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Re: Eckankar and Hypnosis

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Ionwakome, Welcome to the site. It is rather ironic that Klemp (ECKankar s leader, the M/LEM), as well as Twitchell, didn t like hypnotists or
    Message 1 of 2 , May 5, 2009
      Hello Ionwakome,
      Welcome to the site. It is rather ironic
      that Klemp (ECKankar's leader, the M/LEM),
      as well as Twitchell, didn't like hypnotists
      or hypnotherapists, and yet there are EKists
      who make a living in these professions and
      who draw other EKists into this Astral/Psychic
      and Mental realm.

      Yes, many years ago some Ekists were openly
      making their "path" more individualized
      and private.

      Long ago I, too, once attended a past life
      regression workshop conducted by a hypnotist.
      It was interesting, and I had good results.
      Then again, I've always had positive and
      interesting results, as well as, phenomenal

      And, sometimes I could "see" the same
      Astral visions as others, H.I.s included.
      At first, it would amaze me that I always
      knew, (in advance), at least two topics
      Klemp would use in his seminar talks.
      Later, I realized that HK's talks were
      mostly on an Astral level and that's
      why I was able to "read" him so easily.

      You're right that Klemp screws with the
      minds of his followers (don't all religions?),
      and he teaches "spiritual" poverty.

      HK also teaches servitude (missionary service)
      since most ECKists don't have much to give
      financially. Was this taken out of the Mormon

      ECKists have a poverty consciousness that
      is (pridefully) mistaken for good "spiritual"
      karma. They think that their "good" karma
      was used up in finding ECKankar in this
      lifetime. Thus, there's nothing left over
      for financial security, for added material
      comforts, or for physical health and well

      Yet, where is the "spiritual freedom," in
      this lifetime, for EK H.I.'s? Realizing that
      one "is" Soul versus having "a" Soul is the
      key to identifying One's Self as Divine and
      as a member of the Divine Hierarchy. But,
      EK H.I.'s still NEED Klemp to direct them
      and to approve of their every experience.
      They have become their own prisoners
      and see the bars, to their cells, as protection
      from outside forces. What would happen
      to these H.I.'s if they would free themselves
      by simply walking out of their cells and
      out of their prison (ECKankar)?

      For many EK H.I.'s freedom would a difficult
      adjustment. Many will return to another (or
      the same) prison of religious thought. That's
      why many people are "followers" of groups.


      lonwakome wrote:

      I wanted to share this story with someone
      but have never found exactly the right
      place and time until now. Many years ago
      I attended a 3-day course in Boston to
      become a certified hypnotherapist. (what
      a joke - the Ecks aren't the only ones
      out there to make a buck...)

      anyway, I met this woman who was involved
      with Eckankar. She had a spiritual "master"
      whose name was so sacred she couldn't reveal
      it. I respected her privacy, but one of the
      hypnosis exercises involved some "past life

      Well, somehow I screwed up the task and ended
      up in this woman's psychic space. I saw her sitting
      on a rock at the beach with this really handsome
      well-built man whom I assumed was her significant

      When we came out of the exercise I made the
      mistake of bringing it up to her and asking if
      the handsome guy with the weird name was her
      boyfriend - she literally started screaming at
      me right then and there and was very upset that
      I had "seen" her Eck master and not only that -
      I KNEW HIS NAME! It was the high point of the
      day, let me tell you!

      Anyway - I decided that this Eck stuff was all
      a bunch of crap that someone had contrived
      to screw with peoples minds - after all why were
      they teaching folks to hoard something that is
      freely available to everyone. Teaching scarcity
      to a world already in spiritual poverty is just
      plain wrong, wrong, WRONG!!!!
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