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Youth in ECK - Letter of Light - April 2009 Q&A #3

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  • prometheus_973
    Q: Sometimes I put so much energy on one task in my life that when I face setbacks they re difficult to overcome. For instance, I dedicate so much of myself
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2009
      Q: "Sometimes I put so much energy on one
      task in my life that when I face setbacks they're
      difficult to overcome.

      For instance, I dedicate so much of myself
      to one activity with a positive, goal-oriented

      But lately I've come to the realization of how
      difficult this journey is, and it's hard to shake
      the fear that maybe I can't do it.

      How do I overcome this doubt?--Sarah Lewis,
      age 22, Alta Loma, California"

      ME: What's interesting is that Sarah is an EK
      Youth Leader and has contributed an article
      to this "Letter in Light" (front page) and has
      shared her Mahanta experiences in other past
      issues (July 2008). The title to her (vahana)
      shared article in this pub is titled: "Love and
      Service around the World, Co-workers with
      the Mahanta." Apparently, "singing HU" and
      being a "Co-worker with the Mahanta" isn't
      working for her!

      HK: "Dear Sarah, Most of us like to succeed
      with our projects. BUT success may not come
      so easily. The key is not to become attached
      to a task, because its purpose may be to lead
      us to a greater one, better suited for our
      spiritual progress."

      ME: "Our" spiritual progress? Who's he kidding!
      That's right Sarah just keep your nose to the
      Vahana grindstone and someday (in 20 years?)
      you'll be hitting the glass ceiling as a 7th Initiate
      RESA! Hurray! Isn't that special! Not really, but
      many chelas equate being "higher" in the pecking
      order (EK Hierarchy) as, also, being "higher" in
      consciousness too. However, being able to organize
      and run a Local Satsang Society on the Physical
      Plane (even lower than the Astral) doesn't equate
      to having a "higher" consciousness!

      HK: "Failure has embraced inventors like
      Edison (lightbulb, phonograph), Fulton
      (steamboat), and Bell (telephone). You
      may be sure each faced failure time and
      again before finding success."

      ME: Klemp is comparing apples to oranges!
      Sarah is Not a scientist working with Astral
      ideas/inventions to recreate on the Physical
      Plane. She said that she uses a "positive goal-
      oriented attitude," White Magic, but has "come
      to the realization of how difficult this journey
      (life) is, and it's hard to shake the fear." Why
      would a 22 year old, let alone an ECKist,
      have any fear? What's behind her fear?

      HK: "So maybe you can't overcome a setback.
      Life goes on, doesn't it?"

      ME: Klemp is clueless isn't he! He just can't
      show any empathy because he doesn't know
      how to love anyone except himself! He's out-
      of-touch with present day reality.

      HK: "Have you heard of Audie Murphy?
      When World War II came, he wanted to
      serve his country as a marine. He was
      rejected for being too small. Unfazed,
      he enlisted in the army. Murphy emerged
      from the war as the most highly decorated
      of all U.S. servicemen, and even received
      the Congressional Medal of Honor."

      ME: Audie Murphy! Yes, let's use a "war"
      hero (killer) as an example! Just because
      Sarah is a small young woman doesn't mean
      that she can't become the Mahanta/LEM
      someday! LOL! Wait! She can't! What a great
      analogy to keep her in the field doing good
      works (Gray/White Karma?) and selling $$$
      ECKankar to a handful of people and spreading
      the "word" for Klemp.

      HK: "Doubt is Not necessarily a Bad Thing
      either. It can push you on. Ask the Mahanta
      to guide your spiritual life, and then everything
      will turn out for the very best."

      ME: Klemp is soooo stupid and full of bullshit!
      He's basically saying, "doubt," in general, can
      be good! Thus, having "doubt" about the Mahanta
      and his false promises and Godlike powers is
      a good thing... as long as this doubt is removed
      by trusting him and more of his empty promises.

      Can't ECKists see this farce! Isn't this why Sarah
      is writing to Klemp (the Mahanta) in the first
      place? She HAS asked the Mahanta for help on
      the Inner and never got a reply! It's like when
      other religionists pray to their God. Sometimes
      miracles happen, but mostly the answer is No!

      Apparently, for Sarah, it didn't "turn out for the
      very best," as Klemp promises or it wouldn't have
      been necessary for her to write her question!
      Writing questions to Klemp, for answers via snail
      mail, is the only way that ECKists will ever know
      what he approves of in order for HK "to guide your
      spiritual life." Otherwise, it's all second guessing
      and pretending that everything is fine. Why does
      Sarah, Soul, need a middleman for an entire lifetime?
      And, especially one full of empty promises like
      Klemp! Why do "advanced" Souls need a physical
      (lower) plane religion anyway? ECKists should
      think about, and contemplate, on this!

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