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Re: eckankar.org members only section login

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  • Leanne Thompson
    thank you pro (is it ok to call you that for short?). A friend and I got a copy of adobe and am looking for the letter to gail 3 so as to copy it and spiti it
    Message 1 of 3 , May 14, 2009
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      thank you pro (is it ok to call you that for short?). A friend and I got a copy of adobe and am looking for the letter to gail 3 so as to copy it and spiti it out on the web.
      I want a refund for all the years I have been in eck

      --- On Mon, 5/11/09, prometheus_973 <prometheus_973@...> wrote:

      From: prometheus_973 <prometheus_973@...>
      Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: eckankar.org members only section login
      To: EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Monday, May 11, 2009, 1:29 PM

      Hello All,
      I hope these passwords (at the bottom
      of the page) will show the Non-EKists,
      as well as, the EK Lower Initiates that
      the only real "secrets" that ECKankar
      and Klemp tend to "protect" are those
      involving the business side of the

      Requiring/requestin g donations
      (by any means necessary),
      recruitment of new members, the
      selling of products along with making
      promises and giving hope are the
      main focus of this New Age business/

      It is sad that many EKists would
      never want to "graduate" (and don't
      have plans to either), from their
      private religious school... ECKankar.
      Will there be a graduating "Class
      of 2012?" No! But, the good rumor
      man (Klemp) may give some hope.

      There are always more and more
      things to read & study and to dream
      (journal), second guess, imagine, and
      contemplate upon. And, with ECKankar
      there are always more requirements,
      guidelines to follow, lessons, tests,
      karma, desires, titles, positions, work,
      initiations, imaginings, hopes, promises,
      and expectations. It goes on and on.
      But, the strings attached to EK membership
      go on and on too and is never ending.
      For EKists, there's NO Contentment
      scheduled for this lifetime!

      Even those who become: Arahatas
      (teachers); Vahanas (missionaries) ;
      Clerics (preachers); Initiators (semi-
      master of ceremonies); EK Spiritual
      Aids (counselors) ; RESAs (bosses);
      and 7ths and 8ths (or 9ths), Never
      Reach the state of "Spiritual Freedom."
      All ECKists Have To Be a "current" card
      carrying members of the ECKankar
      Church (the outer organization) .

      EKists are Not permitted to "work"
      with their Mahanta on the "Inner
      or Outer" Planes, unless, they are
      current "annual" members of ECKankar!

      Actually, EKists (especially H.I.s, or
      those wanting to become H.I.s) are
      Not supposed to be Members and/or
      Clerics of other churches/religions,
      or practicing other beliefs (including
      healing methods like Reiki). This, also,
      includes any psychic/Astral beliefs,
      or what may be termed as a psychic
      belief like rune stones, crystals, etc.

      However, many "New Age" beliefs are
      of the Astral, and since ECKankar is
      a "New Age" religion many of these
      beliefs are over looked, within the EK
      org., when EKists practice them. Thus,
      a "blind eye" is turned toward many of
      these practices because ECKankar Does
      Not want to give "official approval" to
      Astral methods and belief.

      Many, generalized, New Age beliefs
      are either accepted, tolerated, or
      are overlooked, (for the most part),
      by Klemp, the EK Hierarchy at the
      ESC, and by the RESAs. People living
      in glass houses (Klemp) shouldn't throw
      stones at others, and there are limitations
      with enforcement (except by denying
      speaking invitations, positions, or
      initiations) .

      The "catch" is that ECKists must accept
      certain New Age beliefs, in general,
      as part of their religious EK dogma.
      Atlantis and Lemuria (Mu) are two
      examples of what they "must" accept.
      Klemp writes of these in his EK Lexicon
      and speaks about these, thus, one must
      accept this Myth in order to be a true
      believer. With ECKankar, and most religions,
      myth builds upon myth while history
      (reality) becomes distorted.

      Thus, ECKankar also incorporates
      certain Christian myth as well.
      The EK version of history with the
      "Polarian" Race shows that ECKankar
      shares the "Garden of Eden" myth
      with its own Adom (Adam) & Ede (Eve).

      There are many other examples of
      how both Twitchell and Klemp have
      used Christian Bible stories as they
      quote verses as part of the "EK message"
      to their followers.

      And, of course, ECKankar has always
      incorporated Hindu myth, belief, and
      gods, (Kal, etc.) as part of the EK dogma.

      So, it seems to be quite acceptable
      if EKists believe that Space Aliens
      are, now, inhabiting the earth as well!
      After all, the EK Masters Gakko and Rami
      Nuri are from Venus!

      BTW- Why does the letter "M" appear
      on Rami Nuri's forehead? Isn't there
      another ECK Master that has the letter
      "A" appearing on his forehead too?

      Was Twitchell trying to spell out
      "M-A-hanta" before he, unexpectedly,
      translated (died)?

      Maybe the EKist, Rata, can second guess
      the Mahanta again and answer this question


      Zack wrote:

      Does anyone have the password
      for the members section of eckankar.org
      this month?

      If so, would you please post it?
      It would be greatly appreciated.


      Hello Zack,
      How's it goin' down under?
      For EK Members login:

      user name - march2009
      password - love

      To view H.I. Guidelines an
      additional login is needed:

      (user) name - march2009
      password - spiritual


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