "high-kicking; fire-breathing; nasty; lightning-fast;
      > renegades; fire-spitting; and wild." [pages 54-57]
      > However, now, in the June 2009 Mystic World
      > article Klemp doesn't use any of these descriptions
      > as he recounts the story about the cows.
      > By '68-'69 Klemp claims to have had "creative"
      > dreams, spiritual insights and meetings with
      > EK Masters, etc. But still, HK doesn't have enough
      > common sense, or creativity to shackle the legs
      > of these Demon like High-Kicking Cows! LOL!
      > BUT, even today, Klemp doesn't suggest that
      > he Should Have SHACKLED the hind legs of
      > these "kickers." HK's, still, just as clueless about
      > using this safety measure!
      > Anyway, the first story with Duane, and the cows,
      > takes place in 1955, but is recounted in 2009.
      > "The Wind of Change" story, with Harry and
      > the cows, takes place in 1968-1969 and is
      > recounted in 1980!
      > Interesting, that it takes Klemp about 13 years
      > to tell the one story with himself and the cows,
      > and 54 years to, just now, tell the other story
      > with Duane and the cows! What happened with
      > mentioning either of these stories in his 2000
      > "Autobiography of a Modern Prophet?"
      > If it wasn't for 20/20 hindsight Klemp wouldn't
      > have any stories to retell and "change" around to
      > make himself look "special!" It just proves how
      > delusional one has to be to actually think that
      > Klemp had any more of a "spiritual" childhood
      > than anyone else did! Then again, How many
      > people can claim to be the Mahanta/God (!)
      > Well, on second thought, there are a lot of
      > people out there (or locked up) that claim to
      > be God, and some (in the past and today) have/
      > had a lot of followers! Does might (numbers)
      > still make (it) right? I don't see it, but for some
      > reason (brain-washing?) EKists think they're just
      > as special and even more so! They're so vain!


      Klemp Overlooks Making "Animal/Angel/Soul" Comments!

      > I thought I'd add a few more thoughts
      > and comments below. This is a perspective
      > of Klemp that EKists are afraid to share
      > least they get black listed on initiations.
      > Many ECKists dare not (via fear) even allow
      > themselves to look at these comments with
      > insights/perspectives. They can't deal with
      > the Truth standing behind the curtain! After
      > all, what would they replace ECKankar with...
      > a new hobby? EK H.I.'s can't believe in Self
      > and that's why they need to listen to someone
      > they believe to be greater like PT's and HK's
      > words. Yet, why does HK quote others so
      > often?
      > Are ECKists allowed to think? Sometimes,
      > but Not out-loud! When chelas do "think"
      > out-loud it has to be EK-Speak only. They
      > have to repeat the proper words and sound
      > like an EK brochure. This is why "training" is
      > needed. Too Critical of thinking is, always,
      > forbidden in ECKankar. There are limitations
      > set and only one outcome because there is,
      > basically, one way in looking at Klemp's "truth."
      > Some wiggle room is given in classes (Satsang)
      > and training, but caution needs to be given
      > because H.I.s are listening closely (some are
      > spies for the RESA and this affects initiations).
      > Every word/message spoken by Klemp (GOD
      > on earth) must be seen as having a "positive"
      > and "higher" content, thus, it can be taken out
      > of context and still be the highest (according
      > to the more delusional EKists). However, if
      > one's analysis (and second guessing) of HK's
      > choice of words and comments cannot fit
      > neatly within the EK Guidelines, Rules and
      > Dogma then it is rejected... and so is the chela.
      > FYI:
      > For the sake of space I left out some
      > of the praise Klemp was giving his
      > late brother Duane. However, now,
      > I'd like to comment on it.
      > HK: "One winter, however, at age sixteen,
      > he got a lucky break. It was an unlucky
      > break for a neighbor, whose arm was
      > broken by a kick from a touchy cow."
      > ME: Was this "luck" good Karma for
      > Duane and bad karma for the neighbor?
      > Klemp overlooks an opportunity to make
      > a comment to clarify this and to point out
      > the details and effects of the Law of Karma.
      > BTW- Were these touchy cows "Animal
      > Angels" or "Animal Devils?" They sound
      > like Devils! Maybe Allen & Linda can write
      > another book to cover these "Animal Devils."
      > After all, if there is such a thing as "Animal
      > Angels" then the opposite must also be
      > true... that there are "Animal Devils!"
      > HK: "Mornings and nights, Duane drove to
      > Gerhard's place to milk his herd, which had
      > nearly all 'kickers,' cows routinely beaten
      > to make them behave."
