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EK 2009 Springtime Seminar (part 3)

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  • prometheus_973
    Klemp s 2009 Springtime Seminar talk: The Secret Path to Heaven Why is Klemp s ECKankar Secret? Klemp now recounts 5 stories sent to him by his chelas and
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 27, 2009
      Klemp's 2009 Springtime Seminar talk:
      "The Secret Path to Heaven"

      Why is Klemp's ECKankar "Secret?"

      Klemp now recounts 5 stories sent to him
      by his chelas and ties their good fortune into
      their belief of being helped by the Mahanta
      (Klemp's personalized God-like inner essence),
      or by Rebazar. And, one chela was "protected"
      from perceived danger by chanting HU.
      However, it should be pointed out that people,
      of other religious beliefs, call upon Jesus
      or their Prophet or God to help them when
      in need and they often have even better results!
      They will also "see" and experience the presence
      via visitations, intercessions (miracles) with
      their "Masters," Saints, and Prophets just like
      EKists do, and these other Beings Are Not
      EK Masters! In Truth, it is Soul! Others just
      take the credit!

      I'll paraphrase HK's stories to save time
      and space.

      #1 "Arthur, in Nigeria, took a bus to another
      town to look for a job, but didn't have enough
      money for the return trip. He used what money
      he did have to get him as far as he could go
      but still had a hour of walking to get home.
      Since he had to walk through a bad high crime
      area he began chanting HU. A man came to
      him out of the dark and asked him to help
      him because his car got stuck in some mud.
      Arthur, with the help of the man's wife, pushed
      the car out of the mud. The man thanked Arthur
      by giving him money for the bus home. Arthur
      realized that the man in the car was sent by
      the Mahanta." [end]

      So, due to Arthur's stupidity and lack of foresight
      (not taking enough money for the bus home) we
      now have an EK story! I wonder, was Arthur sent,
      by the Mahanta, to help the man and woman out
      of the mud? Anyhow, common everyday events
      and outcomes are now attributed to Klemp's
      "divine" intercession.

      This next story of Klemp's is rather old (recycled)
      since the EK Temple just opened.

      #2 "Ellen was tutoring two children in their
      living room during the summer. The window
      was open and the dog across the street began
      barking for 40 minutes. The children's father
      said the dog has 120 barks in him and he won't
      stop until he gets all of them out. These events
      happened around the time the EK Temple in
      Chanhassen first opened and many people
      were unhappy about it because they were
      afraid ECKankar was like other disreputable
      groups. [cults]

      `If we were one of THOSE groups we wouldn't
      have come to Minnesota. We would have stayed
      in California! Now, of course, I will hear from the
      Californians! I'm joking. It was too expensive for
      the ESC staff to live near the office, so one reason
      we moved was to find a cheaper place for the
      ESC staff to live.'

      At that time Ellen was a tour guide at the Temple.
      One day a woman came in ranting and raving.
      She dumped her frustrations on Ellen who remembered
      the dog with 120 barks. She decided that this
      woman also had a certain number of words inside
      so she listened [pretended to listen] until the woman
      stopped speaking. When she was done the woman
      said, `Thank you for being so kind.' The woman
      agreed to take a tour of the Temple and when it
      was over she gave Ellen a hug. Ever since that
      time Ellen has always remembered the dog with
      120 barks and vowed to listen to people without
      opinions, just accepting them as Soul. Klemp
      also added another comment about people who
      vent their frustrations: `When it's all out, the show's
      over.' [end]

      This final comment shows Klemp's lack of empathy!
      And let's face it, Ellen didn't "listen" to the woman or
      else she would have recounted what her frustrations
      were all about. We don't even know, for sure, if it
      had anything to do with the new ECK Temple!
      Instead, "Ellen" viewed this person like one would
      view a dog! This EK Temple tour guide "listened"
      to this woman's words like someone would listen
      to a dog's barking!

