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Re: Disillusioned Ecks

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  • lonwakome
    I think you hit an important fact in this post. People DO want to be led around by a religion. They want someone else to do it for them. They don t (or can t)
    Message 1 of 3 , May 6, 2009
      I think you hit an important fact in this post. People DO want to be led around by a religion. They want someone else to do it for them. They don't (or can't) believe that they are precious to God, and they look at any so called psychic ability as an indicator that they are somehow "chosen" by God (translate: better than other people). What we label as phenomena are simple processes of nature. They don't need to be validated or proven or approved by anyone. Take fire, for instance. (With a name like Prometheus, you probably know the myth.) And you know that at some point in human development, fire was supernatural. In today's world we have an understanding of fire, we "know" it, it's a part of out lives that makes sense.
      Anyway, we tend to make rules about the stuff we don't understand. and what we mostly don't understand is that we were given all that we need for at-one-ment with the Creator, and with each other. We simply have to believe it.
      as I statd first though, people are wanting to be validated, and they are quick to give away their birthright and take "...a lead role in a cage." as the Pink Floyd lyrics go. Fear is definitely the weapon of the enemy.
      Taking back your life is a huge step. It's walking through that narrrow gate that is mentioned in the christian bible, and it takes real courage. It's a Lonwakome. And at this point in the festivities I don't need another human who claims to have an in with the higher power to tell me whether I'm good enough to be in his/her space. I'm good enough. God knows, I'm definitely good enough.
      This is long - thanks for listening!

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973" <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > Hello Ionwakome,
      > It's not only that humans, like Klemp,
      > want to be a God, or "the" God, but
      > they also want their followers to be
      > less. Thus, Soul=Soul is just Bait &
      > Switch!
      > All men look to the divine on earth-
      > this is how religions are made. Klemp,
      > as the divine M/LEM (for EKists), is
      > for those who cannot see their own
      > Divine nature as Soul.
      > Thus, ECKists have become like so
      > many other "child like" (ignorant)
      > followers of religion who have allowed
      > the "leader/master" to speak and think
      > for them. They (the followers) have
      > been told, over and over, how weak,
      > lacking, and sinful they are.
      > Therefore, Klemp teaches co-dependency
      > (via fear) where the "child" (Soul) never fully
      > grows up, think It's own, or practices It's
      > Divinity with the Holy Spirit. And most
      > certainly, EKists never develop the "wings'
      > with which to fly away from the nest. Instead,
      > EKists have either become chickens, or eagles
      > with clipped wings. They will remain forever
      > afraid of life and of their own Mastership as
      > they forever remain in the EK 'henhouse' under
      > Klemp's (the fox's) surveillance and control!
      > Prometheus
      > lonwakome wrote:
      > This is so sad - someone tried to get
      > me interested in this group years ago
      > because I told them I was (and still am)
      > engaging in out of body travel. Guess
      > I made the right choice, 'cos I'm not an
      > eckster. I hate it when humans try to be
      > gods...
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