      > *ME: It's interesting that Klemp states that
      > these are "Touchy Cows" and that's WHY
      > they are "Kickers," but now it seems Klemp
      > is making it seem that the cows kick because
      > they are beaten. Later, HK states that the
      > beatings didn't prevent them from kicking.
      > IMO the farmers thought they were training
      > these cows not to kick through physical discipline
      > (a spanking) as they might a child... like Harry's
      > father did to him? BTW- When Klemp followed
      > his cousin to that private Lutheran (all boys)
      > school his brother Duane was 15. This means
      > that Duane had to do more chores on the farm
      > Monday-Friday (and maybe weekends too)
      > since little Harry was able to side-step his family
      > responsibilities and his personal relationships
      > with family members. Thus, Klemp's arrested
      > social development!
      > ME: Did Duane, also, beat the cows to make
      > them "behave" or didn't he? HK leaves this
      > info out of the story. Why doesn't Klemp
      > take this opportunity to say that "Animals
      > Are Soul Too!" This still applies to these
      > kicking, devilish, cows... right? Anyway,
      > it seems that the beatings were in retaliation
      > for the kickings! DO COWS HAVE KARMA
      > TOO?
      > HK: "Duane was no pilgrim when it came
      > to milking kickers. Our herd was full of them.
      > Dad was of the same school as was Gerhard:
      > beat them, and they will obey. But the cows
      > never did."
      > ME: So, is old Harry still harboring some ill
      > will toward his father? It sounds like it to me,
      > HK used a quote Jesus had, supposedly, made
      > to justify in not going to his father's funeral
      > around 10/19/1971 (Let the dead bury the dead).
      > Prometheus
      > p.s. Another thing, didn't anyone ever figure
      > out to shackle the leg of a kicking cow when
      > it's being milked?
      > "The Mystic World" JUNE 2009 - Front Page Article
      > The Mystic World of ECKankar - June 2009
      > Klemp's front page article:
      > "Like My Brother Duane"
      > HK: "Duane was my big brother. He was
      > also my North Star, a guiding light, with
      > no concern whether I would let his light
      > help me find my own light, and my own
      > way.
      > ME: It seems that as Klemp gets older
      > (and sees his mortality), he's 67, he
      > tends to dwell in the past more often.
      > Here, Harry's reminiscing and is making
      > an attempt to show that he not only had
      > a loving brother who was his first "teacher,"
      > but that he, also, loved and appreciated
      > his brother.
      > I've criticized Harry for being unloving
      > and disrespectful of people in his life
      > (especially with Darwin), thus, HK's now
      > trying to show us that he's not all that
      > insensitive after all. Except, it looks like
      > HK's trying to turn his dead, and oldest,
      > brother into an EK Master (Duta Kazi?),
      > or a Saint!
      > But, don't most brothers and sisters let
      > their siblings find their own way and their
      > own light! Parents and teachers attempt
      > to pass on what they've learned (their own
      > discovery of "light," i.e. their consciousness).
      > They show these children how they too can
      > fit into society and how to be successful.
      > These children will, thus, have the help they
      > need and be inspired to find their own`light,'
      > but that's the job of parents and teachers!
      > HK: "A couple of years older than me,
      > he served as my bellwether."
      > ME: But wasn't Gross Klemp's "spiritual"
      > bellwether for ten years?
      > Klemp's choice of words are both archaic
      > and Freudian. 'Bellwether' is also defined
      > as a lead sheep wearing a bell. Harry is the
      > `bellwether' for EKists leading these mindless
      > Souls to the holding pens and to the slaughterhouse
      > of the KAL. He's a Judas sheep/goat!
      > HK: "At age eight, he introduced me, a six-
      > year-old, to after-school radio programs,
      > which, until then, were only so much noise
      > to me. He explained the story lines. He told
      > the names of characters and their roles. The
      > hero and his friends were on every week,
      > their voices clear and determined, and they
      > were more than ready, too, to see justice
      > served to all villains."
      > ME: Why doesn't Klemp mention the names
      > of these programs and characters if they made
      > such an impression upon him? Hmmmmmm.
      > HK: "So why mention Duane? Simply because
      > his expressions of creativity fueled mine too."
      > ME: Actually, Klemp just copies the behaviour
      > and ideas of others. Later, (at 13), Klemp's
      > cousin decides to go to a private Lutheran
      > school and Harry decides to follow him. Then,
      > even later, after Duane becomes a pilot Harry
      > decides to take flying lessons. Klemp, however,
      > doesn't mention much about himself and his
      > interests and hobbies. But, we can see that
      > HK's not very original and "creative," (he played-
      > the-game of follow-the-leader). Nor, did HK
      > make good choices when left to his own wiles.
