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When Will Klemp Increase Membership Costs?

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  • prometheus_973
    In EK: Membership Fees & Jumping Thru Hoops = Initiations Hello All, I d like to tweak what I had previously stated. The 5th and 6th Initiates (H.I.s) have to
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 13, 2009
      In EK: Membership Fees & Jumping Thru Hoops = Initiations

      Hello All,
      I'd like to tweak what I had previously stated.
      The 5th and 6th Initiates (H.I.s) have to jump
      through the hoops of HK's RESA org. and pecking
      order in order to be "eligible" for that next

      This not only includes updates on Arahata
      training, but also includes attending a required
      book discussion on the H.I. Leadership Book
      and on the H.I. Leadership Workbook.

      And, there are other special requirements/
      trainings for those wanting to become Clerics,
      Initiators, and ECK Spiritual Aids (ESAs) in
      order to gain those coveted initiations.

      Under Klemp, a Fifth Initiate must become
      a Cleric before becoming "eligible" for a Sixth
      Initiation. And, a Sixth must become both an
      Initiator and a Spiritual Aid before being "eligible"
      for the Seventh Initiation.

      H.I.s, wanting promotion, must, also, be in
      the "EK spotlight" (high profile). They have to
      be Satsang Arahatas, doing intros, helping with
      the ECK Worship Services (EWS) and have both
      an "Explorer" and "Settler" position within the
      local and/or regional RESA org. (EK Satsang
      Society). Being noticed and taking on more
      responsibilities helps, but it could hinder one
      as well. If one isn't familiar with the "Guidelines"
      and isn't on the same page with their RESA,
      or just doesn't "get it" (fall in-line) then being
      noticed will be detrimental and one can be
      placed on a 3-5 year "Black List" by the RESA.

      An H.I. must always be positive and never criticize
      (unless the RESA wants to know about someone
      in the local area) even when other chelas are screwing
      things up. In other words, bite your tongue and keep
      silent! Of course, this is a double edged sword for
      Klemp and company.

      However, another way to get promoted is to be
      on extremely friendly terms with the RESA. Ask
      him/her what can you do to help with the Mahanta's
      mission. By doing this, and standing out as a local
      EK Leader, one can instill trust and also become
      a confidential informant (C.I.) for the RESA. This
      opens the door for the RESA to call you (among
      others) to ask whether or not a certain person on
      the ESC promotion list should be promoted, or not,
      to the next level. Also, this enables you to call the
      RESA about any (major) improprieties in behaviours
      etc. that you may see. All RESAs rely upon a select
      group of local H.I.s to keep them informed.

      Klemp not only relies upon his RESAs, but also
      relies upon letters and IROs to keep him informed.
      Thus, ECKankar, is a bottom-up informed org/church.
      There really is no "Inner" communication from the
      top-down except in the imaginations of HK's chelas
      and H.I.s. Everything is communicated and verified
      on the outer, in talks and print, and this is why ECKists
      will always need their lower plane religion and to
      pay/renew that annual membership!

      I'm still amazed that Initiations can be taken away
      due to not paying the "outer" membership fee. It's
      bad enough losing eligibility for future initiations
      by not maintaining a "current" outer membership.

      ECKankar (and religions in general) is said to be
      like an "iceberg." The tip of an iceberg (what can
      be seen and measured with the outer senses) represents
      only 1/10th of its true size or of its reality. However,
      this is Not a proper measurement and analogy of
      ECKankar. In EK, Initiations are Key! This is the main
      focus of all ECKists whether they admit to it or Not!

      Thus, 5ths and 6ths must buy the insurance policy
      (the annual EK membership) in order to be eligible
      for that next initiation while 7ths must buy the annual
      insurance in order to maintain their status (with the
      hope of getting the 8th). And yet, this is supposed
      to be a religion with a "Master" whose primary focus
      is upon the "Higher" Planes! LOL!


      Prometheus wrote to Non-ekster and All:
      In ECKankar Paid Membership Fees = Initiations

      I agree, a red flag should have come up when ECKists
      were told that they have to pay an annual fee in order
      to Not Only be eligible for initiation, BUT to also hold
      onto those initiations they have already been given.

      What doesn't make sense is that EK Initiations are
      supposed to be both outer and inner. Thus, a Fifth,
      Sixth, or Seventh Initiate receives two stages of the
      initiation on the Inner (just as Ninths do) while the
      third and final stage is the confirmation on the outer.

      Why then must an ECKist pay or renew their "annual"
      membership donation/fee in order to "maintain" the
      initiation they were given? Why does it all come down
      to money? Shouldn't the Higher EK Initiations, supposedly,
      exist beyond the influence of lower world religious
      and business rules and requirements? Why aren't ECKists
      realizing that this is proof that Klemp is Not who or
      what he claims to be!


      Non ekster wrote:
      Just like eckankar, devoid of any real substance, full of cliches and
      meaningless hype. Yes Prometheus, it is very unpleasant, I agree,
      to have endured this Cult. Fortunately, we have survived. Unfortunate
      though that those who hang on to this LIE called eckankar, still act
      "as If" they can convince a few unsuspecting people to join up.
      > Perhaps the worst of the lies is that you cannot experience any
      meaningful Spiritual Growth without being a member of eckankar
      and most of all paying your Membership fees. (NOT) That should be
      the biggest Red Flag of them all. The only person benefiting is the
      Cheif Eksecutive OFFicer $ (LEM/M), Klemp.
      Non ekster ; )
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