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Klemp's EK Seminar Talks S/B FREE!

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Mish and All, You make a good point! Why aren t Klemp s EK Seminar talks FREE? When Newcomers show up they are allowed to attend the talk for FREE (of
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 23, 2009
      Hi Mish and All,
      You make a good point! Why aren't Klemp's
      EK Seminar talks FREE? When "Newcomers"
      show up they are allowed to attend the talk
      for FREE (of charge/donation).

      Basically, these Eck Seminars are dumbed down,
      from the more complex dogma, and have been
      (for years) redesigned for newer initiates
      and the public.

      The EK Seminars are, also, used for training
      purposes too! Thus, many of the MCs, speakers,
      facilitators, etc. are selected/recommended by
      RESAs as part of their leadership training experience.

      Of course, the social aspect (seeing friends)
      and making a "pilgrimage" to the Temple, ESC,
      and "Temple Trails" are other reasons for EKists
      to attend one of these redundant brain-numbing

      It did make it very annoying when one was doing
      the Vahana thing and Klemp wasn't doing his part
      to help out. EKists will buy, from personal funds,
      boxes of books, brochures, book marks, cards,
      pocket posters, etc. in order to spread the word
      while Klemp charges for his Seminar talks! Why
      not Broadcast it to the Public for FREE and ask
      EKists for "Donations." But, make the "Donations"
      voluntary and Not required/"requested" (with strings

      Yes, an ECKist Not Only has to pay to attend HK's
      talk, but they also have to pay to listen to it on
      the Internet, or later pay to have a printed transcript.
      And, individuals, and/or EK Centers, have to pay
      for the Video, and Audio version too! If Klemp was
      really serious about spreading the word of EK he
      wouldn't be squeaking, "there's no free lunch, there's
      no free lunch!"


      mish wrote:

      I find it humorous that the godman of the universe,
      the l.e.m./mahanta of eckankrap will not allow free
      broadcasting of his seminar talks . . . and that chelas
      of course have to pay some good bucks to attend the
      seminars in order to listen to him in person. And truly
      it is rather contradictory to keep the talks secretive for
      only paying eck members . . . when these same members
      are constantly told to go out and sell eckankrap in order
      to bring in new membership. If HK is truly wanting to
      deliver a message to the masses, why doesn't he openly

      Well, it is all about money. Klemp has to be paid for his
      talks. The godman needs to line his pockets with coin.
      And if a person misses the seminar or doesn't pay to
      listen to it on the Internet, there will be tapes and
      books published . . . for sale at a later date. Eckankrap
      is all about selling their snake oil. And the gullible chelas
      seem to like it just fine . . . even if it takes them weeks
      and months to figure out what HK might be meaning
      in his gibberish talks and rants. : )

      Prometheus, thanks for sharing the "notes" of the seminar
      talk--it is just more of the same craziness. Nice that some
      chelas will share so members do not have to pay . . . getting
      HK's words out there. But I doubt if the chelas are happy
      that the "talk" info is showing up here. But really they
      shouldn't worry . . . because if HK's talk is that good,
      it should draw in new members--right? Even from this
      site??? LOL!


      P.S. Nice to see you back, Liz! Missed you! Really liked
      your post!
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