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Klemp's Voo-Doo EKonomic Plan- Raise Membership Costs!

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  • prometheus_973
    Instead of lowering ECKankar s Required Membership Fee/Donation Klemp wants to raise it during a Recession! This action proves that Klemp lacks both love
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 20, 2009
      Instead of "lowering" ECKankar's Required
      Membership Fee/Donation Klemp wants
      to "raise" it during a Recession! This action
      proves that Klemp lacks both love and empathy
      (and common sense) regardless of what he
      may say. Actions speak louder than words
      don't they!

      ECKankar hasn't increased the Membership
      Fee since 1998. Klemp, now, feels that this
      is the perfect time to increase it. IF Klemp
      cared about his followers he would be "Lowering"
      this Required Fee (Requested Donation).

      Why should Klemp Lower the Membership Fee?
      Because this Is Not an actual "Donation!" This is
      a "Fee" because it is directly related to maintaining
      EK Initiations!

      When ECKists aren't able to pay the Membership
      Fee their Initiations are put On Hold for up to
      5 years.

      After 5 years of Non-payment ECKists will lose
      all Initiations including the "Inner Initiations"
      too! Therefore, the EK Membership is, actually,
      a Maintenance Fee for the Initiations. However,
      as an added initiation bonus one's name is
      automatically placed into the hopper (computer)
      like a lottery ticket. The "winners" get a "pink
      slip" for that next initiation. Of course, that, also,
      needs to be kept "active" (via money) with the
      Annual Membership/Maintenance Fee.

      I was e-mailed an EK Wisdom Note of Klemp's,
      not too long ago, and read that a 4th Initiate
      let their EK Membership Lapse (due to Non-payment).
      Klemp stated that ECKists need to continue to
      study their Discourses in order to maintain their
      initiations. For around 18 years the limited (old)
      EK Discourses are included with the Membership

      Of course, for those who have paid for and received
      all of the EK Discourses, this "study requirement" to
      maintain one's initiation can no longer be tracked.
      After all, how would Klemp "know" if a chela was
      rereading their Discourses or Not? Okay, HK might
      "know" if it was mentioned in an IRO. This is why he
      wants them "mailed" in order to update your file and
      track what you're doing. In any case this was a threat,
      or warning to ECKists that they need to keep their
      Annual EK Memberships "current" and, thus, pay the
      Amount of Membership Money Due.

      ECK Memberships should be FREE with
      No Strings Attached! But they aren't!

      WHY NOT have ECKists PAY for Subscriptions
      to "The Mystic World," "The H.I. Letter" and
      "The RESA Star" just like they do with the
      "Youth in ECK, Letter of Light!" If the EK
      Youth can pay for their subscriptions with
      their limited resources Why Not have chelas
      pay for these other EK Pubs too! Separate
      these Material costs from the EK Membership
      and Initiations!

      Have H.I. ECKists pay for the training required
      for those Clerical, Initiator, and ESA positions.

      Also, Lower Initiates (chelas) should pay for
      the EK Discourses. One has to pay for them
      anyway if one wants a copy, or an updated

      Really, there's already an EK Building Fund
      and an EK Missionary Fund that are actual
      Donations "Without Strings Attached!"

      Anyway, there's a lot more that could have
      been changed, for the better, over the years,
      like the way Memberships are set up, but Klemp
      chose Not to. Now, HK wants to add insult to
      injury by Increasing the Cost of something
      (during a recession no less) that should have
      been FREE! When will ECKists wake-up to
      the Nonsense of Klemp & Company? Why
      do H.I.s Need this religion or any religion(!)

      Do ECKists on HU Chat, or Chela Chat dare
      to even discuss these points? It would Never
      happen! They are too fearful and this would
      be seem as "second-guessing" the Mahanta!
      Actually, it's Not the "Mahanta" making these
      "outer" decisions concerning the "outer" org/
      religion of ECKankar... it's the LEM! Strange,
      that lay Catholics and Priests can question the
      decisions/opinions of the Pope and the Church,
      but ECK chelas and H.I.s can't question the
      decisions/opinions of the LEM and ECKankar!


      Donation Letter, "Spiritual Survival in
      a Changing World:"

      (circa) Monday, April 13, 2009
      Peter Skelskey: "Here at ECKankar We Are
      Also Experiencing the Financial Realities
      of these Shifting Economic Cycles. Cost
      of materials, services, and equipment
      to maintain our programs for members
      and spiritual seekers are increasing week
      by week. We are trying hard to maintain
      our (lifestyle?) Requested Membership
      Donation at its current amount, which
      has been in effect since January 1, 1998."