      > That bridge jump and strip-tease is proof of
      > that! Then, after being locked-up in a mental
      > institution HK said that he 'played-the-game'
      > with the doctor in order to be released early.
      > HK: "The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book Two,
      > says of creativity: `The creative self in man
      > is that through which the ECK forces work,
      > and the destructive self in man is that through
      > which Kal forces work.'
      > ME: So, `the creative self in man' that gave
      > us the ATOMIC BOMB is "the ECK" while
      > `the destructive self in man' is the `Kal.'
      > *Besides, does Klemp ever point out that
      > these "creative" dreams occur in the Astral
      > Region and that KAL rules these Lower Planes!
      > Thus, "creativity" is either positive or negative,
      > but both are the same in that they are both
      > the ECK and are both under the control of
      > the KAL! Thus, Klemp is wrong about the
      > "creative" (positive) and "destructive" (negative)
      > sides. Both are the ECK in the Lower Planes
      > and both are of the KAL (Sugmad's representative)!
      > Klemp speaks with a forked tongue and
      > from both sides of his mouth (a lower KAL
      > agent)! He likes to have it both ways doesn't
      > he! And, Why is Klemp, still, quoting from
      > Twitchell's 1971 Shariyat 2, which is the Astral
      > Plane "ECK/KAL" Holy Book?
      > HK: "Duane was therefore one of my early
      > teachers in showing the power of stories.
      > They bring subjects to life. Today, they are
      > at the core of the ECK teachings, which the
      > ECK, Holy Spirit, see fit to have me pass
      > along to you."
      > ME: Thus, Duane (Duta Kazi) was to Harry
      > as Kay-Dee (Kata-Daki) was to Paul. How
      > clever! And, we can see how Twitchell's tall
      > tales and plagiarisms are at the `core of
      > the ECK teachings' just as Klemp's mindless
      > "stories" are today!
      > HK: "My brother also taught me to love
      > pretty things."
      > ME: Isn't the ability to "love" an innate
      > trait based upon consciousness? Why
      > did Klemp need to be "taught" to love
      > and why only "pretty things?"
      > HK: "One such instance that comes
      > to me is a coloring contest he entered
      > around age ten. The two prior years,
      > no prize. But he tried again. This was
      > a Christmas contest that the newspaper
      > featured each year, and with a cash
      > prize for the top three winners. Duane
      > chose bright colors and stayed within
      > the lines.
      > So now, we also try to make ECK
      > publications attractive."
      > ME: What does this last statement
      > have to do with a coloring contest
      > that Harry's oldest brother entered
      > (circa) 60 years ago?
      > HK: "Soon after the contest had ended,
      > the mailman delivered a letter addressed
      > to Duane. It said he had won third place.
      > He could come anytime and pick up his
      > cash prize.
      > The whole family was so very proud
      > of him. But, in a way, once it happened,
      > I was not that surprised. He never gave
      > up. Never. Once he set his mind to
      > reaching some goal, he used every
      > spark of creativity to reach it."
      > ME: With Klemp, using "every spark of
      > creativity," even from the Astral, in order
      > to reach one's "goal," also, includes the
      > use of the negative. Look at how Klemp
      > "creatively" removed Darwin in order to
      > become the Mahanta. The "goal," versus
      > the Journey, is everything to Top Dog
      > Klemp!
      > BTW- I, too, was one of the top winners
      > of a coloring contest sponsored by the
      > local newspaper. There's really not all
      > that much "creativity" involved when
      > coloring "within the lines." Klemp seems
      > to be grabbing-at-straws and exaggerating
      > when he puts so much emphasis on
      > "coloring within the lines." Does "within
      > the lines" represent the EK Dogma with
      > rules, guidelines, requirements and the
      > long wait for initiations. Thus, "Never Give
      > Up, Never" is the new motto that EKists
      > can use to "color" their lives.
      > HK: "Walt Disney, American film producer,
      > said, `If you can dream it, you can do it.'
      > ME: So, Why do ECKists need a physical
      > plane religion, a physical plane master,
      > and a membership card? Soul can imagine
      > It's own reality without the restrictions. IT
      > can go directly to the Source without the
      > need for a middleman! Does Soul need
      > a crutch (religion) when it can "dream?"
      > HK: "Henry David Throeau, writer, adds
      > a qualifying footnote to that. `If one advances
      > confidently in the direction of his dreams,'
      > he said, `and endeavors to live the life
      > which he has imagined, he will meet with
      > a success unexpected in common hours.'
      > ME: Actually, it's Klemp that's adding the
      > "qualifying footnote" to the Walt Disney
      > quote by quoting another well known person
      > of the past. Why doesn't Klemp quote the
      > ECK Masters? Were Walt Disney and Throeau
      > EK Masters? No! And neither is Klemp!