      Plus, Klemp didn't move ECKankar to Chanhassen
      in order to give the ESC staff cheap housing near
      work! LOL! No one wanted to move from sunny
      California to cold and grey Minnesota! That's a lie!
      Klemp, after restructuring, didn't want to divulge
      the cult's finances, then or ever, and Minnesota
      protects Non-profits from public disclosure. And,
      it's not that much of a drive to Wisconsin where
      Klemp was born. Early on, Klemp used the excuse
      that the work ethic and morals were better in MN.
      than in CA. In truth, Klemp wanted to isolate himself,
      and his staff, from outside influences and to protect
      his profits from scrutiny. It's a control tactic!

      #3 "Walter is retired, but this story happened
      when "Walter" was only one year old. Walt was
      in his father's car sitting between his father and
      his grandfather. In those days there were no
      seat belts or child safety seats. A [supposedly]
      drunk driver headed toward them at a high rate
      of speed but swerved at the last minute. `There
      are many people who experience the protection
      of the ECK Masters long before they come into
      the teachings of ECK.' Walter [later I assume]
      realized that he had been spared an early death
      so that he could study ECKankar. More recently,
      Walter was driving to San Diego with his wife and
      grown daughter. He was about 50-60 feet behind
      a 18-wheeler when a piece of steel was kicked up
      by the back tires of the semi. Suddenly, Rebazar
      appeared in front of them and batted the piece of
      steel out of the way! The steel hit the car, but at
      radiator level rather than going through the wind
      shield. Walter and his family were grateful for the
      protection! It's a benefit of being on the Secret
      Path to Heaven." [end]

      LOL! Rebazar didn't do a very good job at "batting"
      the steel out of the way if it still hit the car! Was this
      really just some left over "car karma?" I had a similar
      thing happen to me when on the freeway a block
      of wood was kicked up and hit my fender. It could
      have just as easily come through the wind shield.
      No Rebazar or EK Master was on hand to "bat" it
      out of the away either, but I had the same "protection"
      as Walter.

      Klemp continues with comments about his "Secret
      Path to Heaven" statement.

      "Why is it secret? It really depends on your state
      of consciousness [initiation]. IF the consciousness
      is closed, the path is secret - it can't be seen [perceived].
      IF the consciousness is open, the path really isn't
      secret at all."

      ME: So, it seems that this is a misdirection. EK
      is publicized so it's not "secret," but there are
      details of this religion that are kept "secret" until
      the "consciousness" of the individual can handle
      it. Like with the 60,000 year old EK Master Asoki
      and the others like Gakko and Rami Nuri from
      Venus. And, let's not forget Darwin Gross 972nd
      M/LEM and the role he played. This too is a secret!

      HK: "Ask yourself, `Who's living the dream?' Your
      consciousness will dictate whether the dream you
      are living is a nightmare or not. Work off your karma
      and open your heart to love. it's all about God's
      love. Nothing more, but nothing less."

      ME: Then why does one need religion or a
      "Mahanta" when all they need is "God's love?"
      Soul doesn't need to join ECKankar and carry
      an (annual) membership card to experience
      Divine Love, does it(!)

      BTW- In EK, the initiation number indicates
      one's circle of consciousness. Yet, it's limited
      to the group's consciousness - the circle's.
      Observe the lowest and the highest member
      of one's "circle" and then "imagine" whatever
      you wish. Voila'! This is the key to ECKankar!

      #4 "Carrie was invited to an office holiday party.
      She didn't want to go, but the Mahanta nudged
      her to go. After Carrie got to the party she
      was drawn to a part of the room where a
      stranger was standing. She was too shy
      to go up and say hi, but once again the
      Mahanta nudged her so she went over
      and introduced herself. When the man
      gave his name she realized they had a
      friend in common (Ann). Carrie asked the
      man how he had come to know Ann. He
      said that Ann had studied ECKankar and
      recently read a book by Twitchell and was
      wondering about rejoining. She told her
      husband that she was looking for a `sign.'
      When she met Carrie, an ECKist she saw
      this as her "sign." `God put this sign right
      in front of my face. How could I miss it?
      Ann was struck by how the Holy Spirit
      works. She rejoined ECkankar and her
      husband, previously a non-Eckist, also
      joined." [end]

      ME: That's great that they're now both
      1st initiates instead of zero initiates!
      Misery (and delusion) loves company!