      EK Springtime Seminar Saturday, April 18, 2009

      "Klemp welcomed the Guests and the Youth,
      remarking: 'I am glad that you have come,
      since travel is difficult for many people, with
      the economic downturn. The so-called experts
      don't really know what's going on. After all,
      they didn't seem to see this Recession coming.
      Right now, overall, there is 8% unemployment
      in the U.S. While this is high, unemployment
      during the Great Depression (after the stock
      market crash on October 29, 1929) was much
      higher, 30%. When your neighbor's out of work,
      it's a recession. When you're out of work, it's
      a depression,' Klemp said with a smile."

      prometheus wrote:

      Hello Mish and All,
      It's always interesting to see and analyze
      Klemp's B.S. from an unclouded and open-
      minded perspective as a former EKist.

      Klemp, once again, demonstrates his lack
      of empathy for all people as he admits that
      we are in a recession, but has Peter Skelskey
      send out a donation letter to HK's chelas just
      prior to the EK Springtime Seminar.

      Klemp tries to downplay it all by saying that
      there was a higher percentage of people out
      of work then (circa 1930) than today. Then he
      smiles (humor?) at how people view it (recession/
      depression) as long as they're not affected.

      Klemp has no worries because of the millions
      he has safely (and secretly) hidden away. HK's
      definitely better at hiding money than Darwin.
      This was one reason why Klemp moved ECKankar
      to Minnesota since this state doesn't require
      public disclosure of finances from non-profit
      organizations. And, Klemp has had 28 years
      to squirrel money and property away due to
      having complete control over the EK Board and
      all finances. The impact of non-disclosure and
      irresponsible/reckless spending is now having
      more effect during this current economic downturn.

      I wonder how much money ECKankar lost with
      investments? I doubt that even the RESAs will
      be told! But, it does, once again, point out that
      Klemp (the Mahanta) isn't even close to be "All
      Knowing" as he claims when "The Modern Prophet"
      can't even see the future on the lowest Plane of
      all! What good is it for ECKists to contact the
      "INNER MASTER" on the Higher Planes when the
      Inner/Outer Master can't even help them on this
      Plane! LOL!

      Let's face it! Klemp isn't much of a spiritual
      leader, and he doesn't have any charisma! HK
      doesn't write much better than he speaks either!
      Klemp's a dull and dimwitted narcissist and control
      freak with a mean-streak. HK positioned himself
      at the ESC under Darwin and wrote some brochures
      and a book and flew under the radar and over the
      cuckoo's nest.

      Had Darwin known about Klemp's delusions and
      bridge jump, strip tease, and mental institution
      confinement he never would have chosen such an
      unstable replacement! Klemp's unstable and
      anti-social personality is why 99.9% of H.I.s will
      never see an Eight Initiation in this or any lifetime!
      How long does it take, even today, to become an
      ESA and 7th initiate? This is why Klemp instructs
      ECKists to use their "imaginations" more and more!
      Klemp is selfish and fearful and won't share the
      mountain top! This is also why he won't handout
      any 12th Initiations (ECK Masterships). Although,
      Joan was once due to receive one until HK's plan
      was exposed prematurely by Mish's analysis of,
      "Those Wonderful ECK Masters."

      IMO- ECKists would be better off if there was a schism
      where a FEMALE, 7th or 8th Initiate, broke away from
      Klemp and Company and became the new leader. Let's
      face it... EK women do most of the work, are more loving
      and patient, have more empathy, and are better organized
      than most male H.I.s. Women communicate better too!
      Yet, in the religious Boy's Club, women will always be
      second class members! Female ECKists and Female ECK
      Masters (one, Kata Daki) can never become the Mahanta/
      LEM. Really, by not being able to become the LEM also
      means that they (she, Kata Daki) will never become the
      Mahanta either! Yet, ECKists never think about these
      details and facts about their religious dogma because
      they are discouraged (via fear tactics) from thinking about,
      questioning, and discussing such things. EK women (all
      women) must have blind faith and blind trust that the
      male M/LEM (Pope and other male religious leaders) are
      being honest with them when they claim they are not
      "spiritually" capable (due to negative atoms or sin) to
      be the Leader/Mahanta.