      > BTW- Doesn't Klemp have anything
      > original (his own) to say? Where's
      > Klemp's "creativity?"
      > HK: "About the time of the coloring contest,
      > Duane got caught up by the model-airplane
      > bug. He, at first, bought mainly plastic models,
      > but he carefully applied the supplied decals
      > onto the wings and body. Soon, however,
      > he wanted flying models. Blah, Blah, Blah...
      > It took a great deal of creativity and persistence
      > to do the entire project...
      > Model planes led to his desire to fly the
      > real thing. So he began to save money
      > for lessons. That was money hard won."
      > ME: I've shortened this some due to Klemp's
      > endless ramblings and wordiness. Klemp's
      > whole point is to praise his brother's tenacity
      > for hard work in order to accomplish his
      > dream (or obsessiveness) of flying and to
      > relate this to his own desires (obsessiveness)
      > of becoming the Mahanta, and for ECKists
      > not to give up on their dreams of becoming
      > ECK Masters too! Well, not quite! Klemp simply
      > gives chelas the goal of God-Consciousness.
      > However, Klemp leaves out his relationship
      > with Darwin and how he, Klemp, positioned
      > himself at the ESC, and as a "writer," in order
      > to get noticed and make rank. Too bad, however,
      > that Klemp doesn't, also, mention that he
      > (as LEM) encouraged his brother, Duane, to
      > go to Mexico for Laetrile treatments when
      > Duane was diagnosed with Cancer. Duane
      > died, of Cancer, in the mid 1980s.
      > http://www.quackwatch.com/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/Cancer/laetrile.html
      > http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/pdq/cam/laetrile
      > HK: "Blah, Blah, Blah... The point is, my
      > brother followed his dreams. From him,
      > I learned to follow mine.
      > So when I later found ECKankar, I `locked
      > on' to it, heart and Soul, like a fighter plane's
      > radar locks onto a target."
      > ME: When "a fighter plane's radar locks
      > onto a target" it is to destroy and kill someone!
      > WHY would the M/LEM use such a negative
      > analogy, unless, he's fallen from Grace as
      > did Darwin! HK should have stepped down
      > long ago, but he's had a death grip upon the
      > ROD, his Title, and the Power. It's like holding
      > onto an electrified pole and not being able
      > to let go until the connection is burned away
      > and is, thus, broken. Thus, HK's continuing
      > EMF problems and rapid aging are due to the
      > "Karma" related to his Not letting go of the
      > Rod of ECK Power, years ago, and Not for the
      > reasons Klemp claims!
      > Klemp, at the beginning of this article,
      > quotes the Shariyat, "The CREATIVE self
      > in man is that through which the ECK forces
      > work, and the DESTRUCTIVE self in man is
      > that through which the KAL forces work."
      > Thus, Klemp has, unknowingly, shown
      > EKists that he is of the KAL with his comment
      > of "I locked onto it (the Mahanta position)
      > like a fighter plane's radar locks onto a target."
      > Then, Klemp shot Darwin down with the aid
      > of his wingman Peter! How else could Klemp
      > become the Mahanta so quickly and reach
      > his obsessive goal of being high above others
      > (whom in normal society would be above him).
      > HK: "Let your own goal be God Consciousness.
      > Never give up. Never!"
      > ME: Well, we learned a lot about Duane,
      > before Klemp FINALLY makes his point!
      > But, we haven't learned too much about
      > old Harold, except, that he tends to trip
      > himself up more often since no one (Joan
      > included), or those at the ESC are, still,
      > not permitted to edit the Mahanta! LOL!
      > That's why HK has to keep it simple, tell
      > other peoples' stories, and quote famous
      > people. It, also, seems that Klemp dreamed
      > of being important. That's why it wasn't
      > enough for Klemp to be the EK Master and
      > the big fish in the small pond of ECKankar.
      > And, that's why Klemp paid to be listed in
      > the "International Who's Who of Intellectuals,
      > ninth edition."
      > However, if the goal is "God Consciousness"
      > an EKist, or anyone, doesn't need to be in,
      > or remain, in ECKankar! They can dream
      > their own reality and look to Walt Disney,
      > Throeau, or Mark Twain, etc. for their words
      > of wisdom instead of Klemp!
      > Prometheus
      > p.s. I think Klemp stole (and shortened)
      > his quote "Never Give Up, Never" from
      > the movie "Galaxy Quest!" The term,
      > "Never Give Up, Never Surrender" is
      > a key quote in this very funny movie.
      > Klemp paraphrased this, but decided
      > not to add the "Surrender" because,
      > then, people would absolutely see
      > where he stole it.
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