      Note: "During this story Klemp knocked
      the microphone with his hand as he gestured.
      When he was ready to continue the story,
      he said, `Now where were we?' He said
      he often tells [rehearses] his stories to
      his wife, Joan, and when the stories are
      interrupted, he asks, `Where were we?'
      HK joked that Joan always knows, and
      that he can't believe that she was actually
      listening [since he doesn't listen to her].

      Klemp defined EK terms for the Guests,
      saying that, "The Mahanta is a personalized
      form of the Holy Spirit, and that it is the
      inner side of the Living ECK Master (LEM).
      The LEM's job is to sit on stage and try to
      remember what he was supposed to say
      (joked Harry). IF you came to be impressed,
      sorry (laughter). You're getting more than
      you know (applause).

      ME: Yeah, right! They didn't need to travel
      to the Minneapolis Hilton, and pay for this
      session, to imagine what was being said
      on the "inner" now did they!

      HK: "When people come into ECkankar
      they have walked many a weary karmic
      mile in past lives. Anyone, Eckist or not,
      can tell others about the HU. One can
      see various colors of light on the inner
      when singing the HU. That Light is another
      manifestation (besides Sound) of the
      Holy Spirit."

      ME: Klemp leaves out the fact (according
      to EK dogma) that these are Astral Plane
      "colors" that one sees on the "inner" when
      chanting HU! And, since others, besides
      Eckists, know about the HU it's obvious
      that there are other, and older, religions
      that teach what Twitchell merely copied.

      #5 "Tom, in Florida, was traveling with
      his wife and his brother and sister and
      their spouses while on vacation. One
      evening they decided to stop to have
      a seafood dinner. They went to a busy,
      noisy, and crowded restaurant and had
      to wait a long time for a table. Finally,
      a table to the side of the room opened,
      but "Tom" got a big nudge not to sit
      there. `Is there any other table?' he asked.
      There was one in the center of the room,
      but they had to wait a little longer for it
      to be cleared. Finally they were seated
      and looking at their menus. Tom heard
      a woman behind him say, `My daughter
      just joined ECKankar and I don't know
      anything about it!' Suddenly, Tom knew
      exactly why he got that nudge not to sit
      at the other table. He was supposed to
      [proselytize] talk to this woman. He turned
      around to her and said, `I'm an ECKist,
      and so are the rest of the people at this
      table [birds of a feather].' They talked
      to the woman a bit about ECKankar,
      hopefully [tricking her] allaying her fears
      about it being a dangerous cult of some
      kind." [end]

      ME: One really does have to wonder what
      might happen if Klemp lost his last grasp
      on his little patch of reality and committed
      suicide. Or, he might suggest that his chelas
      could experience the Anami Lok, now, by
      leaving their physical shells (bodies) behind.
      They would all have the Mahanta's guidance
      and protection in the Higher Worlds of Sugmad.
      Wow! What a promise and guarantee! How
      could his chelas pass that up? And, those that
      did pass it up would have failed the final test!

      "At the end of his talk Klemp recapped the
      major points of his talk and invited the audience
      to the book-room [to buy one of his crappy books].
      He thanked people for coming and said, `I wuv
      you. May My Blessings Be [forever].' He waved
      to the his fans before leaving the stage."

      P.S. "The Dessert Social was held in the Symphony
      IV room on the 2nd floor, and it turned out to be
      a much better place than Salon D. Several online
      Eckists gathered at one of the tables to chat in

      ME: That's funny! This room was a "much better
      place" than the room Klemp gave his talk in!
      I guess it's not like asking for another table! lol!

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