      However, ECKists should acknowledge that ECKankar,
      also, believes in a "Garden of Eden" Myth with their own
      Adom (Adam) and Ede (Eve). ECKists need only to reference
      their EK Lexicons and "Polarians." Thus, ECKankar, too, is
      fashioned after other mythical and male dominated religions
      where men are at the top of the religious/decision making
      hierarchy. Kata Daki is a token female EK Master created
      after-the-fact and in memory of Twitchell's sister Kay-Dee.
      Thus, Kata Daki (K.D.) and Kay-Dee!


      mishmisha wrote:

      What a bunch of idiots--HK, Joanie, Peter Skelsky! During
      this financially hard time, they show their lack of understanding
      and love by asking the chelas to dig deeper into their
      pockets! Well, I think increasing membership fees (this is
      not a donation, folks) can be a really good thing. It should
      keep new membership down and cause some drop outs of
      present members, just leaving the eck vampires to feed off
      the blood of their extremely devoted members!! Rather funny
      to see this happening. I think HK and company are once again
      shooting themselves in the foot!

      On another note, I wonder how much eckankar lost in the
      stock market? How much did HK lose? And Peter Skelsky?
      It would be interesting to know!! : )

      And then I wonder how many chelas are losing their jobs,
      their homes, their pensions, health insurance, etc. . . . while
      the mahanta is begging for more money and service?

      More than ever, now is the time for a reality check . . . and
      to let go of the delusional thinking nonsense! How much more
      do these H.I.s owe Klemp? When will they ever be free of paying
      homage to Klemp, paying membership dues, free of obligations
      to Klemp and eckankar? Will it ever be in this lifetime? Nah, not
      at all. Sadly, most do not want to be free and will never leave.
      The truth is that they must be forever followers . . . just can't
      stand on their own even though this is all just a facade. The
      emperor has no clothes!


