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Re: Hurricane aftermath

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  • mishmisha9
    Hi, Liz! I have posted these few editorial and news items because I felt they addressed some truths about a lack of preparation. I didn t personally comment on
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 2, 2005
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      Hi, Liz!

      I have posted these few editorial and news items because I felt they
      addressed some truths about a lack of preparation. I didn't
      personally comment on any, but just felt that these discussions
      would be lost in the aftermath and possible backtracking that always
      happens when re-creating history. I experienced the wrath of
      Hurricane Charley last year, and many homes here are still not
      repaired and people are still without homes. The hurricane weather
      forecasters projected that this season would be far worse than last
      year's horrific storms, so that was certainly a warning. Frankly, I
      don't understand why mandantory evacuation came so late for those
      people along the gulf coast and why the poor and most vulnerable
      were not helped out of that situation. They really had no where to
      go or means to leave. I think our government, including both
      political parties, needs to re-evaluate and organize agencies to be
      better prepared for such castastropies that occur within our nation.
      Preparation and funds were not allocated for repairing and upgrading
      those levys in New Orleans--rather the money has been diverted to
      the War in Iraq--the infrastructure was let to go to pot via the
      expense of the war which is yet another issue.

      I donated to the Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund yesterday--but it
      is just a drop in the bucket against the overwhelming needs to
      rescue and repair. Some pizzeria's in this area are advertising that
      10% of their profits from pizza sales tomorrow will go to the Red
      Cross Fund. So, if you purchase a $10.00 pizza, $1.00 of it will be
      donated. Watching these news broadcasts, I think I would rather
      donate the $10.00 and skip a meal, as a reminder that many have not
      had anything to eat for days.

      Sorry, too, for seeming political, but really it is our focus now--
      what is happening along the gulf coasts--we are all going to feel
      the outer effects of this devastation for a long, long time. I can't
      remember anything that was this widespread--and I am still waiting
      to hear the count of those who perished.

      I do hope that all family and friends are safe. Terrible really to
      think about!

      Thanks, Liz--I do understand your point.


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, ewickings@a...
      > Hi Mish and all,
      > Mish, I understand the reason for posting the news and info
      coming out of
      > FEMA etc, or the lack of help etc...
      > I don't want to sound like I am defending the Bush camp, yet in a
      way it may
      > come off just like I am. Obviously most of us do not understand
      the red
      > tape that goes along with government issues.... I used to work
      for DoD, so I
      > know how some of this works. Takes way too long to get anything
      > Although a plan is suppose to be in place for issues like these,
      it still takes
      > time to put it fully into action when needed.
      > Relief efforts have been in place actually before the hurricane
      hit, and
      > even though the pictures we are seeing are unbearable and heart
      wrenching, they
      > are doing what they can to get food, water, and medical supplies
      to the
      > victims. My son is a Hospital Corpsman with the Navy in VA.
      being sent to the
      > area to assist. They were already on alert and being briefed
      before the
      > hurricane hit, and also being trained for more than just medical
      relief efforts.
      > They also have to be prepared for the violence and dangers that
      goes along
      > with how the victims are reacting. If they were to just drop
      bundles of food
      > and water for the crowd to fight over, there would be more chaos
      than what is
      > happening. They have to make every effort that will keep as many
      people safe,
      > and alive as possible, even if it means more lives being
      lost..... not
      > something I am comfortable with, yet a fact of how they are
      handling the
      > situation. Some reporters are claiming most of the victims are
      handling their
      > situation without violence. Change the channel and others are
      saying riots, rapes
      > and killings are on going. Think of the worse case scenario,
      and that is
      > what is happening.
      > I have been sitting at my tv crying my eyes out.... having lived
      > Louisiana for a couple years, and family still there and in
      Mississippi whom we
      > haven't heard from. All that we can do as citizens or human
      beings is find a
      > way to help. The American Red Cross is asking for money
      donations, and some
      > efforts and underway to get food, water, medications, police and
      fire rescue
      > workers from various States to help in the efforts. We all
      would hope that
      > things would happen sooner! And hopefully that is what is
      happening! We
      > all could stay home this holiday weekend and conserve the gas
      that will be in
      > short supply, with the prices here near $4 bucks a gallon.
      > Having been an eck borg for 30 years I never thought about this
      type of
      > suffering much, I wouldn't let myself. "Don't take on other
      peoples Karma...."
      > but for the life of me, I can't imagine anyone not feeling some
      sort of
      > emotion! Not sure how to say this, other than my heart, and
      prayers go out to
      > them all, and if any of us can help in any way possible, I for
      one will be!
      > Love and compassion is what is needed, not finger pointing.
      There will be
      > plenty of time for all that later I am sure!
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