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Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Rebazar Plagiarized Too!

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    Some really good points, in my opinion. Etznab ... From: prometheus_973 To: EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com Sent: Fri, 10
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      Some really good points, in my opinion.


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      Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Rebazar Plagiarized Too!

      Did the (fake) ECKankar master of Twitchell,

      Rebazar Tarzs, plagiarize Julian Johnson's

      "The Path of the Master's," or did Julian

      Johnson plagiarize Rebazar?

      What has Rebazar written without Twitchell's

      help and when was it written? Nothing was

      heard from Rebazar prior to when... 1969?

      It could be that Twitchell mentioned RT in

      his Orion articles, but PT doesn't have RT

      actually speaking in his books prior to 1969.

      Rebazar states (according to Paul Twitchell,

      page 131, "The Far Country"):

      "There is little wonder that men take to

      religion, even if they have to invent one."

      ME: Like PT did!

      RT: "Voltaire said that religion is the solace

      of the weak."

      ME: I agree!

      RT: "Nietszche repeated this in his writings

      and talks. But be that as it may, the weak

      and the trapped need some support, and

      far be it from me to deny them. I wouldn't

      take their religion away, even if I knew full

      well that it could be done."

      ME: I'm attempting to show ECKists the

      Truth rather than religious
      lies and myth.

      RT: "Religion has always been a haven for

      the millions who mourn and suffer. It is

      undeniable that it has been generally the

      unhappy who have sought relief in religion;

      any religion which happened to be near them,

      and who can blame them. It's like a drowning

      man grasping at a straw."

      ME: Actually, there are also those seeking

      God and the spiritual life and the answers

      to the unknown.

      However, what's even more interesting is

      that these same exact words, spoken by

      ECK Master Rebazar Tarzs (The Torchbearer

      of ECKankar) via Paul Twitchell, are in the

      first paragraph of Chapter 2 in "The Path of

      the Masters" (1939 copyright).

      So who spoke these words first? Was it

      Julian P. Johnson in 1939, or was it Rebazar

      Tarzs via Paul Twitchell in 1970? Or, did

      Rebazar say these same exact words prior

      to 1939 and Johnson was somehow able

      to retrieve and copy them?

      Nah! Twitchell was a liar and a plagiarist!

      PT created Rebazar, as an alter ego, in order

      to initiate himself, and create his own religion!


      Hello Whitemoby,

      Welcome to the site. I'll give you some

      info on PT's plagiarized "Flute" passages

      and point you toward more.

      First, check out the LINKS section, here

      on this site, for plagiarisms. A
      lso, there's

      a LINK toward the bottom of the page with

      "Flute" info.

      Second, buy a SCP Journal-There's a

      LINK that tells about it and takes you

      to that site where you can purchase

      one (it's very inexpensive). Actually,

      this would, even, be a great historic

      reference/resource for ECKists too

      because of the early info given (dates,

      etc.), and the pics of Gail and Paul

      are very nice!

      Third, go to the FILES section here

      (for members only) and read or skim

      through Chapters 6-10 of "Confessions

      of a God Seeker" for more info on PT's


      Fourth, I'll look through my copy of

      "Flute" and see if I can find something.

      Okay- On page 47, bottom, of "Flute"

      (1970 1st printing) Paul states,

      "Each generally knows something different

      about Truth than the other will know.

      For example: Bacon, Spinoza, Voltaire,

      Emerson, Berkeley, Kant, Hegel, Spencer,

      Schopenhauer and Darwin contributed

      something to the knowledge of Truth

      because the quality of matter in a given

      place and under given conditions is


      This same quote is on page 9 (in my

      copy) of "The Path of the Masters."

      It's word for word. The only difference

      is that Twit omitted Nietzsche's name,

      however, PT had all of the other names

      in the same order as they are
      listed in

      "The Path of the Masters!"

      It should be pointed out, too, that the

      author of "The Path of the Masters"

      (1939 copyright), Julian P. Johnson, was

      only giving his "opinion" in this quote

      that Twitchell used. Thus, there is No

      real universal "Truth" being "compiled,"

      and passed on to ECKists (by Twit) as

      Klemp suggests. These comments are

      only one's (Johnson's) personal opinions/

      view. This is why the argument of Twitchell

      being a "Compiler of Truth" doesn't hold


      It appears Twitchell was doing a rewrite

      of "The Flute of God" while, simultaneously,

      writing "The Far Country" in 1970. The

      copyright of "Flute" is 1969 but the first

      printing was 1970.

      Thus, on page 131 of "The Far Country,"

      PT (RT) decides to discuss Nietzsche (the

      name he omitted from the above mentioned

      plagiarism in "Flute").

      These same quotes (supposedly being

      said by Rebazar Tarzs) beginning with:

      'There is little wonder...' and 'Religion has

      always been...' are mentioned word for word

      at the beginning of Chapter 2 in "The Path

      of the Masters."

      BTW- In Chapter 6, page 75, of "Flute" there

      is another plagiarism. The paragraph starts

      out with, "The Supreme has been called various

      names in different languages, but it is known

      to those who recognize the real
      wisdom as HU,

      the name of the nameless one."

      This quote, and more, are from the 1923

      copyright, pages 64-65, of "The Mysticism

      of Sound" by Hazrat Inayat Khan.

      Also, I found it very interesting that Klemp

      used many parts of "The Flute of God" for

      his September 2004 "H.I. Letter:" Chapter 8,

      "The Appeal of Man to God;" Chapter 9, "The

      Shape of the Altar;" Chapter 12, "The Borders

      of Heaven."

      Anyway, I hope this information has helped

      you with your research.


      whitemoby22 wrote:

      I am researching Twitchell's "Flute of God".

      I am searching for plagarized passages.

      Can anyone here provide examples?

      Or point me in the right direction?

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