      > "Your generous donations help the Mahanta
      > carry the flame of ECK for a bright spiritual
      > future. Thank you for your gifts of love--
      > both in service and coin."
      ME: This was on a donation brochure that was
      > recently sent out. Note that Klemp is asking
      > for BOTH money and servitude! Why can't
      > it be one or the other? How greedy of him!
      > Why does Klemp get a payday and ECKists
      > don't? It's always a future promise just like
      > all religions hand out.
      > Here's more, to pull at the heart strings
      > of ECKists, from Klemp's partner in crime
      > Peter Skelsky:
      > "Dear Friends in ECK,
      > This is a letter of thanks in The Year of
      > Thanksgiving to each and every one of
      > you for all you do everyday, just for love.
      > Thank you for your continuing service and
      > support to the ECK mission in an ever-
      > changing world."
      > ME: For love of initiations you mean!
      > Maybe more initiations is how you and
      > Harry could really show "thanks."
      > PS: "Today, during these uncertain and
      > troublesome times, people are searching
      > for ways to meet the day-to-day challenges
      > in their lives."
      > ME: Correct! So why do you leeches bleed
      > them of more money?
      > PS: "Here at ECKankar we are also experiencing
      > the financial realities of these shifting economic
      > cycles. Cost of materials, services, and equipment
      > to maintain our programs for members and
      > spiritual seekers are increasing week by week.
      > We are trying hard to maintain our (lifestyle?)
      > requested membership donation at its current
      > amount, which has been in effect since January
      > 1, 1998."
      > ME: So, the "requested" (required) membership
      > donation will be increased! Perhaps Klemp needs
      > to tighten his belt! Let's have an audit and look
      > at the books to see where all of that hard earned
      > money can be spent more wisely! Maybe Harry's
      > and Peter's pay and perks can be scaled back too!
      > How much money was lost in the Stock Market
      > on bad investments?
      > PS: "Sri Harold Klemp says in The Awakened Heart,
      > 'Today there is greater need to tell people about
      > ECK, the teachings of the Holy Spirit. The teachings
      > show people how to find love, wisdom, and spiritual
      > freedom. And to find this within themselves, within
      > their hearts.'
      > ME: All preachers, throughout time, have said
      > basically the same thing. That is the trap of
      > religion! Perhaps Klemp should save some
      > printing costs (and trees) and cut back on
      > printing his simple-minded and redundant
      > books.
      > PS: "When we give our gifts of COIN and
      > SERVICE to ECKankar, we are helping Souls,
      > children of God, find their way back home
      > to God."
      > ME: After one joins ECKankar what is given
      > to them and what do they expect in return?
      > What is given is an EK membership card and
      > about 18 years of Old Discourses, and a
      > quarterly pub called The Mystic World. Oh,
      > there are also initiations that trickle down
      > very slowly. However, look at what Klemp
      > expects in return--Coin and Service Forever!
      > PS: "Here are reasons a FEW spiritual seekers
      > have accepted the GIFT of ECK membership:
      > * "In a dream I was accepted by the Mahanta,
      > who told me I was spiritually a member. This
      > happened after reading a couple of books."
      > ME: Some gift! What happens when a H.I.
      > doesn't pay the piper (Klemp's membership
      > fee)? Are they still "spiritually a member" or
      > do they lose initiations? They lose them!
      > * "I've been seeking something spiritual for
      > over twenty years, and it connected with me."
      > ME: That happened to me too! But I eventually
      > learned that Klemp had nothing to do with it.
      > It was Soul and the Holy Spirit! No middleman
      > needed to take the credit or to dodge the blame!
      > * "I got strong Darshan from Sri Harold Klemp.
      > I was a Third Initiate and let my membership
      > lapse for over five years. I feel the call to rejoin
      > now."
      > ME: Right! Rejoin as a First Initiate! And, if you
      > had stayed current with the money your "connection"
      > would have continued just like with the phone
      > company.
      > * "After attending the Worldwide and meeting
      > other members, I felt love."
      > ME: Any member of any church could attend
      > a convention and say the same thing! Duh!
      > * "I saw the Master's love in the Ask the Master
      > books--how he honors our spiritual freedom."
      > ME: If ECKists had "spiritual freedom" they
      > wouldn't need Klemp, or need to be servants
      > and pay him money in the hopes of receiving
      > initiations.
      > PS: "We all remember how we felt when we
      > first came upon and recognized the ECK
      > teachings. As members, we know that each
      > day the ECK gives us an opportunity to move
      > forward spiritually, IF we have the awareness
      > to see the GIFT that is being offered."
      > ME: Okay, what's the "gift" other than a worthless
      > initiation? Besides, it now takes 35+ years for
      > a 7th and that's it! It's Bait and Switch! It took
      > years to discover the Truth of the Con! We were
      > gullible and trusting because ECKankar was
      > "different."
      > PS "In How to Survive Spiritually in Our Times,
      > Mahanta Transcripts, Book 16, Sri Harold writes,
      > 'God's love is with you all the time. It's up to you
      > to recognize it through the hard times and the
      > good times."
      > ME: How profound! Been there, done that, bought
      > the tee shirt! However, Klemp has nothing to do
      > with God's love or the Holy Spirit--It's You!
      > PS: 'God's love is making you more of a spiritual
      > being so that you can better understand the
      > conditions and situations that other Souls, other
      > lights of God, are going through too. in doing
      > so, you are able to SERVE them and all life better.'
      > ME: So now ECKists are able to "serve" other Souls
      > and not just SERVE Klemp or ECKankar! They don't
      > need HK or a religion for that!
      > PS: "During this special year, The Year of Thanksgiving,
      > let's remember to keep our attention on God's love
      > and count our blessings. Sri Harold has written, 'if
      > we want to keep the blessings in life coming to us,
      > we must learn to be grateful for what we have and
      > for whatever is given."
      > ME: Wow! More profound words by an 8th Initiate!
      > Doesn't all of this sound familiar? Count those blessings!
      > Is Klemp the "God" Peter is talking of? Where's SUGMAD?
      > Hmmm. I wonder how ECKist can show their graditude
      > for those blessings? Wait! What blessings? Things are
      > tough--hang onto that money!
      > PS: "One way to show OUR gratitude for the many
      > blessings in life is through the act of giving. When
      > we respond to a request such as this letter by giving
      > back to the ECK, which nourishes and sustains us,
      > WE are also giving an immeasurable gift to ourselves.
      > We are expressing OUR gratitude and demonstrating
      > OUR trust in the BOUNTY of Divine Spirit."
      > ME: So, ECKists must give more money as payment
      > for their blessings! Do they, also, get refunds when
      > there are No Blessings? No Way! Religion isn't a two-
      > way street, it's one-way. Money goes from the bottom
      > upwards while the sh_t rolls down-hill.
      > PS: "We deeply appreciate your donations and the love
      > and support that you give in so many ways. Thank you
      > again for your devotion to the mission of the Mahanta,
      > the LEM.
      > ps IF you want information on including ECKankar
      > in you will or estate plans, check the designated
      > box on the donation form and return it in the
      > enclosed envelope. Also, if you would like to make
      > a donation via the ECKankar Web site, visit www.
      > Eckankar.org, click 'Members Area,' log on, and
      > scroll down to 'Donation Form' to make a secure
      > donation via the Internet."
      > ME: What can I say? ECKankar is like every other
      > religion! Why we didn't see this early on still amazes
      > me today! Why H.I.s still don't see it amazes me
      > even more!
      > Prometheus
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